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iQ Signal Place, Nottingham

Traffic St, Nottingham
( 16m. 12m. 6m)
20 Room Options
7 Offers
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
No Visa No Pay
Study Area
Cinema Room
Roof Terrace
Seating Area
Social Spaces
Fitness Studio
bills included
Fitness Studio
laundry facility
Laundry Facility
City Centre Location
From £164/ week

Archer House, Nottingham

Castle Gate, Nottingham
( 7m. 7m. 4m)
4 Room Options
4 Offers
Instant Booking
No Visa No Pay
Pay In Instalment
Pool Table
Social Space
bills included
laundry facility
Social Events Calendar
On-site management team
Parcel Handling Service
Laundry (charges apply)
Residential Life Calendar
From £165/ week
Upto £100 Cashback

Trinity Square, Nottingham

Trinity Sq, Nottingham
( 7m. 5m. 2m)
3 Room Options
4 Offers
Instant Booking
No Visa No Pay
Pay In Instalment
Bike Storage
Outdoor Area
dual occupancy
bills included
Communal Events
Vending Machine
Fully Furnished
High Speed Wi-Fi
Communal Kitchen
best payment plan
Wheelchair Access
Library & Study Area
Onsite Laundry Facility
Entertainment Area/Room
Laundry (Circuit app or card)
From £169/ week

Radford House, Nottingham

Radford Blvd, Nottingham
( 28m. 12m. 6m)
3 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
24/7 Gym
Cinema Room
Common Room
Social Events
bills included
Quiet Study Room
Secure Parcel Room
High Speed Internet
Secure Bike Storage
Sky TV in Common Room
High Specification Design
From £174/ week

Talbot Street, Nottingham

Talbot St, Nottingham
( 4m. 4m. 1m)
7 Room Options
4 Offers
Instant Booking
No Visa No Pay
Pay In Instalment
Games Room
Study rooms
Bike storage
dual occupancy
Superfast WiFi
Vending Machine
Postal Services
laundry facility
Entertainment area
Laundry facilities
PlayStation & games
Regular social events
Onsite gym and yoga room
Wellness and spa facilities
From £175/ week

Bard House, Nottingham

Shakespeare St, Nottingham
( 10m. 10m. 3m)
3 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
Free WiFi
Laundry Room
Laundry Room
dual occupancy
Dual Occupancies
Accommodation Team
From £175/ week
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£111 - £494

Bromley Place, Nottingham

Bromley Pl, Nottingham
( 3m. 3m. 4m)
5 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
No Visa No Pay
Pay In Instalment
TV Lounge
Cinema Room
Bike Storage
bills included
Vending Machine
laundry facility
Shared Bike Storage
Brand New Property
Communal Study Space
From £179/ week

Trent House, Nottingham

Station St, Nottingham
( 17m. 14m. 10m)
2 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
No Visa No Pay
bills included
Unlimited WifI
Weekly Cleaner
Limited parking
Limited Parking
Gated Community
Smart Tv and License
From £180/ week

Maid Marian House, Nottingham

Hounds Gate, Nottingham
( 6m. 6m. 2m)
10 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
Free Wi-Fi
Social Area
City Centre
Social Area
Laundry Room
Content insurance
Tenant Activities
Tenant Incentives
Delivery Receiving
On Site Maintenance
Maintenance & Housekeeping
From £180/ week

The Rise, Nottingham

Russell St, Nottingham
( 14m. 8m. 4m)
3 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
No Visa No Pay
Pay In Instalment
game room
Games Area
Study Area
Cinema Room
dual occupancy
Communal Lounge
laundry facility
Lift To All floors
Free Wi-Fi & Internet
Social Calendar of Events
On-site Recycling Facility
Laundry Room With Washing And Drying Facilities
From £181/ week
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Take the hassle out of securing your student home for the best years of your life
Lower Prices
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Risk-Proof Bookings
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the average costs for student accommodation in Nottingham?

The cost for student accommodation Nottingham options range from £100 to £200 per week, depending on the location and amenities.

