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About the Property

Renowned for its excellent location, the Welton Road Leeds student accommodation offers a comfortable and convenient living experience for those studying in Leeds. Situated at 14 Welton Rd Leeds LS6 1EE, UK, this property boasts a variety of room types to suit every student's needs, including en-suite rooms and flats. It's a short distance away from prestigious institutions such as the Leeds University International Study Centre and Leeds University Business School making it a highly sought-after location for students wanting to cut down on commute time.

Leeds, situated in West Yorkshire, England, is a bustling city renowned for its industrial legacy, cultural vibrancy, and economic vigour. Leeds acts as a magnet for students from across the globe. Cultural hotspots such as the Leeds Grand Theatre and the Leeds City Museum blend seamlessly with the modern cityscape, offering students a mix of historical and contemporary experiences. With a significant student population, Leeds promotes a dynamic and inclusive environment. Boasting vibrant shopping districts like Briggate and Victoria Quarter, Leeds offers a diverse retail landscape. Its multicultural culinary scene, ranging from bustling street markets to upscale dining establishments, reflects the city's cosmopolitan character. With its lively nightlife, beautiful parks like Roundhay Park, and a calendar packed with events and festivals, Leeds captivates visitors with its energy and charm. With its world-class museums, theatres, and picturesque parks, Leeds provides a dynamic array of entertainment and leisure options.

The historical city of York and the legal expertise at BPP Law University (Whitehall Centre) are also within reach for students who choose to live at Welton Road. It ensures a high standard of service and support. Opting for the Welton Road Leeds student accommodation means embracing a city known for its educational excellence, rich history, appreciable rankings, and lifestyle that caters to the academic and social needs of students.


Embarking on a student journey at Welton Road Leeds unlocks a haven of comfort and convenience, offering a suite of amenities that cater to every aspect of student life. Welton Road Leeds provides an exceptional living experience with its fully furnished rooms, tailor-made to meet the needs of the modern student.

Featuring spacious en-suite rooms and four-bedroom cluster flats, each living space at Welton Road Leeds is designed with a touch of elegance and practicality. Each room includes broadband and is equipped with central heating, a vacuum cleaner, a cooker, a freezer, a microwave, a lockable bedroom, a double bed to sleep comfortably, and a desk and chair.

Common amenities are plentiful and foster a communal environment where students can mingle and create lasting memories. With the inclusion of a TV in communal areas, entertainment is always at hand. Maintenance concerns are swiftly addressed by the 24/7 professional property maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free living experience. The on-site laundry facilities add to the everyday convenience. At the same time, the high-speed wifi keeps residents connected both academically and socially. Welton Road also offers an outdoor area and a tumble dryer. The rent of Welton Road Leeds includes bills of wifi, electricity, water and heating making it an ideal choice for student accommodation in Leeds.

Location and What's Hot?

Situated in the lively and student-friendly area of Leeds, Welton Road Leeds student accommodation offers everything a student may need just outside their door. Proximity to leading universities like the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University positions Welton Road Leeds as an ideal choice for students seeking a balance between academic pursuits and a comfortable lifestyle. With a location that offers ease of access to both the bustle of the city and the tranquillity of private living spaces, Welton Road is not just a place to stay but a foundation for success in the heart of Leeds.

Students residing here can enjoy cuisines from all over the world thanks to nearby restaurants like the famous Chef Shabbas Kitchen & Cocktails, Chicken Stop, Hyde Park Shawarma Ltd, Pitza Cano and many more! The local bar scene is vibrant, with popular spots such as Royal Park Pub & Cellars and The East Village offering a great atmosphere for a night out.

If a tea fix is what you need, then Chai Walay (Cardigan Road) and Hyde Park Tea Room have got you covered. In need of groceries? No worries, as Enchanted Collective and Sainsbury's Local, are just around the corner, stacked with all the essentials. Healthcare is also convenient, with Leeds General Infirmary located nearby to ensure students' well-being.

Students at Welton Road Leeds are in for a treat when it comes to green spaces – Hyde Park and Woodhouse Moor provide the perfect settings for a study break or a picnic with friends. Explore the rich culture of Leeds with Kirkstall Abbey and Leeds Art Gallery offering a dose of history and artistic flair. And if you're after a bit of retail therapy, the iconic Trinity Leeds shopping centre is within reach. With all of these hotspots and educational institutions in close proximity, Welton Road Leeds student accommodation is not just a place to stay but a vibrant home away from home, perfect for students who want convenience without compromising on quality.


For students residing at Welton Road Leeds, commuting around the city is a breeze, thanks to the excellent transport links available within arm's reach. Whether you're travelling to classes, exploring the city, or running errands, a spectrum of public transport options nearby ensures you're well-connected. Be ready to hop on a bus at the prominent Hyde Park Picture House bus stop or catch a train from the nearby Burley Park railway station, efficiently linking the entire city and beyond. The centralised location of Welton Road Leeds offers the perfect starting point for any journey, making the daily commute convenient and worry-free for students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view the accommodation before booking?

