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Urbanest Hoxton has a fantastic location in one of central Londons hippest areas. 

Hoxton and nearby Shoreditch are the heartland of the capitals designer creativity, with cutting-edge galleries, great clubbing and live music, slick restaurants and exuberant fashion and interiors stores. The area is renowned for its artisan Hoxton London coffee shops and the walls in this part of East London are adorned with the works of Banksy and other creative graffiti artists.

The City of London is on the doorstep and this property is only 4 minutes from Old Street roundabout now known worldwide as Silicon Roundabout, the centre of Londons Tech City. Brick Lane Market is just a walk away from Urbanest Hoxton, as are the boutique stores and coffee shops of Spitalfields Market.

Urbanest Hoxton accommodation is very close to many of Londons major universities and colleges and within a short walk of the London College of Fashion, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, City University of London and Cass Business School. A couple of stops on the tube will take the students to University College London, University of London and many other institutions including the London School of Economics, Kings College London, Imperial College London, London Metropolitan and many more.

Apartment Features

75Mbps Broadband
Electronic Key Fob Entry System
Underfloor Heating
Microwave & Oven Combi
Luxury Shower Room
Fridge & Freezer
Ironing Board
wheel chair accessibility

Community Facilities

24/7 On-Site Support Team
Communal Relaxing & Study Areas
Bike Store & Free to Use Bicycles
Laundry Room
Gym & Exercise Room
Disabled Access
Gaming Area


2 Person Flat £274/week
Duration:50 week
Move in:8 Sep, 2021
En Suite Room in 6 person flat (ug)£304/week
Area12 sqm
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

An en-suite bedroom in a 6 person flat. 

Complete with an own private lockable room and luxury en-suite shower, finished to the highest of standards. Each of these rooms in this apartment share a communal kitchen and lounge with 5 other residents. 

The modern kitchen has an oven, ceramic hob, microwave, fridge/freezer, lots of cupboard space, dining area as well as a shared balcony in the flat. 

Their en-suite rooms are perfect for anyone sharing with a group of friends or looking to making new ones.

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Duration:50 week
Move in:8 Sep, 2021
6 Person Flat£314/week
Duration:50 week
Move in:8 Sep, 2021
Hoxton Studio£384/week
Duration:50 week
Move in:8 Sep, 2021
Hoxton Large Studio£459/week
Duration:50 week
Move in:8 Sep, 2021
Private Room£279/week
Sold Out
Available from4 Oct, 2020
Private Room
Shared Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

1. A secure lockable bedroom in a 2 person flat sharing a shower room and a kitchen lounge with 1 other resident in the flat. 

2. The bedroom comes featured with a built-in desk, desk chair, comfortable single bed, wardrobe and storage space and underfloor heating. 

3. The kitchen comes equipped with a modern ceramic hob and oven, microwave/grill, fridge/freezer and lots of cupboard space. 

4. Their private rooms are perfect for anyone sharing with a friend or looking to share with just one other.

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Studio Apartment£349/week
Sold Out
Lease Duration44 week
Area20 sqm
Private Bathroom
Shared Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen

A spacious and modern studio apartment. Each studio features a comfortable small double bed, built-in desk and desk chair, galley kitchen with modern appliances including a ceramic hob, microwave, fridge/freezer and a dishwasher. There is also a seating area, plenty of storage and wardrobe space, and a shower finished to the highest standard. Perfect for those who need a little extra space or are looking for independent living.

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Large Studio Apartment£479/week
Sold Out
Lease Duration50 week
Available from15 Sep, 2020
Area26 sqm
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen

A large studio complete with their own shower room and kitchen with modern appliances such as a ceramic hob, microwave, dishwasher and fridge/freezer. 

Their large studio apartments are wheelchair accessible with the shower room being a wet room or ideal for anyone looking for extra space. 

Each large studio features underfloor heating and up to 50mbps internet and Wi-Fi.

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Booking Details

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

They are allowing all residents to cancel their bookings and be released from all liability if a student informs the property before the 30/06/2020 that their plans for studying in London have been changed for reasons outside of their control.

They understand, the importance of flexible and stress-free bookings during the COVID-19 pandemic for students wanting to live at             Urbanest in Semester 2, 2020. That is why they are providing more flexibility to give you so much more peace of mind when you reserve rooms at Urbanest for your students.It is simpleif current  Australian Government travel restrictions are extended beyond the commencement date of your contract, the commencement date will be adjusted to be in line with the Government travel restrictions being lifted. As a bonus, if you have a confirmed booking for Semester 2, 2020 and you are unable to arrive before 1 November  2020, Urbanest will defer your booking to Semester 1, 2021 at your Semester 2, 2020 rates**.

