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Cathedral Campus is the perfect student accommodation just next to the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool. Liverpool John Moores, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and the University of Liverpool these Universities are located nearby, which means you can hit the snooze button one more time! You will have the best time staying at the Cathedral Campus in Liverpool. 

There are ranges of stylish shared houses (ranging from 2-5 beds), and if you want to have an independent and private space, Then Studio option is also available! You can choose according to your requirements. All rooms are designed, keeping in mind that you have a comfortable and secure stay there. All utility bills and Wi-fi are included in the rent. Students staying in The Cathedral Campus will benefit from facilities like High-speed wi-fi, social space with TV where you can chill with your friends and other residents, on-site laundry. These excellent facilities at The Cathedral Campus ensure that you can maintain a healthy balance between your study and social life. You will not be bored, as there are plenty of places to explore in the city centre, Liverpool. You will feel like a home away from home.

distance to

- It's only a 15 minutes walk to The Liverpool Univerity.

- You can walk to Liverpool John Moores University in Only 10 minutes.

- Liverpool hopes University is 15 minutes away if you have conveyance.

- Only 15-minute walk from Liverpool Lime Street train station.

- Liverpool city centre is a 15-minute walk away with a vast range of shops, bars and restaurants.

- If you are in a mood to have a great meal, you can head to The Quarter Restaurant, which is a short walk away.

- After a long tiring day at the University, you can chill with your friends in Peter Kavanagh's, which is only 10-minute walking distance away from The Cathedra Campus student housing.

Apartment Facilities

Brand New Kitchens
WiFi In All Rooms
3/4 Beds In All Rooms
All Inclusive Bills

Community Facilities

10 Minutes From City Centre
2 Minutes Walk From LIPA
On Site Management & Maintenance Team
Gas Central Heating
Brand New Refurbished Houses
On Site Laundry
Car Parking On Site
24/7 Maintenance


Mars - 5 Bedroom House£110 - £120/week/person


40 week£120/week
42 week£118/week
44 week£112/week
51 week£110/week
Lease Duration40 week - 51 week
Available from05-09-2020
Bathrooms2 Bath
Private Room
Shared Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Apartment Facilities

Standard room size
3/4 sized bed
Shared communal areas

Enjoy living with more housemates in one of our Mars rooms, set within a 5 bed house!

Youd have your own bedroom with space to study, and youd share the 2 toilets, the 2 shower-rooms and the kitchen.

All rooms in our 5 bedroom houses are inclusive of all bills, this includes your 70mb WiFi.  Youll also find a double wardrobe, shelving and desk space along with under bed storage!

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Venus - 4 Bedroom House£114 - £122/week/person


40 week£122/week
42 week£120/week
44 week£116/week
51 week£114/week
Lease Duration40 week - 51 week
Available from05-09-2020
Bathrooms2 Bath
Private Room
Shared Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Apartment Facilities

Standard room size
3/4 sized bed
Shared communal areas

Situated in a 4 bed house, our Venus room allows you to have your own space in your bedroom, and youd share the 2 toilets, the shower-room, kitchen and lounge area with your housemates. Ideal for those of you wanting an extra place to relax in!

Each room comes with a study desk, double wardrobe, shelving and under bed storage space.  All rooms have 70 MB Wi-Fi, which is included with your rent along with all other bills!

Neptune - 2 Bedroom Apartment£126 - £128/week


44 week£128/week
51 week£126/week
Lease Duration44 week - 51 week
Available from05-09-2020
Bathrooms1 Bath
Private Room
Shared Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

-- Standard room size 

-- 3/4th sized bed 

-- 2 Bedroom Apartment

-- 60MB Wi-Fi

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Planet Saturn£128 - £130/week/person


44 week£130/week
51 week£128/week
Lease Duration44 week - 51 week
Available from05-09-2020
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Treat yourself to one of our en-suite rooms! You may be interested in Saturn if you prefer your own bedroom with a private shower-room/toilet attached, but still want the company of other housemates to share the kitchen with.

All Saturn rooms are inclusive of all bills, this includes your 70mb WiFi.  Youll also find a double wardrobe, shelving and desk space along with under bed storage!

