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Beaverbank Place, Edinburgh
Bronze Studio - Bedroom
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Common Area
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Beaverbank Place, Edinburgh

Beaverbank Pl, Edinburgh, EH7 4FB, United Kingdom
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About the Property

Centrally located in the vibrant heart of Scotland's capital, Beaverbank Place, Edinburgh (EH7 4FB) stands as a sought-after student accommodation option. Students can choose from a variety of room types in stunning studios and ensuites, each offering a unique living experience tailored to their needs. It is conveniently situated to provide easy access to several universities, including the Royal Botanic Garden, the University of Edinburgh (Holyrood Campus), Edinburgh Theological Seminary, and Edinburgh College of Art, ensuring a quick commute to lectures and campus events. You will also find yourself in the vicinity of major cities and areas, such as St Andrews, Dundee, Stirling, Glasgow, and Edinburgh Waverly.

Each year, Edinburgh attracts a vast number of students from around the globe, with an estimated yearly student population of over 60,000. The influx underscores the significance of affordable student accommodation like Beaverbank Place. Such accommodations not only offer comfortable living spaces but also play a crucial role in enabling students to pursue their academic endeavors without the burden of exorbitant living costs. The blend of affordability and a vibrant student lifestyle enhances the overall experience, fostering a community where students can thrive academically and socially amidst the captivating backdrop of Edinburgh's historical and cultural richness. Edinburgh, a city replete with rich history and culture, is an exceptional place for students to immerse themselves in their academic pursuits. The city boasts a substantial student population, which contributes to its lively and dynamic atmosphere. Renowned for its historical landmarks like Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, and Arthur's Seat, the city offers an engaging backdrop for student life. Beaverbank Place accommodation allows students to experience this unique city's blend of educational excellence and cultural heritage. With a wide range of amenities at their doorstep and the city's many festivals and events, students residing at Beaverbank Place Edinburgh are perfectly positioned to enjoy the best of what Edinburgh has to offer.


Experience the ultimate student lifestyle at Beaverbank Place campus residence, a premier choice in the heart of this historic city. Understanding a student's need for both comfort and convenience, the Beaverbank student accommodation stands out with its extensive array of amenities designed for a seamless living and learning environment.

When it comes to options for student accommodation in Edinburgh, residents of Beaverbank student accommodation can choose from a variety of room types, including the cosy Bronze Studio, the luxurious Gold Ensuite, and the spacious Silver Studio. The Gold Studio completes the list with its opulent amenities. Each room at Beaverbank Place offers stunning amenities, such as a 3/4 bed, study area, ensuite bathroom, wardrobe, and 100Mbps WiFi

Students residing at Beaverbank Place have access to stellar common amenities, such as a garden, communal lounge, roof terrace, bike storage, parking (additional charge), vending machine, up to 250Mbps* internet, communal TV, recycling, free shuttle bus service, courtyard, post collection, study area, laundry room, and cleaner (communal areas). At Beaverbank Place, you feel safe and secure with facilities like CCTV and on-site maintenance. Monthly bills at Beaverbank Place include wifi, water, gas, electricity, and contents insurance.

Location and What's Hot?

Situated in the cultural tapestry of Edinburgh, Beaverbank Place offers a stellar student living experience immersed in a neighborhood thriving with student energy. Right next to popular eateries, living at Beaverbank student accommodation means you're never far from indulging in a diverse range of cuisines. Enjoy Italian flair at Valvona & Crolla and the aromatic spices of Mother India's Cafe at Infirmary Street. For those caffeine cravings or casual study sessions, there's always the cosy corner at Artisan Roast at Broughton Street

Students at Beaverbank Place will appreciate the convenience, with essential supermarkets such as Sainsbury's Local and Tesco Express just a short walk away. Health and wellness are catered for with nearby Leith Walk Surgery and Boots Pharmacy ensuring medical needs are covered. For serene escapes or outdoor activities, the tranquil Calton Hill and Brunswick Road Park are perfect spots for rejuvenation and leisure.

