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Wood Green Hall, London
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Wood Green Hall, London

Brabant Rd, London, N22 6UZ, United Kingdom
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About the Property

Wood Green Hall, Wood Green student accommodation London is a bustling location that attracts students from all over the world, creating a varied and pleasant environment. Wood Green Hall houses 169 students from several London universities, and is near to many, including London Metropolitan University, Royal Veterinary College, and others. Wood Green Hall offers a choice of accommodation options to accommodate your lifestyle and budget, whether you want to bring your friends or meet new ones. 


All-inclusive rent allows you to conveniently manage your expenses and budget because it includes all gas, electric, water, Wi-Fi, and possessions insurance. The garden provides a peaceful haven from the rush and bustle of the city, while our common area hosts events and meetings throughout the year. 

Location and What's Hot?

There are a variety of attractions around, including coffee shops, movies, and retail malls, so there is something for everyone. Alexandra Palace is also nearby, where you may view a variety of events and exhibitions. 


Transportation is widely accessible for students who desire to travel to the city or their university. The Woodgreen Shopping City stop and bus terminal are within a few minutes' walk from the accommodation.

What will you get

Common Amenities

Kitchen/ dining spaces on each floor
Study Room
Common room with TV
Pool table
Launderette (Card operated - £3.30 per wash and £1.30 per dry)

Cancellation Policies (4)

  • Cooling off period
    Free booking cancellation in stipulated time
  • No visa no pay
    Free Cancellation if student visa is not secured
  • No place no pay
    Cancellation policy if admission not confirmed

Payment Policies (2)

  • Booking deposit
    Secure booking with this amount
  • Guarantor requirement
    Guarantor requirements and policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I arrive early?

Yes. Rooms are limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis. To check availability, please contact your accommodation office. NB: The room for your early check-in may be different to the room you're allocated for your academic booking.

Can I upgrade or change room?

If another room is available you can request a room transfer. However, we'll not be able to facilitate this during the first 4 week after check in week.

Can someone else pick my key's?

No, due to security reasons you'll be the only person permitted to collect your keys.

Can you tell me my room number?

Your room number will be assigned at random and confirmed when you check in.

What do I have to bring with me when I move in?

Each resident will need to bring their own bedding and kitchen items when they move in. If you don't want to bring these with you, you can order these items from one of our partner Unikitout. Use promotional code: OPTIVO10 to receive 10% off.

Why do I need to book an arrival slot?

They allocate a set amount of time to each resident so that we can answer any questions you may have on arrival.

Will there be parking when I move in?

No, there's no parking onsite. If you require parking please check online for local parking restrictions.

Are the buildings single or mixed sex?

All their buildings are mixed sex with the exception of Goldsmiths House which is female only.

Can I choose who I live with?

You can make a request to stay with someone and we'll try our best to accommodate this, but we can't guarantee it.

Can I see a sample of the license agreement?

You can download a 40/50 week sample license agreement.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

They don't take deposits, however they do ask that applicants pay one weeks rent to secure their room. You'll need to pay this through our application website after you have been assigned a room.

Do I need a guarantor?

You will need a guarantor if you want to pay your rent in instalments. The guarantor should be UK based. You will be able to provide your guarantors details when you complete your online application.

I'm under 18, can I still book a room?

If you're 17 at the time of applying, but will be 18 when your licence agreement commences, you can book a room. As you'll be 17 at the time of signing licence agreement, you'll need a parent or guardian to sign as well. You'll be taken through this process when you complete your online application. If you won't be 18 when the licence agreement commences, we will not be able to accommodate you.

What is your cancellation policy?

Students are at the heart of everything they do at PMG and they want to support you as much as possible. For this reason, they've made our cancellation policy flexible to give you peace of mind. Why do I need to pay ones week advanced rent and how much is it? You need to pay advanced rent to hold your room when making your booking. The amount you need to pay is equivalent to one weeks rent for the room type you choose.

Will I get my one weeks advanced rent back?

No. Your one week's advanced rent payment will be put towards your total rent. E.g. if you have a 50-week agreement, you'll only have to pay for another 49 weeks.

Do any of the buildings allow smoking?

All of our buildings are no smoking buildings. To smoke you’ll have to leave the building.

Is Wi-Fi available?