What is the best time to book Nottingham student housing?

It's recommended to book student accommodation Nottingham options as early as possible, ideally a few months before the start of the academic year.

How can students find safe and secure Nottingham private student accommodation?

Look for student accommodation Nottingham options with secure entry systems, good lighting, and positive reviews from other students.

What are the most popular areas for students to live in Nottingham?

Popular areas include Lenton, Beeston, and the city centre, all known for their proximity to universities and student-friendly amenities.

Are there short-term or summer accommodation options available for students in Nottingham?

Yes, many providers offer short-term and summer student accommodation in Nottingham options; it's best to check with specific providers for availability.

What types of accommodation contracts are available for students in Nottingham?

Students can choose from fixed-term leases (typically 12 months), short-term leases, and rolling contracts (month-to-month).

How do I budget for student flats in Nottingham?

Consider all costs, including rent, utilities, internet, food, and transportation, and create a monthly budget plan.

What documents do I need to secure student flats in Nottingham?

Typically, you'll need a valid ID, proof of student status, financial information, and sometimes a reference from a previous landlord to secure your Nottingham student accommodation.

What should I do if I have issues with my student accommodation in Nottingham?

Report the issue to your landlord, document the problem, check your tenancy agreement, and seek advice from your university’s accommodation office if necessary.

Student Accomodations in Nottingham

Nottingham Student Accommodation

The city of Nottingham is a vibrant student-centric destination and home to various world-renowned universities, like the University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University, and Nottingham Trent University (Clifton Campus). The university's academics and curriculum attract students from all over the world! Along with that, there are various Nottingham student accommodation options scattered across the city, and the student houses in Nottingham options include affordable resident halls, studio flats, student dorms, shared rooms, and single homes (PBSA), which provide students with fantastic amenities. Hence, finding Nottingham student accommodation won't be a hassle for any student. Amber offers various luxurious yet reasonably-priced student accommodation Nottingham options. Students could scout through the website or have a one-to-one interaction with the help desk. These accommodation options provide the enrolled students with the necessary amenities catering to their personal needs. A lot of the student apartments in Nottingham are available at an affordable rate and render equivalent services; a few notable ones include The Vantage, Collegiate Nova, Collegiate Clarendon Street, and many more!

About Nottingham

Nottingham has a long history of revolution, creativity, and industry under its modern appeal. This East Midlands town is full of stirring historical landmarks. Other fascinating icons of the town's rich history and culture are waiting to be found. A tour of Nottingham Castle, which served as the sheriff's residence in the Robin Hood movies, will cost you £5 and reward you with a history lesson, lovely grounds, and a bird's-eye view of the city. The well-known statue of Robin Hood continues to be a popular location for pictures. Due to the many students residing there, it is one of the UK's most vibrant and proactive cities. This city is ranked as the 53rd-best city in the world and the ninth-best in the UK by QS Best Cities 2022. It is one of England's most well-liked international education locations, hosting about 30,000 international students annually. In addition to a beautiful Christmas market in the city centre and a wide choice of restaurants and pubs, people enjoy a variety of cultural events, museums, and parks. Many people living in student accommodation Nottingham options find it an ideal location because of its connections to the rest of the United Kingdom. The cost of living is another reason for students to pick Nottingham, as it is inferior in expense to major cities like London and Manchester!

Best Student Accommodation In Nottingham

Due to renowned universities, hundreds of students flock to the city to pursue their dreams and careers. Finding student accommodation Nottingham choices can become a daunting task for many. Amber helps you find the best options for Nottingham student housing in three easy steps: picking, booking and paying. Amber offers purpose-built studios, flats, ensuites, shared apartments and other affordable student accommodations in Nottingham. Students can easily pick the most suited locality with the sorting feature on the website. Although all needs are subjective, one should look at crucial variables like the cost of living, similarity with the neighbourhood, and commuting. Many students prefer to live in student-friendly neighbourhoods; hence, we have listed the best options for Nottingham student houses that you should look at.

