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The Lyra in London takes urban student living and transforms it into their home away from home. Conveniently located next to North Acton Tube Station, this student accommodation is at the heart of the action, whilst still offering enough seclusion for them to study in peace and quiet. Their competitive prices gives some of the best student flats inside zones 1 and 2. Choose a studio apartment in The Lyra and enjoy the space to relax and study within modern, well-maintained and secure surroundings. Each studio has been purposely designed to offer everything a student needs, and when they want to unwind they can spend time with friends in The Lounge or draw inspiration from the London skyline on the roof top terrace. Student apartments have never looked so good enjoy all of the benefits of London in a secure and safe building. The Lyra is a space to study, chill and live within easy distance from Londons abundance of cultural and historical highlights. Soak up the city and study the thing one loves at the same time.

Apartment Facilities

Bills included
Smart TV
Free Wi-Fi
Big beds

Community Facilities

Contents Insurance
Roof Terrace
On-site Laundry
Cycle storage
CCTV security


Bronze Studio Apartment£270 - £280/week


42 week£280/week
49 week£270/week
Lease Duration42 week - 49 week
Area18 sqm
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen

Also Available For

Pay - 275 per week

Lease Duration: 33 Weeks

Available From: 11-01-2019

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Silver Studio£286 - £300/week


15 week£300/weekSold Out
25 week£300/weekSold Out
33 week£300/weekSold Out
42 week£296/week
48 week£286/week
Lease Duration15 week - 48 week
Bathrooms1 Bath
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen

Available only for short stays.

Tenancy date for 17 weeks starts from 7th September 2019.

Tenancy Date for 26 weeks & 33 weeks starts from 10th January 2020.

Gold Studio Apartment£323/week
Min. Lease Duration48 week
Available from03-10-2020
Area26 sqm
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen
Gold DDA£323/week
Min. Lease Duration49 week
Available from03-10-2020
Area21 sqm
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen
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Platinum Studio ApartmentSold Out£354/week
Min. Lease Duration51 week
Available from12-09-2020
Area30 sqm
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen

Booking Details

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy 

Can I cancel my future booking?

If you are unable to enrol on your course due to your university course no longer running or travel restrictions or you have not been able to meet the academic or English language conditions of your offer you can cancel your booking under the No place, no pay guarantee. Cancellations are not available to students who are free to travel to the UK and can enrol on their course. In this case, you can request to re-let your room. 

What happens if my course start date is changed? 

We understand how concerned some of you will be, and we want you to be assured that we will manage changes to the external environment as they develop. This page will be kept up to date with the most recent guidance and advice. As your tenancy start date approaches, please review these pages to check for updates. We will continue to follow guidance and work closely with universities and will be sure to notify any affected residents.

Normal Days Cancellation Policy 

  1. An Academic year covers the period 1st September to 31st August. Provided you havent collected the keys to the accommodation, you may be able to cancel your booking by writing or sending an email to the property, subject to the following terms:
  • For bookings made before the 31st of July for the next academic year, you may cancel your booking within 48 hours from the time of booking. If you chose to cancel your booking with Downing Students during the cancellation period we will retain 50 from the deposit paid in lieu of costs incurred.
  • For Bookings made between the 1st and 31st of August for the next academic year, you will not be able to cancel. (Please refer to the Re-let policy / No Place, No Pay policy)
  • Bookings made in and for the current academic year may not be cancelled. (Please refer to the Re-let policy)
  • In the instance where a deposit is paid and the offer of accommodation is declined i.e. the tenant fails to manually or digitally sign a Tenancy Agreement, we will retain 50 from the deposit in lieu of costs incurred.

Subject to the cancellation periods stated above once you have signed your tenancy agreement you will be legally bound by the terms stipulated in your tenancy document.  

  1. Once the Cancellation Period has expired or if you have collected the keys for your accommodation you will be legally bound by the terms and conditions of the Tenancy Agreement and will be liable to pay all the amounts due. You cannot terminate, or be released from your Tenancy, until such time that you have successfully re-let your room (see Re-let Policy). Please note that a room can only be re-let at the higher of the rent specified on the tenancy agreement and the current prevailing rent. This may not necessarily be the same as the rent specified on the outgoing tenants agreement. Any outstanding amounts on your account must be paid in full prior to the landlord agreeing to re-let your room. You are not permitted to sublet your room; all rental agreements must be made through Downing Students. In order for Downing Students to re-let your room, you must complete a Re let form and administration charges will apply.
  2. No Place No Pay: Provided you have not collected your keys the following will apply:-

