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Room in a 4 Bedroom Apartment, Kedleston Street, Derby, DE1 3JY
Bedroom 2 - Bedroom
Common Area
Common Area
Common Area

Room in a 4 Bedroom Apartment, Kedleston Street, Derby, DE1 3JY

Kedleston St, Derby, DE1 3JY, United Kingdom
0 mi from City Center
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bills included

About the Property

A modern student house with 6 Bedrooms available for 23/24 with All bills included, Contents insurance included and No deposit required. Located only 10 Minutes from UNI.

What will you get

Common Amenities

Close To Uni
Big Comfy Sofas
Flatscreen TV
Big Dining Table
App Based Maintenance System

Cancellation Policies (4)

  • Cooling Off Period
    Free booking cancellation in stipulated time
  • No Visa No Pay
    Free Cancellation if student visa is not secured
  • No Place No Pay
    Cancellation policy if admission not confirmed

Payment Policies (3)

  • Booking Deposit
    Secure booking with this amount
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    Flexible payment terms
  • Guarantor Requirement
    Guarantor requirements and policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it?

The house is on Brookside, Kedleston Street.

What’s good about where it is?

Derby has everything you could possibly need, you can find plenty of pubs and restaurants for your social life at the Derby Intu Shopping Centre which is only a 5 minute taxi away.

How close is it to campus?

You can cycle to Derby Uni in under 10 mins or get a bus in just under 20. A taxi (if you have popped out and it’s got a bit late) should only be around £10 and take less than 10 minutes.

How do they book a viewing?

Their team will then schedule the viewing in and confirm if it can go ahead at that time.

Is my holding payment refundable?

The holding payment for the property is non-refundable prior to the tenancy starting. This is because once you pay the holding payment they will actively turn away any other interested groups from the property.
This means that if you decide not to go ahead with the property after committing to the holding payment then it will not be returned.
Once the tenancy begins the holding deposit is deducted from your first rent payment.
If for any reason they are unable to let the property to you once you have paid the holding payment then the holding payment will be returned in full.

We loved the home, how do they reserve it?

It is really easy to reserve a property. All they need is a holding payment of 1 week’s rent. This is comes off your first month’s rent so is just a little bit of rent upfront. This allows them to take the property completely off the market for you whilst they go through the contract signing process for you.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Before You Have Signed An Agreement
If you have paid a holding payment and then decide to not rent the property then you will not be bound an agreement. The holding payment is only refundable in a situation where they have to withdraw the property from you.
After Signing An Agreement
If you have signed the agreement you are bound by the terms of it and from the start of the tenancy you will be liable for the rent in the agreement.
However if you still need to end the agreement you can do so by finding someone to take the agreement over from you. Once they have signed up you will no longer be liable for your part of the agreement.
We can help find someone to take over an agreement, however make no promises to be able to and until such a point that a replacement resident is found you remain liable for the rental payments.

How does the guarantor work?

In order to let you the room or property they need a guarantor for each resident to guarantee your rent. This means that you can rent a property from them even if you don’t have a credit score.
It is important to note that they do not ask your guarantor to guarantee the rent for the whole property, only for you.
If you do not have a guarantor you can easily sign up with Housing Hand through their system, or they can discuss larger upfront rent payments.

What happens once I sign?

Once you and your guarantor have signed the contract, and the rest of your group if your contract is joint, then it is signed by them and the house is officially yours!
We will be in touch a few months out from move in with their resident guide and some other great tips before moving in.

Can I leave early and get the remainder of my rent back?

Unfortunately, you are committed under the tenancy agreement to pay the full rent.
If you find a new resident, we’ll let you out of your agreement from the day they move in, and refund you any unused rent that you’ve paid in advance (minus a £50 admin fee)*.
We cannot refund your rent until you have found someone to take over your tenancy agreement, their booking is confirmed and they have paid the first instalment of their rent.

What is the payment schedule?

We try to be as flexible as possible with their payment schedules. They understand that for most of their residents it is better to make payments when student loans come in termly.
Their termly payments are usually due in the middle of October, January and April with a small payment due at the beginning of the contract prior to moving in.
You can also pay monthly if that is easier, they just need to let them know before the contract goes out.