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The Milky Way£155 - £157/week


44 week£157/week
51 week£155/week
Lease Duration44 week - 51 week
Available from05-09-2020
Bathrooms1 Bath
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen

If youre wanting your own space, then a self-contained studio may just be for you!

The Milky Way studio has its own bedroom, shower-room/toilet and kitchen will allow you independence, but youd still get to experience student life!

Its inclusive of all bills, which includes your 70MB Wi-Fi.  Youll also find a double wardrobe, shelving and desk space to help you along with your studies.

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Galaxy - Large Studio£158 - £160/week


44 week£160/week
51 week£158/week
Lease Duration44 week - 51 week
Available from05-09-2020
Private Room
Private Bathroom

-- Medium Room Size

-- 3/4th Sized Bed

-- Studio Apartment

-- 60MB Wi-Fi

the milky way
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Booking Details

Cancellation Policy
What if I sign/signed my contract on or before 31st July?

Up to and including the 31st July, you can sign your contract but then request to cancel within 3 days of signing your contract. This is known as your 3 day cooling off period (as once you sign the contract and surpass this 3 day period, youre tied into the contract). To inform us that you wish to cancel, you must email us within your 3 day cooling off period. The Sales Team would then check youre within your 3 day cooling off period, and if you are theyd let you know this and would send you a cancellation request form which you must print out, sign by hand and return back to the above email address.
If however you signed your contract on or before 31st July, but you request to cancel outside of your 3 day cooling off period, then you will be tied into the contract until a suitable replacement tenant is found and clause 9.3 in your contract is met. You would however still need to inform us that you wish to cancel. The Sales Team would send you a cancellation request form which you must print out, sign by hand and return to the above email address.
What if I sign/signed my contract on or after 1st August?
If you sign your contract on or after 1st August, you will be immediately tied into the contract as we do not offer a cooling off period on or after this date. You will be unable to cancel your booking unless a suitable replacement student is found and clause 9.3 in your contract is met.
When will I be released from the contract?
You will only be released from your contract if one of the below options are met (and youre eligible for that option):
If you emailed us within your 3 day cooling off period to inform that you wish to cancel, and you have provided your signed cancellation request form which has been accepted by usIf a suitable replacement tenant is found and clause 9.3 in your contract is metIf you sign a new contract with us at dwell Students and you sign the new contract (and surpass the 3 day cooling off period, if applicable)If a suitable replacement tenant is found for your room (and clause 9.3 in your contract is met) before your contract start date, we will release you from your contract once the new tenant has signed their contract (and surpassed the 3 day cooling off period, if applicable).
However, if a suitable replacement tenant is found for your room (and clause 9.3 in your contract is met) after your contract start date, we will release you from your contract from the date that the new tenants contract starts. This means that youd be liable for the rooms rent up to the date that the new tenants contract starts.
To confirm, once a suitable replacement tenant has been found to take over your contract, there are a number of actions to be completed before we can release you from your contract. This is clause 9.3 as stated in your contract, but weve also included them below:
a replacement tenant has been found who has been approved by us as a suitable tenantyou have paid any administration fees owed to us for transferring your tenancy along with any rent owed on the room up to the end of your tenancy periodpaid any reasonable charges that are ascertained during an inspection of the flat and room at the end of your tenancy periodthe new tenant has paid any deposit and any rent owing on the roomthe new tenant has signed a tenancy agreement with us for a period that is equal to the rest of your fixed termthe new tenant has provided all documents required, including guarantor information if applicableFailure of a new tenant signing a tenancy agreement for the room and fulfilling all criteria will mean you are liable for all rent on the room until the end date set out in the principals of your contract.
Special Circumstances (outside the scope of the above 3 points):
1st Year Guarantee
If you are going into your 1st year at university, and you unfortunately havent achieved the required grades for your course/university, you will be released from your contract providing we receive a cancellation request email and results evidence within 48 hours of your results being published. Your results supporting evidence can be from UCAS or your university showing your name and the results outcome. Please send your email (including the cancellation request and your results supporting evidence). Wed also need you to complete a cancellation request form which wed send across to you once you send us your cancellation request email. International Students
If you are coming to study from outside of the UK, and you require a VISA for this study but your VISA application is unfortunately denied, then you are able to cancel your contract as long as your contract has not yet started. You will also need to provide one of the following as supporting evidence, and there will be no penalty for your cancellation:

  • Confirmation of your VISA rejection
  • Confirmation of failure to gain place within University

If you are unfortunately diagnosed with COVID-19, and your tenancy has not yet started, we would also be able to cancel your contract in this circumstance provided you are able to provide one of the following documents:

  • Medical certificate confirming you have been infected with COVID-19 and are therefore unable to come to the UK
  • A letter from your university confirming you are not able to join the course due to illness
  • Your supporting evidence document must be provided to us within 7 days of you being issued it

Cancellations during tenancy period
We are unable to cancel any contract after its start date unless a replacement tenant is found (and clause 9.3 in your contract is met) as detailed above. Youd be liable for the rooms rent up to the date that the new tenants contract starts. All cancellation requests should be submitted to your site team using our cancellation request form, which you can request from your site team.

Payment Details

Booking Deposit:

200 Deposit Fee 

Rent Payments:

Pay in Full

Pay in 4 installments due August; October; January and April

Mode of Payment:

Credit, Debit Card, Bank Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application and booking fee?

To secure your room youll need to pay an application fee or booking fee. You can make your payment via your online portal once you have created an account with us. You can also pay via bank transfer, please click on the sites below to find out the bank details. A 200 booking fee is required if you wish to stay with us at Beechwood House, Manchester; Hotwells House, Bristol; and Weston Court, Manchester. Of this 200, 50 is a non-refundable booking fee.  Once your tenancy starts, the remaining 150 will become a deposit which will be entered in to a deposit protection scheme called My Deposits. At the end of your tenancy, your deposit will be returned to you provided you left your room/flat in the same condition as when you first moved in. A non-refundable application fee of 99 applies for Cathedral Campus, Liverpool; The Grafton, Manchester; MSV South, Manchester; MSV, Manchester and Garth Heads, Newcastle.

How do we allocate rooms?

Once you have applied, our Sales Team will look through your application, check to find you the best room available and send you a Room Offer email. Please note that although we will always try to meet your preferences we cant guarantee that we can meet them all.

What is a guarantor? Do I need one?

If youre paying ahead for the full year, you dont have to provide a UK guarantor. However, if you wish to pay your rent in instalments, you will need a UK-based guarantor who is working full-time. Your guarantor must agree to pay the rent should you default on your payment. Providing a guarantor is common practice in the UK and provides us with the security and knowledge that the rent will be paid in full and on time. If you cannot provide a qualified UK guarantor, you can contact Housing Hand to provide you with the Guarantor Service. Housing Hand specialises in dealing with International Students who cannot provide a Guarantor in the UK.  To find out more, visit Housing Hand

Is the student population diverse?

We embrace equality and diversity. We promote a culture of equality and fairness for all and ensure our employees are aware of the Equality and Diversity Policy, and their responsibilities under it towards our students and their visitors. We want to make a home for our students that is free from discrimination, harassment, victimisation and bullying.

Can I live with my friends or specify preferences for my flatmates?

Of course! Just state your friends names on your application, with them doing the same too. You can also say if you have a preferred gender or year of study for your flatmates. Well try our best to meet your preferences but its not always guaranteed, and is subject to availability.

Can I live with you? Do you accept students in different years of study?

To stay with us, you have to be a student aged 18 years or over by your contract start date, and be in full time study at a U.K university or college. You can book with us whether you hold a conditional or unconditional offer. However, please be aware of our cancellation policy prior to booking should your place at university not be confirmed.

Can I view the accommodation before applying?

Of course! In fact we encourage you to come and have a look around. We may not be able to show you your exact room, but you can see the show flats we have available at each site. All you need to do is call the Sales Team on 0161 200 5560 or use our online viewing form here. We also have lots of pictures and even 360 degree photos of different rooms on our website as we understand our students are from all around the world and its not always easy to visit the site!

How and when do I pay my rent?