If your offer of a place at your preferred/current University/Higher Education Institution is withdrawn by the University/Higher Education Institution as a result of you not achieving their required entry grades or passing your end of year exams, you may be eligible to be released from this agreement. You may also be eligible to be released from this agreement if you are a prospective first-year undergraduate student and you choose to go to a different University because you have exceeded your expected grades. To apply to be released from this agreement in the circumstances referred to above, you will need to supply us with a copy of

  • a written rejection letter from your chosen university /college or UCAS or a screenshot of your UCAS status which confirms that the required results were not achieved; or
  • a copy of the proof of acceptance of your new university by UCAS adjustment.

These document(s) must be received by us within 7 calendar days from the date your results are published or by 1st September (whichever date is the sooner). Please email the documentation to the property email. On receipt of the required documentation it will be verified and, provided we are satisfied, we will cancel your agreement and refund your deposit in full.  

  1. If you cannot get a VISA to study in the UK: Provided that you have NOT collected the keys, and you have evidence in writing that your application has been refused, we will release you from the tenancy and refund the deposit, provided that you send this evidence to us within 1 week of your notification.

If the Tenancy has already commenced, and you have NOT collected your keys, you will be charged for the period from the Tenancy Start Date to the date you send us with evidence that you have not been granted a VISA, provided that we receive the evidence in writing within 1 week of your notification. If you have moved into the accommodation prior to your Visa application being declined you will be responsible for the rent until we can find a student to rent your room.  

  1. Summer Let Cancellations:
  2. Summer cancellation request made more than two weeks before the summer tenancy start date:
  • May be cancelled and deposit refunded if the evidence is provided to support the reason for cancellation (e.g no summer course, unable to meet conditions of the offer, etc)
  • In the case where the summer let is cancelled by Downing, the deposit will be refunded
  • If customers want to cancel and are unable to provide supporting evidence to support the reason for the cancellation / they have changed their mind the deposit paid will be held in lieu of costs incurred

Summer cancellation requests made less than two weeks before the summer tenancy start date cannot be cancelled  

Payment Details

Booking Deposit:

250 to confirm the booking

Rent Payments:

Pay in Full (1.5% discount), due in August (included in the price per week) (Only on long term Bookings)

Pay in 3/4 installments, due in August, September, January and April (UK guarantor required)

Pay in 3/4 installments, due in August, October, December and February (Without UK guarantor)

Mode of Payment:

Pay using a debit card or a credit card (with 2% surcharge) online, over the phone or at the reception.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a student?

Only full-time students can live at The Lyra. You may be asked to provide proof of your student status and it is very important that you notify us immediately if this changes.

Will I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a deposit is required and will be held with the Deposit Protection Scheme. The deposit will be refundable at the end of your tenancy providing the property is left clean, damage free and in the same condition as at the start of your tenancy and that you have provided a copy of your Council Tax Exemption Certificate or your Registration Certificate. The deposit only becomes refundable at the end of the agreed tenancy, so if the main agreement is not completed we will consider the deposit as payment in lieu of expenses incurred. However, first-year applicants with a conditional offer of a place (dependent on grades) will be refunded the deposit if they can show written confirmation from the University that they have not been successful in securing a place.

Do I need a Guarantor?

Yes, a Parent or legal Guardian resident in the UK must stand as Guarantor. The Guarantor is legally bound to pay any debts accrued during the tenancy if the tenant refuses to pay. 

What if I fail my end of year exams/A Levels and the University does not offer me a place for September?

If you provide written evidence from the University, within SEVEN days of your results being published and no later than 1st September (whichever date is the sooner), that you do not have a place we will release you from the contract without penalty and refund the deposit paid. 

What if I cannot get a Visa to study in the UK?

Provided, you have NOT collected the keys, and that you have evidence in writing that your application has been refused we will release you from the tenancy and refund the deposit. If the Tenancy has already commenced, and you have NOT collected your keys, you will be charged for the period from the Tenancy Start Date to the date you provide us with evidence that you have not been granted a VISA. If you have moved into the accommodation prior to your Visa application is declined you will be responsible for the rent until we can find a student to rent your room.

What am I responsible for?