What is included in my rent?

Your rent includes the following:
Electricity, Gas (if applicable), water, tv license.
We provide the following free of charge:
Broadband, Contents Insurance
Holiday clean (once during Christmas and Easter break)

What do they do about council tax?

If you are a student you are exempt from council tax. All they need is a council tax exemption certificate from your University and they will apply for the exemption for you.
If you are not a student then you will be liable for the council tax for the property. Often the council tax is demanded from the owners and then they will invoice this amount from you.
If you are the only non-student in a property with students you are often eligible for a 25% council tax discount.
Do I have to pay a deposit to reserve a home with PMG?
We ask that you pay a small holding payment to secure your home and take it off the market. This is then deducted from your 1st month’s rent. They do not charge a security deposit. This means you don’t have to fork out a large lump sum and worry about it being kept unfairly at the end of your tenancy.

Will my contents be insured if I rent a home with PMG?

Yes! they provide all their residents with free contents insurance via Endsleigh. For no extra charge your basic contents (including laptops up to £1k) are insured against theft. If you would like to upgrade your cover please let them know and you will benefit from their discounted rates through Endsleigh.

Are all bills included in my rent?

Yes they are! they include all utilities and complimentary superfast fibre broadband in their homes so you don’t have to worry about splitting bills or setting up joint accounts with your housemates, just one payment covers everything. It is worth noting that council tax is not included however if you are a student then you are entitled to a full council tax exemption.

How can I report a maintenance issue?

When you move into a PMG home you will be given instructions on how to download and use their smart maintenance app. This will allow you to report any issues immediately to them and attach photos & descriptions of the issue. They will then send out the appropriate contractor to fix the problem sharpish. If you have an emergency out of hours then please call the emergency number provided when you moved in.

What are iLoqs?

PMG uses a state-of-the-art locking system across their portfolio of houses allowing you to unlock your house and room with just your phone, no keys necessary.
Their iLoqs are brand new technology from Finland utilizing battery free NFC technology.
Their digital locks mean that if you lose your phone, they can temporarily provide access to your locks to one of your housemates to ensure you aren’t locked out. This helps to avoid costly call out and locksmith charges for you if you were to lose a key.

The locks require an iPhone 7 and above to work, How do you know?

If your phone has Apple Pay then it will work with iLoq.
Make sure your phone is running the latest version if iOS
You need to make sure your Android phone has NFC capabilities. Again, if you have the ability to use Android Pay then your phone will work
Make sure your Android phone is not rooted. The app can’t be installed on rooted phones as the device is exposed to security threats.
Make sure that your phone is running the latest available version of Android. Open the app on your phone
In the first instance when you open the app, please make sure you are connected to the internet so your phone can verify the permissions.
After this the key will work whether you have internet or not.
Press the “Tap to use the lock” button. You will receive a pop up telling you your phone is ready to scan.
Hold your phone up to the lock (for between 3 and 5 seconds usually) to unlock the door
– It is very important that you hold the right part of your phone up to the lock.
For iPhones you need to hold the top of the phone to the lock. This is because the NFC chip is at the top of the phone behind the speaker.
Unlocking the door
Once you have access simply grab the black disc and turn it to the left to unlock the door.
After that just use the handle as you normally would do.

Can I rent an individual room?

At PMG we like to priorities letting their properties to pre-formed groups. However, they understand that this is not always possible.
If you just want to rent a room individually they will work hard to try to assemble groups of like-minded people to let properties together.

When do I need to pay my rent?

Your contract will outline the dates on which your rental payments are due. Whilst they will do what they can to remind you of rent payments being due please understand that the responsibility for paying your rent on time rests with you.
If you believe you will have difficulty paying on these dates or would like to align you rental payments with your student loans then please contact them to discuss this.
Please note that all residents will need to pay their first instalment of rent before they can release keys to any residents on joint contracts.

What if I am no longer a student?

You can still live with them until the end of your contracted period; however you will become liable for council tax during this time. If you no longer want to live with us, they can help you find somebody to take over your tenancy, however this cannot be guaranteed and you will remain liable for the full commitments of your contract until such time that a replacement resident can be found.