We offer two rent method options: Option 1 Full Payment Pay in full by the 1st of August and get money off your rent! 2% discount Manchester and Liverpool, 3% discount -Bristol and 5% discount- Newcastle. Option 2 Pay in 4 Instalments Pay in August, September, January and April you can view the exact payment dates in your contract. If your paying your rent using your student loan, then Option 2 may be best for you. To apply to pay in instalments, you must provide a U.K based guarantor in full time employment.

How can I find out who I'm living with?

Curious about who your flatmates will be? We unfortunately cant give out names but you can find out who is living at your site on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Can I change my contract once I've signed it?

If you want to change things like your room type, contract length or anything else, just get in touch with us. We can then let you know if your request is possible, and if so, what the next steps would be.

Can I bring my pet?

Youll unfortunately have to leave your beloved animals at home we have a no pet policy across all of our sites.

What is included in my rent?

All inclusive utility bills, Wi-Fi and contents insurance are all included in your rent!

When can I move in?

You can move into your room from the date your contract starts, only if you have paid your correct rent amount and provided all documents. If youre unsure of when your contract starts, your contract can be viewed in your portal accounts Messages section. If you wish to move in early please contact us.

What do I need to bring with me?

We already provide some of the essentials but to see what things to bring with you, check out our accommodation checklist here.

Can I store luggage at my site?

Due to us getting your room ready for when you arrive, we will not be able to store any luggage at any of our sites. You will be able to move your belongings into your room once you have collected your keys.

Are there any documents I need to bring with me?

You need to have provided all documents to support your room booking before you can check in. Other than that, you will need to bring a form of photo ID with you so you can collect your keys we just need to know were handing them out to the correct person!

What if i'm arriving out of office hours?

If you think that youll be arriving out of office hours, you will need to speak to your site team their contact details will be listed in the arrival pack youll be informed about via email nearer the start of your tenancy. Each site has different out of office services so you will need to speak to your site directly about it.

Where do I get my keys from?

You will collect your keys from your sites reception, unless otherwise stated by your site or Sales team.

Can I park my car when unloading my things?

We do have car parks at most of our sites but to find out if your site does include one, please contact the office on 0161 200 5560. On contract start dates, parking your car is free parking at any other time will incur a charge. Please contact your site team for full costs and details.

How do I get from the airport to your site?

Make sure you book airport transfers in advance. If you prefer to take the train, look out for the stations that are closest to you: MSV: The nearest train station is Oxford Road, a 5-minute walk from us. MSV South/ The Grafton: The nearest train station is Oxford Road and then hop on a bus just outside the Palace Theatre. Look out for bus routes 41, 42, 43, 142, 143, or 157. After 10 minutes, get off at Whitworth Park and take a short 2-minute walk to our halls. Cathedral Campus: The closest train station is Liverpool Lime Street. From there, were a 5-minute taxi ride away. Garth Heads: Your nearest station is Manors which is a 2 minute walk to the site Hotwells House: The nearest train station is Bristol Temple Meads, you can get a taxi from outisde which will take 10 minutes

What can I expect when checking in?

It will be busy, so please be patient with us. Well try to keep the queues short as we check everyone in. To keep you going, there will be light refreshments in all site receptions. For a quicker check-in, let us know when you are coming, so we can gauge the number of students as well the times of arrival, to ensure our sites are staffed correctly. Top Tip: make sure you dont unload your car until you have your keys. Or you could be waiting with all your belongings in the queue.

Will there be any events happening at my site?

We love all of our residents to get to know one another and make lifelong friends! As a way to help this, we have a Residential Life team who are always trying to find  the next best thing to make your stay more enjoyable this includes holding fun and exciting events throughout the year! Please keep an eye out on our social media accounts and around your site for details.

If I have any queries about my stay, who can I speak to?

Our friendly accommodation teams are always there should you need someone to talk to. You can either pop down to the office and speak to them, or theyre only a phone call away!

Do I need to pay for contents insurance?

Youve already got basic insurance cover with our insurance provider, Cover4Students this is included in your rent price! For further details on what insurance we provide, please visit the Cover4Students website. 

Is there Wi-Fi at my site?