The Wi-Fi in all our buildings reach speeds up to 150 Mbps throughout.
* Speed guides (assuming a single spatial stream device) – i.e. the lowest speed that you will achieve for your devices 50% of the time, based on measurements during peak hours of 8pm until 10pm, in accordance with Ofcom guidance. Sometimes you will achieve more than this and sometimes less. Speeds will typically range from 40Mbps to 120Mbps. Upload speeds will be similar. * Note that some devices such as premium laptops (dual spatial stream) will achieve considerably higher speeds – as much as double the speeds quoted.
*Please note that the actual speed for a user session will vary – there is a “bell-curve” or normal distribution around the mean speed.

What size are the rooms?

The room sizes vary per building. They suggest you look at each buildings page to get a better idea of the available rooms and typical room sizes.

What utilities are included?

Your rent covers water, electricity, gas (if applicable) and W-Fi. However, if you want to bring a TV you’ll need to pay for your own TV license.

Who does the cleaning?

All communal areas are cleaned daily at our sites except for at Park House, which is cleaned once a week. We don’t clean your rooms, but we do have a communal vacuum cleaner you can use.

I haven't paid rent yet, can I still move in?

You'll need to pay any rent due, before you move into your accommodation. If you're have difficulty doing this, please contact your accommodation office.

Reviews (3)

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Student Accomodations in London

London Student Accommodation

Discovering appropriate student housing in London can be tedious, but it's not complicated. Students can find a great deal of affordable and comfortable London student accommodation options at a reasonable price with amber. Student accommodation in London is located near many world-renowned London universities like Imperial College London, University College London, King's College London, King's College London - Guy's Campus, Fordham University London, University of Arts, London, Coventry University, London, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and London School Of Economics and Political Science.

Students can find pocket-friendly London student accommodation options in Zone 3 to Zone 9. It has something for everybody. Student accommodation in London is further divided into halls of residence, rooms and private housing. Student accommodation in London options consist of comfortable, luxurious, yet budget-friendly en-suites, studio apartments, and shared apartments in London for rent, including various amenities. Student accommodation in London is available in a variety of price ranges. London student accommodation is built for the comfort of students. Some of the most recommended accommodations in London are Chapter Aldgate, Chapter Portobello, Spring Mews, and others. It is much easier to book short-term student accommodation in London than in any other city in England with amber.

About London

With the world's most significant institutions and over 350,000 international students, London is a global centre of excellence for education. International students from all over the world favour London as their preferred educational destination. It is an influential capital for its historical architecture, culture, and music. Students are free to explore the city's network of friendly neighbourhoods. The people in London's city centre are known for being kind and welcoming to visitors, especially students.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and is among the oldest cities in the world, stretching its history for almost two millennia. London is a beautiful metropolitan area based upon the River Thames and has been located in the Southeastern part of England since its inception. Being the core of the United Kingdom's economic, transportation, and cultural trade, the city boasts a vast economic sector and great importance in the country.

Moreover, students will find that London also shares its borders with popular cities near student accommodation in London such as Coventry, Birmingham and Leicester, making London a highly connected city. Besides, the city is also said to be influenced by historical and modern economic and warfare history, allowing London to enjoy a mixture of the early 19th and 20th centuries.

The city also hosts a large flock of international students amongst these travellers. London also offers many renowned institutions, including the Royal College of Art, Goldsmith's University, and Royal College of Music, which never let a student settle for anything less than perfect.

Best Student Accommodation in London

One of the most important things to do before moving abroad is to find a good, well-equipped student accommodation. Before you book your London student accommodation, look at different factors like distance from the university, location, nearby commute, etc. Amber has a very easy, fast, and streamlined process of bringing the best accommodations to you in just three easy, actionable steps. Amber is committed to providing you with the best student experience through its range of accommodation types, i.e. studios, flats, and other options for student accommodation in London. Our properties offered for London student accommodation are some of the best in the city. All the choices for student accommodation in London are catered to every student’s needs. Some of the best options for student accommodation in London are:

1. Axo Camden

2. IQ Tufnell House

3. IQ Shoreditch,

4. Bloomsbury Janet Poole House

5. Pacific Court

6. AXO Islington

7. AXO New Cross

8. Chapter Portobello

9. Helen Graham House

10. Goldsmith House

Cost of Living in London

London student accommodation is ideal for students due to the affordable cost. If you live in student accommodation in London offered by amber, you can save on your commute and many other bills.  Living in London could be expensive but careful assessments and planning can help students from spending extra pounds. For student apartments in London, it is recommended to have a budget of £1,000-£1,300 per month. Below is the breakdown of the monthly expenses in London:

1. Food: £400-£600/ month

2. Gas and electricity: £200-£280/ month

3. Internet & mobile phone: £120-£200/ month

4. Dinner at a restaurant: £200-£400/ month

5. Laundry: £100-£160/ month

6. Stationery and Textbooks: £80-£120/ month

7. Clothing: £200-£375/ month

8. Travel (buses, trams, and trains): £360-£600/ month

Student Travel London

England's transport system, in general, is potentially one of the most effective. The city is smartly connected to every central transportation system readily available within walking distance from all the universities in London. From the world-famous London Underground Tube and DLR (a machine-driven light railway) to trams and buses, students can explore a wide range of transport services in London.

To help students, we have enlisted the major transport systems in London below:

1. Train: London has a dedicated metro rail system which ranges from all the zones in London, covering London City Centre to Waterloo, Strand and Piccadilly Circus Station. These stations are concisely well-connected train stations. So students don't have to worry about travelling to nearby cities on weekends. The average ticket cost is  £4.40- £9/ day

2. Bus: London's bus network runs 24 hours daily, with more than 100 buses running up and down the city. Students can take buses from Victoria Bus Station near the City Centre that connect to all national highways of England. The bus stops near the London student accommodation can help you travel daily to and from the student accommodation in London for just £3/ day. Hundreds of local bus stops are at every corner of the city, designed to cater to local and national travellers. The average bus fare in London is around £2- £5/day. Students can also choose an 'Oyster Card' bus pass that significantly reduces local transport expenses.

3. Cycling: Students can also explore local parts of the city via cycling. Students can visit London's exclusive cycling areas like London's famous Jubilee Park & Garden.

Student Lifestyle and Living in London

With London's abundance of cultural institutions and academic offerings, its buzzing student life and global community, it's no wonder that the city has come out top. London is an excellent city to network and make connections with professionals around you. London is home to more than 1,27,000 international students. During your studies at university, there may be opportunities to work or intern for companies in your desired career. This is a great way to build upon your skills and develop your CV. With numerous dynamic and vibrant spots for the crowd, the town is ideal for all ages to explore and travel. Those who like spending quality time around calm water bodies can visit the popular Thames Riverside, where students find astounding natural beauty that suits all Instagram lovers.

Meanwhile, exploring local shops and city malls can also leave students in awe of London's eateries, which offer a wide variety of cuisines and drinks from almost every corner of the world. Granaio Leicester Square—Italian Restaurant and Pizza Pilgrims Waterloo are two of London's most popular restaurants and takeout places if students crave a sufficient dining experience at affordable prices.

One can also enjoy a drink watching the city's football team match at Brewmaster or groove to the trendy disco beats in the vibrant clubs in The Roxy situated right next to the City Centre.

Most students prefer London student accommodation in the city centre. The Amber Student Accommodation website allows students to discover a wide range of housing options to make their stay satisfying.

London Tourist Attractions

With so many captivating tourist attractions and things to do, it's no wonder London is among the most famous cities in the world. Around 20 million tourists visit London every year. The picturesque views, historical palaces, green areas and traditions make it intriguing and attract a large group of people. The hubs, pubs, delightful cafes, leisure places, parks and student-efficient clubs drive students to London. Some popular London attractions are:

1. London Eye

2. Big Ben

3. The Shard

4. Trafalgar Square

5. Buckingham Palace

Universities in London

London is home to several prestigious universities known for their academic excellence and diverse courses. Some of the renowned universities in the city include Imperial College London, University College London (UCL), King's College London, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and Queen Mary University of London. These institutions offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, attracting students from all around the world. With its cutting-edge research, world-class faculty, and vibrant campus life, studying in London provides an enriching and unforgettable educational experience.

1. London Film School

2. BPP university

3. City University of London

4. BPP University London (Holborn)

5. Kaplan International English (London Covent Garden)

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