  • All commencement dates will be adjusted to 14 days after the travel restrictions are lifted in Australia.
  • Students that have a confirmed booking have an option to cancel their booking at any stage before the travel restrictions being lifted in Australia without incurring a  penalty.                
  • Upon the travel restrictions being lifted in  Australia affected students will have a further 5 days to cancel their booking without incurring a penalty.
  • Students must inform Urbanest if the travel restrictions are not lifted in their country at the time when they have been lifted in Australia.

Regular Cancellation Policy
Before 1-week upfront rent payment is made: Customer can cancel with no liability.  

  1. After paying the 1-week upfront rent payment: 
  2. Within 14 days of payment and acceptance of T&Cs: Customer can cancel with refund of 1-week upfront rent payment if a written letter of cancellation is sent to urbanest UK using either of the below methods.  
  3. After 14 days of payment and acceptance of T&Cs: Customer will be liable for the payment of rent and the other obligations set out in the Terms and Conditions of Tenancy (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) The only exception will be if you fail to obtain a visa to enter the United Kingdom. If that should happen, then, provided they receive notice from you by 31 July 2019 (with accompanying proof of refusal), they will accept the amount of the 1-week upfront rent payment as an agreed sum to compensate us for the loss of income which they will suffer, and you will be released from the terms of the Tenancy Agreement.  
  4. After moving in: After the customer collects his/her keys, the customer will be liable for the payment of rent and the other obligations set out in the Terms and Conditions of Tenancy (Assured Shorthold Tenancy). In the event the customer wishes to move out, he/she should contact the team who will be able to assist, but the customer must find a replacement tenant to take over the Tenancy and pay any associated administrative and clerical fees to carry out the transfer. 

Payment Details

1-week rent is paid to confirm the booking.

The rent paid is non-refundable, and is adjusted in the final installment of the rent payment.

Rent Payments:

Pay in Full

Pay in 3 installments

Pay in 10 installments

Mode of Payment:

Credit, Debit, and Bank Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book?

We suggest that once you have decided to stay with us to book as early as possible so youll get first pick. We highly recommend that if youre planning to share with friends to book in advance as spaces will fill up and it will be hard to group you together.

How much do I need to pay to book?

To book, we require a payment of 1 weeks upfront rent and then you can pay the rest in instalments.

Will I get this back?

No, the upfront rental payment gets applied to your first rent installment meaning you dont need to wait around for a deposit refund.

What form of payment do you take?

urbanest accepts payments made by credit/debit card or bank transfer. There is no charge when paying with a credit or debit card. Additional fees on bank/wire transfers will depend on your bank so check with them beforehand. We take either forms of payment, so long as its not cash/cheque.

What if I change my mind about my booking?

Please check out our cancellation policy at:

When will I receive the tenancy agreement?

Our tenancy agreements are all online meaning no paperwork! The online tenancy acceptance has the same legal weight as a paper tenancy so you dont need to be concerned. You can access your tenancy at any time by logging in to your account portal once you have a confirmed booking with us.

When can I move in?

All tenancy dates are available to see at the time of booking. However feel free to get in touch with us if you require an earlier arrival, we will see what we have available.

What is included in my rent?

The rent covers your room, use of the communal facilities, all utility bills such as electricity, hot water and heating, and contents insurance cover. It also includes your 70mbps broadband and WiFi connection.

Are my possessions insured in my room?

We have an agreement with Endsleigh Insurance who provide room contents cover up to 4,000. The full insurance policy is available on request.

Do I need to buy a TV licence?

Every household or apartment in the UK must have a TV license if they intend to watch live TV.

What internet service do you provide?

We provide up to 70Mbps connection to each room with unlimited downloads. A fair and acceptable usage policy applies.

Do I have to pay council tax?

Students are exempt from council tax, so no, you do not have to pay it. You will though have to provide us with a Council Tax Exception letter, which you can get from your universities admin department in the first few weeks of the Autumn term

Who can be my guarantor?

The guarantor needs to be someone in full-time employment either based in the UK or based in your home country. Your guarantor could be your parent or guardian, however it cannot be yourself.

I dont live in the UK and dont have a UK bank account what should I do?

You can pay your rent by credit card or transfer the amount of rent to our client account, please contact the accommodation team for details. When you arrive in the UK we advise you to open a bank account.

When do I need to pay my first rental instalment?

We offer 3 installment types: Fully Upfront, Three Installments and Ten Installments. The first installment always needs to be paid 14 days before the tenancy begins.

What are the installment dates?

Dates will depend on the type of contract you are on, when you are completing the booking link, all the dates and amounts will be on the booking link.