Of course! The Wi-Fi is included in your rent. 

Do I need to purchase a TV license?

If youre watching or recording programmes on TV or any device, you must have a TV licence. It is against the law to not have one if you caught without a license , you could be charged up to 1000. If you have booked one of our rooms in which we provide you with a TV in the lounge, we also provide the TV license for it. You do however still need a TV license if youre watching/recording TV if youre in any other area, such as your bedroom. For everyone else, you will still need to purchase a TV license.

Where can I park my car? Is there bike storage?

We do have car parking and bike storage at most of our sites, please call us on 0161 200 5560 to check if your site provides these facilities. Please note that you will need to pay to use a car park space please contact your site team for full prices and details.

How do I receive parcels and post at my site?

Well sign for your parcels at your sites office during working hours, but your letters will be delivered to your flat/house door by Royal Mail. To check out your sites working hours, please contact them directly. We can only sign for parcels on your behalf if the parcel has your name and your flat/room number on it. Therefore when ordering items online, please make sure you provide the shipper with your full name and room number. Parcels without full details will not be signed for. After we sign for your parcel, youll receive an email notification from us please bring along your photo ID when collecting parcels at the reception.

Can I have guests staying over?

Of course! You can have any one guest staying overnight for 2 nights in any 7 day period they must be signed in and out at your reception.

Where can I do my laundry?

We have laundry facilities at most of our sites, but please contact your site directly for more information. Where we do provide laundry onsite, we work with our laundry partner Circuit to ensure that our rates are competitive.

Is there any security on site?

Your safety is our priority so all of our properties are equipped with security cameras. Our Manchester Student Village site has 24/7 security, whilst MSV South and The Grafton have mobile patrols to ensure youre safe at all times. You can also contact the Manchester security team out of office hours on 0161 200 5540. If youre a resident at our Western Court or Beechwood House sites and need to speak to someone out of office hours, you just need to call the normal office number, 0161 441 0635. Our out of hours team will be able to help you with any queries. Our Cathedral Cathedral site has a 24-hour security presence, which is provided by the Cathedrals security team. You can contact them on 0151 702 7260. Garth Heads and Hotwells House have mobile security patrols to cover our sites when the office is closed. Communal Cleaning in my flat The communal areas of your flats is your responsibility.  All landlord areas will be cleaned by us on a daily basis. If you are lucky enough to live with us at Garth Heads, Newcastle you will get your communal flat areas cleaned for you every two weeks at no extra cost.

I want to leave before my contract ends. What shall I do?

If youre looking to move out before your contract ends, please read through our cancellation policy. It will outline what you need to do next.

Can I stay at my site until my contract end date?

Yes, of course you can! All students are allowed to stay with us until the last day of their contracts. On the last day, rooms must be vacated, and keys handed to reception by 10am. All residents will have their room/flat inspected within 7 days of their contract end date.

Can I store my belongings in my room over summer?

If you have a summer booking with us and we have received your payment and signed contract, then you can keep your items in your room throughout the summer. We dont allow student to leave items in their rooms over the summer if they have not confirmed a summer stay with us. Any items left in a room after a contract end date will be removed and stored for 7 days. After which, all items will be removed and given to charity or disposed of.

Do I get my deposit back?

For those sites where a deposit payment has been made, all deposits will be returned as long as the room is left in the same condition from check-in. All deposits should be returned within 10 days of the contract ending. Any deposit disputes should be sent in writing to the site manager.

Do I have to pay for damages?

We want to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible. Our on-site maintenance team will attend to your requests (See our repairs and maintenance policy). We dont charge for fair wear and tearof our properties or fixtures. However, if something gets damaged through abuse or misuse, well repair or replace the item and will charge for doing so. The behaviour of guests is the responsibility of the tenant who has welcomed them into the property. Any charges that result from a guests behaviour will be charged to the respective tenant. If theres a charge that applies to the shared area within a flat and were unable to establish the responsibility, the charge will be shared between all of the flats tenants. All charges will be applied to your account and payment will be due within 30 days of this date. For further details please see the list of our schedule of charges. This list is not exhaustive and we reserve the right to charge for items not mentioned.