With the city's beloved Princes Street and the iconic Edinburgh Castle within the vicinity, students get the added benefit of having the essence of the city's history and charm just outside their door. Pulsing with dynamic student life, Beaverbank Place is also remarkably conducive to academic success, being within the orbit of prestigious institutions like the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Napier University.

When it's time to unwind, the sleek common areas and the vibrant social scene at Beaverbank Place, Edinburgh student accommodation in Edinburgh offer the perfect backdrop. And let's not forget the nightlife; local bars and pubs like The Royal Oak and The Peartree ensure that the


Living at Beaverbank Place offers students the seamless convenience they need for daily commuting around the majestic city. The property's prime location ensures that students have access to a variety of public transport options. A short walk away lies the nearest bus stops, such as Bus Station, Edinburgh, Princess Street (Waverly Steps) Stop PN, Princess Street (Waverly Steps) Stop PQ, and Princess Street (Waverly Steps) Stop PP. You can also board buses from the Leopold Place Stop EE from across Beaverbank Place. Trams glide by at the nearby York Place tram stop. For longer journeys, you can board trains from the nearest Edinburgh Waverly train station. Living at Beaverbank Place, you can also choose to walk or cycle to your college and around. 

What will you get

Your Rent Include

Contents Insurance

Common Amenities

Communal Lounge
Roof Terrace
Bike Storage
Parking (Additional Charge)
Vending Machine

Cancellation Policies (4)

  • Cooling Off Period
    This property offers cooling-off period.
  • No Visa No Pay
    This property allows cancellation due to visa rejection.
  • No Place No Pay
    This property allows cancellation if admission is not secured.

Payment Policies (5)

  • Security Deposit
    This property requires security deposit.
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    This property offers 1, 3, 4, 10 flexible instalment plans.
  • Mode Of Payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for dual occupancy?

Dual occupancy is available on most rooms over 23sqm. Both occupants would need to apply and mention in their application that they are applying for dual occupancy so that the price can be amended. The price would be the total rent plus an additional £50 and then divided by two for each occupant’s weekly cost unless otherwise stated.

Can I book If I’m under 18?

If you turn 18 in the first semester of university, we can accept your booking with no restrictions other than an adult over the age of 18 must be a co-signatory on your tenancy agreement and must accept the terms of it.

We can accept under 18s in some of our properties subject to our Policy for Students under the Age of 18.

How do you allocate rooms?

When applying for a room you will be asked a series of questions to determine the type of room/flat that you require, along with any special requests you may have. Please note that special requests cannot be guaranteed except where you have disability as defined and covered under the Equality Act 2010. We will attempt to meet your allocation needs as far as practicably possible, should you have a defined disability.

If you have a disability, medical condition or special request that affects your accommodation requirement please inform us in the additional notes section when completing your application, either online or by paper form.

You are encouraged to disclose any special requests for your stay such as your preferences regarding culture, religion, sex, gender, etc. to enable us to make an informed decision about your room allocation. Where appropriate, an applicant may be prioritized through the allocation categories as a result of disclosing a disability to us.

Can I live at this property?

You must be a full-time student to live with us. You can book with us whether you have a conditional or unconditional offer. However, please be aware of our cancellation policy prior to booking should your place at university not yet be confirmed.

Does my rental price include room cleaning?

Room cleaning services are available at some properties for an additional charge, unless stated as being included with the rent.

Are pets allowed?

No pets of any kind are permitted at this property, except registered assistance dogs.

What can I bring?

You can bring most of your belongings but some electricals aren't suitable for our properties. Non UK compliant electricals such as rice cookers are not suitable for use with UK power outlets and this can cause fire risks.

Can I choose who I live with?

If you are applying to live with friends, please ensure that you follow our ‘create application’ link online, list the friends that you would like to live with and we will then contact them and make the arrangements for you.

Can I choose my room?

If you follow the ‘book now’ process you can select the room of your choice or you can make special requests within the ‘create application’ route which we will do our best to accommodate, however all requests and subject to availability and conditions.

Can I request to move rooms during my tenancy?