What if I can't pay my rent?

Please give them a call and they will work with you to find the best way in which to pay your rent. All rent is due in advance.
Please note, if your payment is more than 21 days late and they have not heard from you, then late payment charges may be applied to your account.

Office opening hours?

The office opening hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The office is closed on weekends and bank holidays.
If you have an emergency out of office hours, you can contact your Kin Keeper below. If you cause any damage beyond fair wear and tear either maliciously or by accident you will be responsible of the cost to the contractor to attend and remedy the situation.

What is an Emergency?

An emergency is a situation where the building is under threat of significant damage or is unsafe. In most cases they will carry out work quickly to prevent further damage or to make safe with the full repair being assessed during normal working hours.
If a problem that you have reported is due to lack of care or misuse by you or other residents occupying the property, you will be charged for the cost of putting it right.
Their key holders do hold spare keys in case of an emergency maintenance issue. Their contractors may still need to gain access via residents to make the necessary repairs.
It is therefore in your best interest to be available for appointments made with contractors to ensure the repairs are carried out as quickly as possible.

Non-emergency maintenance?

The contractors will attend to complete emergency repairs only, further remedial works may be required in working hours following the call out.
Please ensure all non-emergency maintenance is reported through your property portal, or you can call the office during opening hours.
Fire alarm fault & electrical emergency
In case of a fire alarm fault or electrical emergency please contact your Kin Keeper. Please do not contact the Kin Keeper by text as they will not receive your message. If you call and there is no answer, leave a voicemail message and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Heating emergency?

If you have no heating please report the issue through your property portal and a plumber will attend as soon as possible during working hours.

You won't be charged yet

Student Accomodations in Derby

Derby Student Accommodation

Finding appropriate student accommodations in Derby can be a tiring task for students. Amber solves the student's problems and gives them the liberty to choose from 5000+ housing options. Derby comes from the central region of the UK and gives the students living in Derby the proper blend of the city landscape and high street stores. The place is also home to many historical and architectural collections. Universities like Derby College and the Derby University are present here that students attend. Moreover, there are many student accommodations near Derby University.

Private student accommodations in Derby are comfortable with all the modern conveniences. Our Derby student accommodations come with plenty of amenities and facilities for the residents to use and enjoy. There are also many different kinds of rooms proffered at the Derby student accommodations, like ensuites, shared rooms and studios. One of the biggest upsides of the Amber private student accommodation in Derby is the proximity to the top universities to make the commute easy and minimal. The students living in Derby relish nature in the parks during the daytime and enjoy themselves at the bars and pubs at night. The place is safe and secure for international students and supports diversity and cultural differences. The cost of living is comparatively low and provides an excellent base for the students.

About Derby

Derby is a welcoming place for newcomers and international students. It is the unitary authority place of England. The city was established by Romans and later captured by Anglo-Saxons. Initially, Derby experienced recognition as an Industrial area and had an essential place in the Industrial era. It is known for manufacturing, especially in textile and engineering. Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, and Toyota are a few companies that Derby is home to.  The place has a rich history with marvellous art and culture. Visitors and students living in Derby get access to the magnificent museums, one of which is the art collection by the artist Joseph Wright, who used to live there in the 18th century. The students living in Derby also get to enjoy the adventurous nightlife in Derby. There are a number of clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants to explore and spend time at. There is also an amazing sports culture here, with many teams calling Derby home. Derby County Football Club is one of the oldest football clubs in England. Derby also has beautiful green spaces and parks like Peak District National Park, perfect for walking, cycling and even horseriding. Shopping is also very popular here with so many different shopping centres to choose from to shop till you drop. The student accommodations in Derby have a lot of modest and comfortable housing like Iron Gate, Forest Rise, The Croft, Flewitt House and many other options.

Best Student Accommodations In Derby

Derby is a safe place for the students to live in and also comes with many leisure options to refresh and enjoy. Amber student accommodations are in the prime location of Derby, the perfect distance from the top universities. Many different kinds of rooms are offered, like ensuites, non-ensuites, shared rooms, single rooms, studios and much more. All the rooms offered by amber come fully furnished with top-quality interiors. There are also many amenities offered by the Derby student accommodations, like comfy beds, common rooms and much more. Following are some of the best student accommodations in Derby.

