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Student Housing London


The Capital city of the United Kingdom is a melting pot of individuals from almost each conceivable background. It is also a house to various World Heritage sites like The Tower of London, Royal Botanic Gardens, Westminster Abbey and Saint Cathedral's Church. Going to be an undergraduate or post graduate student in London? Well then, brace yourselves as you are about to have the time of your life for what the city has to offer. World famous tourist attractions like Big Ben and Coca-Cola London Eye are just a few to begin with. The city also harbors numerous world renowned universities like Imperial College London, University College London, King's College London and London School Of Economics and Political Science are only just a few from an entire lot. From science to engineering to arts, fashion to psychological science there's a university for everybody.  Royal School of Art, Goldsmith's University and Royal School of music are among the top art universities in the world that draws many students with an affinity for creativity and fine arts every year to the city.


Students need not grow anxious at all about housing as there is a variety of quality student accommodations in London. Ranging from luxurious student accommodations to budget friendly student accommodations, the city comprises of all. All the student accommodations in London are crafted for the uber comfort of the students. The city has something for everybody.  The students accommodation in London is further segregated into Halls of residences, Private halls of residences and Private housing. The Private halls of residences in London consists of comfortable, luxurious yet budget friendly en-suites, studios and shared apartments which are inclusive of all the bills. The private halls of residences are available all across zone 1,zone 2, zone 3, zone 4, zone 5 and zone 6. Student housing in London ranges from 100 pounds per week to 550 pounds per week. These Private halls of residences have a sky rocketing demand every year because of the quality they maintain and also the attractive offers they provide for the benefit of the students.  There are also housing options available for the students who are looking for short term tenancies in London. It is much easier to book a short term accommodation in London compared to any other city in the United Kingdom.


London's transport network is potentially the most effective within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and conjointly the most important. The world famous London Underground Tube, DLR (a machine-driven lightweight railway), trams, and buses have cumulatively made it convenient and comfortable to commute from one part of the city to another.

There are several things you'll have to remember once travelling around the city. One is that cost which varies whether or not or not you are travelling in the peak hours. Off-peak fares apply at different interval of times. 


Wondering about how to unwind after striving with life for one long week? Well then, giddy up! Because the city has innumerable dynamic and vibrant spots for crowd, ideal for all ages be it a graduate student or a working professional. If you  have an accord for architectural beauty you ought to explore the very popular King's Cross Station or if you still got some time you can visit The Lloyd's Building and The Jewel Tower to acknowledge their structural aesthetics as well. You can also cheer your lungs out for your dearest football club as London is a home for many English Football Clubs. London is a nexus for a wide variety of cuisines and drinks from almost every corner of the world. The Ledbury and the Bar 61 are some of the most popular restaurants in case you are craving for a fine dining experience. There are also several options for cheap food in London that would equally satisfy your taste buds in case you are running a little low on budget. One can also enjoy a drink watching live perfomances in KOKO located in Camden High Street or can groove to the trendy beats in the vivacious clubs in Mayfair situated in the heart of the city. The students will undoubtedly have an amazing night life in London. London is a perfect blend of every element that a student needs to lead a fun, wholesome and content student life.