You would need to make a formal request to the accommodation team of the property you are residing in. If you request to move rooms during your tenancy you will also be issued with new documents confirming the details of the room move which you will need to sign or accept online.
Should your new room be more expensive, then you and your guarantor shall be liable for the higher rent from the date you are given access to it.

Do you provide Summer Accommodation?

Yes, our summer bookings usually open around March. Keep a look out for pricing and information or contact the property team.

Do I have to move out during the holidays?

Your room is yours for the full contract period and you don’t need to move out during academic breaks.

Can I move in before my contract?

If you wish to arrive earlier than your contract start date, you need to email or call us. If early arrival is possible your contract will be adjusted and you will need to accept it then pay the additional charges prior to arrival. Please note, not all requests can be accommodated.

Does my rental price includes Insurance?

Contents insurance is included at some properties, which will be shown on the property page and details of the insurance can be obtained from the property manager when you check in. If you wish to confirm whether the property offers contents insurance, please contact the property team directly. Please note we advise taking out contents insurance if it is not included at your property & is not liable for the loss or damage of your personal belongings and room contents.

Do I need to pay council tax?

If you are a qualifying full time student, you will be exempt from paying Council Tax. You must provide us with your council tax exemption certificate which your university will be able to arrange.
If you do not have this when you move in because you have not yet enrolled on your course, please ensure that you bring with you the name of your university and your university student ID number.

What is recycling?

Recycling is one of the best ways for you to have a positive impact on the world in which we live. Recycling is important to both the natural environment and us. We must act fast as the amount of waste we create is increasing all the time.
we want to do our bit to protect the world, and we’re sure you want to do your bit too, so to make being eco-friendly easy for you we’ve provided recycling and refuse bins throughout your accommodation and we encourage all students to use the facilities provided to recycle waste where possible.
You should make sure that you empty packages completely and give them a quick rinse before you recycle them. Below you can find examples of what you can recycle and what goes in the different bins.
Be aware that if you put things in the wrong bin, it will contaminate the whole waste load which means that we cannot send that waste to be recycled. So, please take an extra couple of seconds to put things in the correct bin so we can help divert as much waste from going to landfill as possible.
Almost anything made of glass can be recycled, so make sure you put items like glass bottles and jars in the right bin and do not recycle broken glass or light bulbs. Anything that does not feature a recycling label must be put in the refuse bin. Other items that are not recyclable include: batteries, electrical appliances, kitchen waste, polystyrene, foam and sanitary products.

What can be recycled?

  • Plastics
  • Plastic cups and lids
  • Milk bottles
  • Takeaway containers
  • Plastic bottles such as water, shampoo or sauce bottles
  • Cardboard and Paper
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Food cartons
  • Emptied pizza boxes
  • Envelopes or loose office paper
  • Aluminum and Steel
  • Drinks cans
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Food cans
  • Lids from glass bottles and jars
  • Thank you for being responsible residents and for helping the world.
  • Does my rental price include car parking?

    On-site car parking is available at some properties, but is not included within the rental price unless explicitly stated and confirmed in writing. Payments for car parking permits are separate to your tenancy agreement. Please speak to the property team if you wish to purchase a car parking space. Car parking spaces are very limited and are strictly on a first-come first-served basis.

    Can I pay in instalments?

    If you have a valid UK Guarantor, you can choose to pay your rent in three instalments, which are due in September, January and April.
    If you don’t have a valid UK Guarantor, you are required to pay the full rent in August, 1 month prior to your contract start date.
    Please note you must have paid the rent due by the time you arrive to check in.
    Other instalment options may be available.

    When do I pay my rent?

    If you have a valid UK Guarantor, you can choose to pay your rent in three instalments, which are due in September, January and April.
    If you don’t have a valid UK Guarantor, you are required to pay the full rent in August, 1 month prior to your contract start date.
    Please note you must have paid the rent due by the time you arrive to check in.
    Other instalment options may be available.

    What’s included in my rent?