Yes, you can. We offer in-person and virtual tours of the accommodation to help you find your perfect room. This will be coordinated with the on-site team at your chosen location. This is a great way to get a feel for the property, the team

Are bills included in the rent of the property?

All bills are included in your weekly rent. We don’t hide any charges, the cost for the room and the deposit is all that you will be expected to pay. The water, gas, Wi-Fi and all other utilities are included in your rent. We have also added free laundry facilities to all of our accommodation.

Does accommodation have parking?

Parking is dependent on which property you are looking to live at.

Are group bookings allowed?

Group bookings are a great way to live with friends or people you’ve already connected with before starting university. When booking, make sure to tell us the name of your friends and we will allocate your accommodation together (subject to availability). If you have any other preferences, please mention these during the booking process and we’ll do our best to make these happen.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow pets but some of our properties have furry friends that like to hang out nearby.

Do I need a tv license?

The property has covered the cost of TV licences in the common areas so feel free to watch TV in the kitchen, living room and our common rooms but if you want to watch TV (including BBC on-demand) in your room you will need to purchase a TV licence. The fines are expensive so we recommend applying for a licence

Can my friend stay at my accommodation / in my room?

Your friends are more than welcome to visit you at your accommodation we ask that you limit any overnight stays to no more than 3 consecutive nights in one week and make sure that your flatmates are happy with having your friends stay over.

Can I rent accommodation on a short term basis or over the summer?

Yes! We have a limited number of short term rooms and summer rooms available, please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. They are popular with group bookings for language schools or nearby courses so booking early is advised to avoid disappointment.

Something is broken. What should I do?

Please report any maintenance requests and we will ensure it gets repaired. We aim to have everything fixed as quickly as possible, but we’ll keep in touch to let you know what is happening and when.

What do I need with me / What should I pack?

Pack anything that will make your new home feel just like your old home. We include a mattress but you’ll need to bring your favourite bedding as well as pillows and a duvet. Many students include familiar photos in their packing to help them settle in and personalize their rooms. If you’re moving into a cluster we recommend waiting until you’ve met all your flatmates and then shopping together for items such as cutlery, crockery, and other household bits and bobs.

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Student Accomodations in Leeds

Leeds Student Accommodation

Leeds, the heart of the prosperous Yorkshire region, is undeniably one of England's most dynamic and vibrant cities. The city has recently established itself as a member of the academic elite. Finding the best student accommodation in Leeds UK is not expensive, but navigating rooms catered to student's needs can be challenging. The Leeds student accommodation rendered by amber are in proximity to various famous universities like Leeds Metropolitan University, University of Law, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds City College, and many others.

Some of the most convenient and best student accommodation in Leeds UK are The Glassworks, Trinity Hall, Oxley Residence, Burley Road, Woodhouse Flats, etc. These apartments, studios, ensuites, and non-ensuites are fully equipped with furnished rooms and a bunch of in-room and common amenities. Amber can meet all of your needs regarding private student accommodation Leeds. Students can freely focus on other aspects with the assurance of securing a perfect place to stay. Some of the best options include iQ Marsden House, Clarence Dock Village, Tribeka, and so on.

About Leeds

Leeds is the second-largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom and one of the fastest-growing cities. The city became a factory town due to the Industrial Revolution (or mill town). The city's population naturally grew, transforming it into a bustling metropolis. With so many residents and people coming and going to work, it's no surprise that the city is busy. In addition, the area is home to several prestigious educational institutions, such as the University of Leeds, Leeds Leeds Trinity University, and others, making it a student hub. The well-coordinated transportation system of the city ensures good connectivity inside and outside the town.

This city embodies the flamboyant rebirth of northern self-esteem. After a decade and a half of redevelopment, the city centre has been transformed from a near-derelict millhouse town into a 21st-century urban tourist magnet, with architecturally audacious malls built into the city's heart. The town's pulsating nightlife knows no bounds. Leeds is passionate about sports, particularly football (soccer) and rugby. Leeds United Football Club, one of the most famous football teams in England, has a strong following. Leeds Rhinos is the city's professional rugby league team. The town is proud of its historical sites, cultural events, and breathtaking countryside scenery that will take your breath away. The vibrant music culture in the city is well-known. Leeds has a bunch of tourist attractions and local hotspots with a million activities to indulge in. It is a city for families, young professionals and students, catering to all kinds of interests and needs.