1. The Holt, Loughborough

2. William Morris Halls, Loughborough

3. The Cube, Loughborough

4. Waterways, Loughborough

5. Flewitt House, Beeston

6. Bonington Student Village, Nottingham

7. Mooregate House, Nottingham

8. Agard Street, Derby

9. The Croft, Derby

10. Northgate House, Derby

Cost Of Living

The student accommodations in Derby include all the bills and facilities provided. Derby is one of the most inexpensive places to live in the United Kingdom. It is recommended that the students living in Derby have at least a budget of £900 to £1500 per month to survive in this city. Following is a rough estimate of student expenditure to get a rough idea.

  1. Food and beverages: £65 to £100 per week
  2. Mobile bills: £20 to £50 per week
  3. Dining: £45 to £95 per week
  4. Entertainment and leisure: £20 to £50 per week
  5. Transportation: £80 to £100 per week
  6. Laundry: £20 to £35 per week
  7. Stationery and Course books: £25 to £80 per month

Student Travel Derby

Derby has become increasingly popular with students, so the transport may confuse the new arrivals. Derby has a very well-connected and wide network of public transport. There are many public transportation systems in Derby, such as minibuses, taxis, buses and trains. Students can travel anywhere around the city by bus and train in Derby. The city has a good and active transport system. The bus is the most preferred mode of transport for students living in Derby.

1. Bus: Buses cover almost every corner of the city and enable students living in Derby to explore and learn more about the city. University Bus Park is the nearest bus station to the University of Derby. The bus network is widespread and convenient. There are many student passes and discounts available for students with valid IDs.

2. Train: The trains can be preferred if you want to travel out of the city or far places. The bus station and the city centre are just 5 minutes away from the train station in Derby. Trains are fast but are a little more expensive than buses. Students with valid IDs can avail of many student cards and discounts.

3. Cycling: Students can also travel by cycling if they do not want to go on buses and trains. Cycling is eco-friendly for getting around and can also help you get your daily workout in. There are many places students can rent bikes from, and bike lanes are also present in Derby for the people cycling to use.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Derby

Every year, around 2000 international students from different countries come to Derby to pursue education. Derby is a place which gives a lot of freedom to the students when it comes to enjoying and partying. Student accommodation Derby makes it possible by providing a home away from home. Derby Square is a place which is just 9 minutes away from the University of Loughborough. Derby student accommodations also provide luxurious studious like Kingfisher Halls, with all the modern amenities where no one will invade your privacy.

Derby is an affordable city compared to other cities in the UK. The place is surrounded by the Peak District National Park, where you can enjoy nature and explore the place. Derby Arboretum is the first public park in Britain with a lot of trees and is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. Activities like running, cycling and horseriding are all popular. Many museums in Derby take you back in time, such as the Derby Museum and Art Gallery and the Museum of Making at Derby Silk Mill. Derby is also an excellent place to enjoy the nightlife. You can enjoy yourself in the bars and pubs in central Derby with a wide range of dining options. Derby has a very buzzing and busy vibe. There are also many shopping centres to go to so you can shop till you drop and get everything you want.

Derby Tourist Attractions

Tourists, international students and visitors have a lot to explore in the city. The place is vibrant and safe for everyone. There are a lot of Derby Student Accommodations as well so that the students do not have to worry about housing and bills and can enjoy the place thoroughly. The most popular derby tourist attractions are:

1. Darley Park,

2. Pickford’s House,

3. Derby Cathedral,

4. East Midlands Aeropark,

5. Locko Park, Derbion mall,

6. Pride Park Stadium,

7. Derby Theatre

Universities in Derby

There are a lot of prestigious universities in Derby where students from all over the world come to study and get international exposure. With amazing quality of education and top-notch faculty, it’s no wonder Derby has a large student population. Following are some of the best universities in Derby:

  1. Derby College
  2. University Park Campus
  3. University of Nottingham
  4. The University of Nottingham International College
  5. Nottingham Trent University (Clifton Campus)
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