Do you offer a cleaning service?

Yes we offer a cleaning service should you wish to clean you room or have the flat cleaned. We would recommend enquiring once you have moved in as prices vary from the frequency and the type of flat.

Is there a curfew?

No, there is no curfew at urbanest, your secure access fob allows you to enter and leave whenever you wish.

Can I have a party?

Yes we in each building we have communal areas where we hold regular events. You are allowed to socialise in your room too, but other residents must be respected and therefore noise levels will be controlled. Please be considerate.

Can I have guests to stay?

Yes, so long as they are guests and do not live permanently on the premises. This is because we need to know how many people are living in the building should anything happen. If your circumstances change and you want your guest to stay for a little longer, please arrange a meeting with the accommodation team. Remember you are liable for your guest and you must look after them. Please make sure that your housemates are also okay with them staying out of courtesy.

Can I move rooms once I have moved in?

If you are unhappy with your room we will try to accommodate you. This is subject to availability and price. If you swap rooms with another student you must inform the accommodation team immediately.

Can I cancel my room?

Please check out our cancellation policy page here

Can I live in an urbanest building if I am not a student?

urbanest buildings are designed as student accommodation and so we can only accommodate full-time students.

Is there a car park?

Its very hard to park in London as there are congestion and parking fees, however we are very close to public transport links.

Can I bring my bicycle?

Yes, with pleasure. We have a bicycle store and you can rent a bicycle (for free!) on a yearly or termly basis as well.

Can I smoke in my room or in the building?

urbanest properties are non smoking buildings. If you are caught smoking or tampering with smoke/fire detectors you will be liable for a fine as its against the law.

If I vacate the property over the university holidays do I need to move my possessions out?

No. During the term of the tenancy the room is for your use only and you will only need to move out your belongings on the tenancy end date.

What comes with the room? What will I need to purchase before the move in date?

All the rooms are fully furnished but you will need to bring your personal belongings including bedding, towels, crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils.

How secure is my room?

Each room has an electronic swipe fob entry/locking system so that your belongings are safe.

How secure is the building?

urbanest buildings are Secured by Design certified, which means they have reached not only a minimum standard of physical security the doors, locks, windows, lighting, alarms etc. but also when the layout of the development hugely reduces the opportunity for crime.

Who do I contact if I have an emergency or problem?

You will need to contact the on-site accommodation team or the emergency services, depending on the problem. Details of all contacts will be supplied to you in your tenant handbook when you first check-in.

What is the cost of the laundry?

The washing machine costs 2.50 and the dryer is 1.50.

How do I make a suggestion or pass on feedback?

We are committed to providing high-quality service across all functions of urbanest; from front-of-house staff to the maintenance team on-site.
Should you have any suggestions on how we can make things even better, you can simply let us know at a member of the team will review your suggestion and get back to you with what we will do within a few days.

What if I need to make a complaint?

Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong, and we hope you never have cause to complain, but if it does we need you to tell us about it. This will help us to improve our standards.

What will happen next?

A member of the urbanest team will reply within 24-hours to acknowledge your complaint, with information on when someone will respond your complaint. We have up to 7-days to respond to your complaint.
What if Im not happy with the outcome of my complaint If you feel our onsite team have not dealt with your complaint correctly then you can contact the Director: Residence Operations in writing at; Urbanest, 101 St Martins Lane, WC2N 4AZ. Urbanest is a member of the National Code who can also be contacted via their website:

What is the tenancy agreement?

The tenancy agreement is a legally binding document between the landlord (owner) and the tenant (you). It sets out clearly defined rules of the building and the obligations of the Landlord and Tenant. This is useful because if there are any disputes, both the Landlord and Tenant will refer to the Tenancy Agreement.

How long is the tenancy agreement?

Tenancy agreements for urbanest Hoxton, urbanest Tower Bridge, urbanest Kings Cross, urbanest St Pancras, and urbanest Westminster are for 51 weeks. 51-week and flexible contracts are available at urbanest Vauxhall

When do I move in?

You can move in any time after 3pm on the tenancy start date.

Can I extend my tenancy?

If you would like to extend your tenancy you must notify urbanest as early as possible to ensure your room has not been let to someone else. Bookings happen early every year, so we recommend you rebook early to avoid disappointment.

Can I vary the tenancy period?

Once you have signed your tenancy agreement you can not shorten the tenancy period.

Can I sublet my room (e.g. let through Airbnb)?

No the tenancy you have signed prevents you from subletting your room. If you are considering leaving your room early, please notify the property management team in the first instance.

Can I change the tenancy move in date?

No, but you can move in any time after the tenancy starts just let us know and well make sure we are on hand to help you.