As the Tenant, you are responsible for the rent for the full duration of the term as set out in the tenancy agreement, whether or not you reside on the property. NB: Where there has been any breach of the Tenancy Agreement by a student; such as where fees have not been paid in line with the agreement or where any student causes a nuisance or annoyance to fellow students or refuses to follow the reasonable direction of the management, the Landlord or their agents reserve the right to seek eviction of that tenant. This is without prejudice to any obligations which the tenant may be under through the agreement. We will also notify the relevant University who may take action under its Disciplinary Code in accordance with the Student Charter and its Code of Conduct. If youre unfamiliar with the law and your legal obligations in relation to the tenancy, you should seek advice from a Solicitor, Accommodations Officer or Citizens Advice Bureau. When you sign the tenancy agreement we assume you are fully aware of your legal obligations. 

What does my rent include?

Your rent is inclusive of utilities i.e. light, heat and water, as well as internet and contents insurance.

How will I pay my rent?

Rental is paid termly, in advance, by debit or credit card. Tenancy agreements cannot be completed by the Landlord until your payment card details have been provided. This information is needed to complete your online booking and can be given by yourself or by your guarantor. Students who cant provide a Guarantor who permanently resides in the UK, are required to pay their rent in advance in September, October and December. If youre awaiting a student loan and cant meet payments as scheduled you should contact us at least 48 hours (Monday to Friday) before the payment is due. You will be liable for all bank and administration charges incurred by the Landlord for failed payments and will be expected to reimburse the Landlord for these charges upon demand.

Where do I get a Council Tax Exemption Certificate or Registration Certificate?

This is usually given to you when you enrol at University, or you can apply to your Students Services/Registrations office.

When can I move in?

You can move in on or after the Tenancy Start Date as specified in your tenancy agreement. 

When do I have to move out?

You have to vacate your accommodation by 11 am on the Tenancy End Date as specified in your agreement. Anything left in your room after this time will be removed and disposed of.

What if I want to terminate my agreement and move out?

If you wish to terminate your tenancy, we must be notified in writing and you must complete our Re Let Form. You will remain responsible for the rent until a new tenant is found or until the end of the tenancy (whichever is sooner). We will aim to find a new tenant who is both acceptable to us and who is prepared to meet the financial and legal requirements of the tenancy agreement at the current prevailing rent. We cant always guarantee to find another tenant, as obviously, this becomes more difficult as the academic year progresses, however, you are able to suggest a replacement to us. Please note that you will also need to cover all administration charges incurred in reassigning the tenancy. 

What do I need to bring?

All our shared apartments and Studios will be furnished but bedding and personal linen (sheets, duvets, pillows, towels etc.) are not provided. Double size bedding is suitable for beds in all rooms. In a shared apartment there is a TV in the lounge area and all Studios have Smart TV. All kitchens include microwave, kettle, toaster, fridge and freezer. Irons, ironing boards and vacuum cleaners are available. Kitchen utensils (crockery, cutlery, pans, etc.) are not provided. You will not be allowed to bring your own fridges, tumble dryers, portable heaters or other large electrical appliances. Chip pans and deep fat fryers are forbidden, as is the use of candles.

Can I store my belongings in my room, over the summer or after my tenancy has ended?

You must take all your possessions with you when you leave at the end of your tenancy, even if you are returning to the same room for another year after the holidays. We do not accept any responsibility for anything you leave behind and you may be charged for removal and disposal.

My Partner and I are both Students; can we share a room or Studio?

At The Lyra there a small number of studios available for double occupancy at an additional charge of 25%.

Is there any Internet?

Superfast Internet (and WIFI) is included in your rent. In the unlikely event its not fast enough you can upgrade. Find out more about our internet and wifi here.

Do I need insurance?

Contents insurance is included as part of your rental and is provided by Endsleigh Insurance. You can take a look at the policy terms and conditions and find out whats covered here. Any enquiries about contents insurance must be directed to Endsleigh on 0330 3030 280.

Do I need a TV Licence?

Yes, you will need a TV Licence. Anyone in the UK watching or recording television as its being broadcast or simulcast on any device including mobiles, laptops and PCs must, by law, be covered by a valid TV licence. Buying a TV Licence is your own responsibility and is not included in your rent.

Can I have visitors?

Unless otherwise stated, bedrooms are for single occupation only. Occasional overnight visitors will be allowed, at the discretion of the management, provided that no disturbance or inconvenience is caused to other occupants. You will be held fully responsible for the actions and behaviour of your visitors.

Can children stay/live with me?

Children cannot stay over or live in the property.

Can I bring a pet?

Sorry, no pets are allowed.

Is there Car Parking?

Unfortunately, there is no car parking available on site.

Is there a Cycle Store?

Yes, our accommodation has ample storage for bicycles.