    All utility bills such as gas, electricity, water are included in your rent (excluding Aspen Student Living). Unlimited Wi-fi* is also included. Your TV licence is not included in your rent as this is not classed as a utility and is your responsibility to purchase.
    All of our properties offer a Wi-fi connection at the stated level** included within the rent and there is no additional charge for use of the on-site internet. Some providers may offer more services and packages at an additional charge which you are under no obligation to use. If you choose to add additional features to your internet package, that relationship is with you and the service provider directly and does not fall under the terms of your tenancy.
    For information on the speed of your internet connection, please ask your Property Team for more information.
    a one off connection fee may apply dependent on property. Please see your property page and your tenancy agreement for more information.
    the internet speed is the maximum stated speed available into the property.

    Can I move in before I pay my rent?

    All rent that is due must have been paid when you check in. If you are having difficulties or this will be a problem, please contact the property as early as possible who will assist you.

    What If I don’t have a UK Guarantor?

    If you are unable to provide your own UK Guarantor, we recommend the service of Housing Hand you can find further information, prices and how to apply on their website
    This does not apply if staying at Aspen. We do not accept

    Who can be a guarantor?

    To be a guarantor you must:
    • Be resident in the UK (or Ireland if Aspen) for a minimum of 1 year
    • Be over 21 years of age
    • Be a homeowner or in full time employment
    • Provide a copy of photographic identification, such as a passport, driving licence or ID badge
    • Provide a copy of proof of your UK address which must be less than 3 months old, such as a utility bill (e.g. electricity, water, gas, telephone), a bank statement or a Council Tax bill.

    Can I pay my rent from overseas?

    You can pay your rent either online by logging in to your student account, by bank transfer or by credit or debit card over the phone.

    Do I need a guarantor?

    If you wish to pay your rent in instalments, you will need a UK guarantor or an Irish Guarantor for Aspen.

    Do i need a guarantor If I’m a sponsored student?

    We may be able to accept sponsors in place of guarantors in some cases, however this depends on the terms of your sponsorship and whether your sponsor is willing to guarantee rent payments. If you are a sponsored student, please contact your chosen property directly to enquire about using a sponsor in place of guarantor.

    Can I pay my rent weekly?

    Weekly rent payments are not available, however we offer a number of instalment options for students to pay their rent.

    What does the come off my rent?

    All discounts offered will be deducted off your final instalment of rent.

    How do I book a viewing?

    You can book a viewing using our online viewing tool or by contacting the sales team.

    How do I cancel or re-arrange my viewing?

    Please use the link on the viewing confirmation email or contact the sales team.

    Can I book a room without viewing?

    Yes, you can book rooms online using the 'book now' option, which only takes around five minutes.

    How long does a viewing take?

    A viewing usually takes around 15 to 20 minutes, however you can spend as long as you wish viewing the property.

    What will i be shown on my viewing?

    The property team will guide you around the building and show you the social areas, outdoor spaces and on-site facilities as well as the rooms you would like to see (dependent upon availability). Please be aware that some rooms and apartments that you view may be occupied by our current residents.

    I'm in a different country how do I view a property?

    We offer a Online viewings for those who cannot view in person. Just click 'Arrange a Viewing' and from there you can choose the Online option and organize a time and date that suits you. A member of the team will skype call you at your arranged time.

    What do i need to bring with me?

    When you come to pick up your keys you need to bring some photographic ID. To find out what else you may need to bring check out our ‘what to take to university’ page.

    Is there car parking facilities for when I move in?

    Some properties have car parking facilities available for a small charge, please speak to your property team directly if you would like to reserve car parking.

    What can I do If my student loan hasn’t arrived yet?

    You can defer your rent instalments to be in line with your student loan payments if you wish. All requests for deferred payments must be made by 1st August in each academic year to the property team. You will be required to provide evidence of your student loan schedule to the property team in order for the payment plan to be set up. You will be required to pay two weeks rent 14 days prior to your contract start date, which will be deducted from the balance of your first instalment on the agreed date. A one off admin fee of £50 will be charge and payable with the initial 2 week rent payment and this £50 admin fee will not be deducted from the balance of rent due. Please note deferring your rent must be pre-arranged and agreed with the property manager prior to your move in date. If no arrangement has been made, rent is due as per your tenancy agreement.