Best Student Accommodation in Leeds

Searching for suitable and best student accommodation in Leeds UK can be tedious for students. Amber handles everything from finding a convenient location to smoothly managing the booking process. While every student has unique needs, they all share one common requirement: Leeds student accommodation must be close to their university. Amber offers a wide range of housing options, including bedroom apartments, studios, ensuites, and non-ensuites. This variety of Leeds student accommodation  ensures that every student can find the perfect living situation to match their lifestyle and preferences. Among the top Leeds student accommodation options, Amber stands out for its comprehensive service, helping students transition effortlessly into their new homes while focusing on their studies and university life. Here are some of the top Leeds student accommodation:

1. Mary Morris House

2. The Glassworks

3. Trinity Hall

4. Oxley Residence

5. Burley Road

6. Woodhouse Flats

7. Austin Hall

8. Trapezium 

9. The Refinery

10. Briggate Studios

Cost of Living in Leeds

The cost of your student flats in Leeds will take up the bulk of your expenses, but there are several other costs to consider while planning your expenses. Monthly expenses will differ depending on personal preferences and needs. To have a smoother experience as a student in Leeds, you need to have your expenses set straight. We have a list of expenses you will be paying as a student in the city so you can get an idea of your cost of living in Leeds.

1. Rent: £450-£500 /week

2. Groceries: £90-£100 /week

3. Travel: £30-£40 /week

4. Leisure: £40-£50 /week

5. Food: £40-£50 /week

Student Travel Leeds

Leeds has a large student population and boasts a diverse and student-friendly transportation network that makes navigating the city a breeze. Whether you are a student attending one of the city's universities or exploring the many attractions, the various transportation options cater to your needs. From reliable public transport to eco-friendly alternatives, students in Leeds have a range of choices to ensure convenient and affordable travel within the city. Linked by the Inner Ring Road to the rest of West Yorkshire, navigating the city is made convenient for students by the availability of public transport close to several student houses in Leeds.

1. Bus

The most well-known bus service in central Leeds is the West Yorkshire Metro-funded Leeds CityBus service, which First Leeds runs. This service circles the city centre clockwise every few minutes. It caters to important metropolitan hubs, such as colleges and central commercial and financial districts. A single bus ride costs £1.60 in the city.

2. Rail

tudents can use the Leeds Train Station to travel to nearby cities such as Bradford and Huddersfield. It is one of the most convenient options for students.

3. Cabs

Custom Cabs Taxi Service and Leeds City Taxi Service are two of the city's frequently used modes of transport, quickly turning into a quick and favourable choice of commute for students staying in Leeds. Rail fare is around £4-£2.60 with a Railcard.

4. Cycling

Leeds is cyclist-friendly, with dedicated cycle lanes and bike-sharing schemes available. For eco-conscious students, cycling is a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation. Several cycle routes run through the city, allowing students to explore the sights and travel to university campuses with ease.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Leeds

Leeds is known to be one of the best cities to live in the world. People who like dance music go to clubs like Oceania, Tiger Tiger, Halo, Gatecrasher, and so on, while those who want rock music go to places like the Dry Dock, Carpe Diem, Fab Cafe, and the Cockpit. It is the UK's third-largest and fastest-growing city. It is also trendy among students, with a student population of over 70,000. The city is always bustling with people in a festive and vibrant mood almost all year. You can easily find cheap flats to rent in the city centre that include bills, allowing you to save money during the week and then splurge on the weekends. Leeds has a vibrant nightlife scene, with numerous bars, clubs, and live music venues. Foodies will be spoiled with choices ranging from Lupe’s Cantina Mexicana for some authentic tacos to the many restaurants lined up on Park Lane and Burley Road, two famous hotspots for students. Located only a few minutes away from the city centre is Trinity Centre’s Trinity Kitchen, a food court with independent eateries that change every month. Leeds is known to host some of the most anticipated events of the year. The city centre, particularly the areas around Call Lane and Merrion Street, is known for its bustling nightlife and is a popular choice for students looking to socialise and have a good time.

Leeds Tourist Attractions

The city is home to many museums that tourists and residents can visit during their time off. The best part of most of the city’s local attractions is that admission into these places is free of cost, so students can spend a lovely evening in a fun place without spending too much money. The following tourist attractions are near the student accommodations in Leeds:

1. Royal Armouries Museum

2. Roundhay Park

3, Temple Newsam

4. Kirkstall Abbey

5. Trinity Leeds

6. Tropical World

7. The Grand Theatre & Opera House

8. Leeds Art Gallery

9. Leeds City Museum

10. Abbey House Museum

Universities in Leeds

Leeds has an excellent academic environment, with a robust student population of over 50,000+ students in the last year. Below are a few notable universities one can access by staying at a few private student accommodations in Leeds.

1. The University of Leeds

2. Leeds Beckett University

3. Leeds Trinity University

4. Leeds Arts University

5. Leeds Metropolitan University

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