1. Nottingham Two
2. Study Inn Triumph House

3. Nottingham Square

4. Castle Gate Haus

5. Bertrand Russell House

6. The Glasshouse

7. Mansion Place

8. Madison Gardens
9. The Place

10. Crown Place

11. iQ Exchange

12. iQ Nelson Court

Cost of Living in Nottingham

Student accommodation Nottingham choices are highly beneficial to students due to how comfortable they are. Living in this city could be comparatively affordable and worth every penny. It is recommended to have a budget of £1200-£2000 per month, including all living and other personal expenses, along with a buffer budget in case of any emergencies. We have listed the most common expenses a student has to bear while looking for student accommodation Nottingham options:

1. Food: £80-£150 per month
2. Gas and electricity: £30-£50 per week
3. Internet & mobile phone: £15-£45 per week
4. Dinner at a restaurant: £50-£120 per week
5. Laundry: £15-£35 per week
6. Stationery and Textbooks: £10-£30 per week
7. Clothing: £30-£175 per month
8. Travel (buses, trams, and trains): £40-£150 per month

Student Travel In Nottingham

England's transport system, in general, is potentially one of the most effective transportation systems on our planet. Student accommodation Nottingham options in the city are near multiple transport stops. The city is smartly connected to every primary transportation system within walking distance from every university. Following are the transport options you can find when travelling to and from the popular Nottingham UK student accommodation options:

1. Bus

Nottingham's bus network runs 24 hours a day. With approximately 100 buses running to and fro the city, people can take these buses from the main bus terminal near the City Centre, making their commute more manageable. Hundreds of local bus stops are at every corner of the city, designed to cater to local and national travellers. With an Easyrider Smartcard, the average bus fare in this city is around £60 per month. This makes travelling from your student accommodation Nottingham option very smooth!

2. Train

Nottingham Station is the city's most extensive and active station. It is the main point of the city's tram system. Explore National Rail for the daily schedule and plans. A one-ride fare on the train costs about £15.60.

3. Cycling

You can also explore local parts of the city via cycling. The city has cycling lanes specifically for cyclists. In addition, most student accommodation Nottingham options come with dedicated and secure bike storage facilities as well, which means students can rest easy!

Student Lifestyle and Living in Nottingham

Nottingham holds an esteemed reputation amongst international students regarding student life in this city. With numerous dynamic and vibrant spots for the crowd, the town is ideal for all ages to explore and travel. Those who like spending quality time around calm water bodies can visit the famous Arboretum Park, where you will find astounding natural beauty that suits all Instagram lovers. Meanwhile, exploring local shops and city malls can also leave you in awe of this city's eateries that bring a wide variety of cuisines and drinks from almost every corner of the world. Fox Cafe and Sans Patrie Restaurant are the most popular restaurants and takeout places if you crave a sufficient dining experience at affordable prices. One can also enjoy a drink watching their favourite football team's match at Bell Inn Pub or can groove to the trendy disco beats in the vibrant clubs in Stealth Nightclub situated right next to the City Centre. Once you are done with these activities, you can take a nice stroll to your student accommodation Nottingham property to get a good night's sleep. With these ample options to exploit, your stay couldn't be any better! Additionally, the city is also home to the football team called Nottingham Forest FC.

Nottingham Tourist Attractions

Students living here can easily use public transportation from their student accommodation Nottingham options and visit the many must-see tourist attractions on their days off from college. Here is a list of a few popular tourist attractions in Nottingham:

1. Wollaton Hall
2. National Justice Museum
3. Nottingham Castle
4. Old Market Square
5. Royal Concert Hall
6. The Lace Market

Universities in Nottingham

There are many well-known and respectable universities in and near Nottingham that provide various degrees and courses to students taught by world-renowned faculty. Student accommodation Nottingham choices are strategically located near these institutes. Some of the most well-known ones include:

1. University of Nottingham
2. Nottingham Trent University
3. Nottingham Trent University (Clifton Campus)
4. Nottingham Trent International College

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