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    Student Accomodations in Edinburgh

    Edinburgh Student Accommodation

    Finding suitable student accommodation in Edinburgh can be a challenge, especially for those new to the city. Fortunately, amber simplifies this task, providing plenty of student accommodation Edinburgh options. Deciding to reside off-campus comes with several advantages over on-campus living, such as increased independence, more diverse options, and often a closer immersion into the local Edinburgh culture. Amber offers a range of room types in convenient locations across Edinburgh, ensuring that whether you're studying at the Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh Napier University,University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University or any other prestigious institution in the city, there's a comfortable and convenient place for you.

    The choicest student accommodation Edinburgh options boast a range of amenities designed to suit students' needs, such as high-speed internet, communal study spaces, and often fitness centres, all designed to support both academic success and a balanced lifestyle. Among the best options for student accommodation are Westfield, Silk Mill, Scotland Nest Straits Meadow Edinburgh, and many more. When considering where to live during your university days, student accommodation in Edinburgh Scotland exemplifies convenience and comfort for a memorable university experience.

    About Edinburgh

    Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, brims with a historical aura that dates back centuries, striking architecture, and a cultural vibrancy that makes it an attractive destination for students worldwide. Edinburgh hosts more than 50,000 students each year in some of the top universities in the World, located in the city. Known for its Edinburgh Festival, the city is a hive of creativity, hosting a range of artistic performances each year. The enchanting cobblestone streets echo stories from its rich past, and the majestic Edinburgh Castle overlooks the city, serving as a constant reminder of its deep-rooted heritage.

    The city's academic scene is bolstered by top-tier institutions, including the Edinburgh College of Art, the University of Edinburgh (King’s Building Campus), and Edinburgh College (Granton Campus), establishing Edinburgh as a global hub for higher education. Whether it's proximity to campuses or the need for a spot to relish the local arts and gastronomic landscape, the demand for student accommodation in Edinburgh is high among scholars.

    Localities such as Edinburgh Waverley, Edinburgh City Centre Newington, Potterrow, and Holyrood have become popular among students for their proximity to universities and the many Edinburgh student housing options. Each area brings something different to the table, from Marchmont's tranquil parks suitable for study sessions in the sun to Old Town's historic allure. Edinburgh's reputation for educational excellence is reinforced by its universities’ accolades, contributing significantly to both local and international educational landscapes. Through platforms like amber, finding the right Edinburgh student accommodation options to suit individual preferences becomes an easier part of the exciting journey of studying in Edinburgh.

    Best Student Accommodation in Edinburgh

    Finding the perfect off-campus Edinburgh student accommodation can be a crucial part of ensuring a memorable and fulfilling university experience. For students relocating to Edinburgh, short term student accommodation Edinburgh options offer a plethora of benefits. Independence is one of the main draws, as students get the freedom to manage their living space and daily routines without the restrictions often found in on-campus dorms. Moreover, such student housing Edinburgh options can often be more affordable, with a variety of types that fit different budgets. From ensuite rooms to private studio apartments, Edinburgh student accommodation options cater to a range of preferences and needs. Below is a list of properties for student accommodation in Edinburgh, each delivering its unique blend of comfort and convenience, well-suited for any student's requirements:

    1. 8 Roxburgh

    2. Haymarket

    3. Sugarhouse Close

    4. Gorgie

    5. Edinburgh College Residence

    6. Vita Student Iona Street

    7. Gateway Apartments

    8. McDonald Road

    9. Chalmers Street

    10. iQ Fountainbridge

    Cost of Living in Edinburgh

    Understanding the cost of living in Edinburgh is crucial for students planning to study and live in this historic city. The average cost for students can vary widely, with living expenses in Edinburgh forming a significant part of a student's budget. The cumulative monthly cost of living for a student in Edinburgh is typically around £1,000 to £1,500 per month. Below is the break-up of all the expenses that might come your way, apart from the rent for your Edinburgh student accommodation:

    1. Food & Groceries: £160 - £250/month

    2. Transportation: £55 - $75.month

    3. Utilities (including Internet): £120 - £200/month

    4. Clothing: £150 - £200/month

    5. Sports & Leisure: £100 - £150/month
    6. Miscellaneous: £150 - £200/month

    Student Travel Edinburgh

    Transport and travelling are very convenient tasks, thanks to the city's well-connected transportation system. The town is famous for its travel services, including buses, trams, and rental bikes, with stations conveniently located near your student accommodation Edinburgh options. Lothian Buses is a leading bus company that operates bus connections across the city on over 50 different routes. Additionally, the city also has an excellent railway system. The city has two major train stations - Waverley Railway Station and Haymarket Railway Station. The Waverley Station is nearest to the Edinburgh Fields College, while the latter is closer to the Murray Fields structure. Mentioned below are a few more transportation options:

    1. Bus

    Travelling by bus in Edinburgh City makes it easy to explore this beautiful Scottish city with a range of travel cards and passes. The city has a Rida card, a payment option for unlimited travel on buses, trains and trains in certain regions. With comprehensive bus services and student fares, commuting is hassle-free and allows students to explore the city's attractions, universities and theatres easily. A ticket for a single journey will cost you around £1.60.

    2. Tram

    The tram system provides convenient and fast transportation. Buying a Rida card can make unlimited trips on trams and buses. The tram network connects key places such as universities, shopping malls and tourist attractions, giving students the confidence and convenience of travel. A ticket for a single day will cost you around £4.50.

    3. Cycling

    Cycling in Edinburgh is easy for students, with many affordable options. Edinburgh's excellent bike and cycle paths make it easy and convenient for students to explore the city on two wheels. Additionally, most student accommodation Edinburgh options come with secure bike storage facilities as well for added convenience.

    Student Lifestyle and Living in Edinburgh

    The city of Edinburgh, with its rich history and vibrant culture, offers a fantastic quality of life for students, combining tradition with a modern, dynamic living experience. Edinburgh student accommodation is surrounded by an atmosphere replete with a sense of security and academic focus, making it an optimum environment for learning and personal growth. From the cosy coffee shops perfect for study sessions, like Brew Lab, located on South College Street, to the lively bars of Grassmarket, where students often unwind, there’s something for everyone. Caffe Nero is a perfect retreat for those seeking inspiration or a nice cup of hot beverage. The Meadows Tap is the place to vibe in with great food and the best atmosphere to unwind for students.

    The world-renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe turns the city into a playground of the arts every summer, offering comedy, theatre, and music and drawing audiences from around the globe. Other attractions contributing to Edinburgh's student lifestyle include the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the magical Edinburgh Christmas market, both rich with tradition and entertainment. The student accommodation Edinburgh options are a lot more than just having a place to stay; it's about immersing oneself in a setting that nourishes both academic pursuits and a rich, fulfilling social life. Students in Edinburgh are perfectly positioned to take advantage of all this spectacular city has to offer. Whether it's soaking in the spectacular panoramic views from Arthur's Seat or enjoying a quiet read in the charming local bookshops, Edinburgh accommodates every aspect of student life with grace and ease.

    Edinburgh Tourist Attractions

    Steeped in history and architecture, Edinburgh captivates visitors with its scenic landscape and cultural jewels. It's no wonder students seek Edinburgh student accommodation options to immerse themselves fully in this remarkable city. Some of the top tourist spots, which are easily accessible from your student accommodation in Edinburgh, include:
    1. Edinburgh Castle

    2. Royal Mile

    3. Holyrood Palace

    4. Arthur’s Seat

    5. National Museum of Scotland

    Universities in Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is renowned for its esteemed universities, each offering an exceptional academic experience amidst the city's historic and cultural backdrop. These universities offer a range of courses to choose from in different fields. Some of the best are:

    1. Edinburgh College of Art
    2. Edinburgh Napier University
    3. Edinburgh College (Midlothian Campus)
    4. University of Edinburgh (Holyrood Campus)
    5. Heriot-Watt University

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