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Community Facility

Security Alarm
Outside Light
Fire Alarm

Apartment Facilities

Double Beds
Central Heating
Fitted Kitchen
Free Internet
TV Points in Bedrooms
TV Point
Instant Hot Water
IT Points in All Rooms


4 double bedroom apartment £100 - £101/week
Private Room
Shared Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

4 double bedroom apartment a stones throw from Sheffield Hallam University city campus.

A newly built 4 double bedroom apartment in an outstanding location in the city centre "on campus" for Sheffield Hallam University city campus. Constructed to the highest standards with luxury fixtures and fittings including Fully Fitted Kitchen with Integral Appliances and Granite Worktops, 2 Fully Tiled Shower Rooms, TV & IT Points in Every Room, Free Broadband, energy efficient Gas Fired Underfloor Heating and Double Glazing. Fully furnished with Double Beds, Wardrobe, Desk and Chair in each bedroom plus Leather Sofa's, a Coffee Table.

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Duration:51 week
Duration:51 week
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Payment Details

Cheques are accepted.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Administration Fee?

No there are no administration fees to pay.

How do we pay the rent?

For all properties, we require three post-dated rental cheques calculated by multiplying the weekly rent per person x 52 (weeks in the year) and dividing by 3 (number of rental cheques) and dated - 07 or 19 June 2020 (property dependent) - 02 October 2020 - 22 January 2021 These cheques will not be cashed until the specified dates. There is also the option to make payment for your tenancy in full in advance. Please contact us for further details, we do not accept standing orders or direct debits.

How much is the deposit?

You'll each pay a 250 security deposit for your Sheffield student accommodation for the 2020/21 academic year on signing your tenancy agreement. This is refundable at the end of your tenancy so long as there are no damages to the property or rent outstanding. Your deposit is protected under government deposit protection regulations via my deposits.

What if we want to renew our contract for a further year?

We always give our current tenants first refusal on any property. We will write to you in October/November asking you if you wish to stay on for another year. If you do wish to stay on, please get in touch ASAP so we can reserve the property for you. If you require a smaller or larger property to accommodate your group or just fancy a change we will make every effort to meet your needs.

What happens if there are any problems with my property once I have moved in?

Each property has its own house manual with operating instructions for each appliance plus lots of useful information including security, fire safety etc. and contact details for our maintenance team out of hours (emergency only). During office hours you can call us or email us with your problem and we will arrange for maintenance to call at your property.

Are Utility Bills included in the rent?

No, Utility bills are not included in the rental price. As tenants, but you have the option to take an all inclusive package if you wish. You are responsible for the payment of Gas, Electricity and Water. You will need to take meter readings when you move in and then register all utilities in your names with the suppliers. We generally advise that tenants should budget approx. 5-7.00 per person per week for their bills, approximate guidelines are provided on the EPC certificate for each property. You will also be responsible for the cost of any telephone and internet (unless otherwise stated) for the property.

Do the properties have a Gas Safety Certificate?

  Yes, all properties have a current Gas Safety Certificate if required. They are checked and renewed annually.

Has the Property got an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

Yes. New government regulations mean that, as of October 2008, every property must have an Energy Performance Certificate. They are available to view on request.

Do we need to pay Council Tax?

No, as full time students you will be exempt from Council Tax. You can obtain council tax exemption certificates from your university. However if you have recently left university or are not a full time student you will be required to pay Council Tax. If this is the case please visit and follow the instructions.

Will we need a T.V. License for the property?

Yes, you will. On a joint tenancy agreement you will need one license per property and if you have taken an all inclusive package this will be included. 

What day are the bins collected?

We would ask all tenants to move their bins back within the curtilage of the property as soon as they have been emptied.

Do we need Contents Insurance?

Yes you will need Contents Insurance for your possessions at the property.

Do we need a "Parking Permit" for our car?

Sheffield City Council has recently made the majority of Student Areas into "Permit Only" zones. Our latest understanding is that usually 2 permits can be acquired per property for the year.

Do Properties offer rental packages which include gas, electricity & water?

No. Our rents do not include utilities however this is something that we can offer to our tenants as a standalone package via UniHomes.  Well run through all the options and costs with you and then you can choose the best option for you.

What bills should we budget for?

The 3 main bills that you will need to budget for are Electricity, Water and Gas. Additionally there may be a TV licence to buy per property and then any broadband or TV package that you may opt for. The majority of our properties come with a free internet service for our tenants use.

How do I organise the utility services & bills when I move into our property?

When you move in to your property take a meter reading for Gas, Electricity & Water. You may need a large plastic meter box key which opens the Gas & Electric meter cabinets if your meters are located outside. Some houses do not have water meters and water is billed at a set amount dependent on the size & location of the property. Generally, students without a meter pay around 1 per person per week for water. Properties with water meters will pay for the amount of water actually used plus a standing charge. If you have any problems at all locating your meters and taking readings you can call Properties for help. You then need to call the relevant utility company and register the bill in you and your fellow housemate's names. We advise having bills in all of your housemates' names as you will all be equally responsible for their payment.

Can my housemates and I choose our own suppliers?

Yes, you can choose your own supplier. We think it is a great idea for you to shop around and have provided links at the bottom of this page to some comparison websites. All we ask is that you inform us of your choice of supplier when you change. What if we have had a larger than expected bill? What should we do? Quite often bills are not based on actual meter readings, they are estimated. This can happen during the summer months if you are away and your meters are inside the property and cannot be accessed by a meter reader. You can tell from your bill if it is estimated reading, customer reading or an actual bill. If you think this is the case read the meter yourself and compare the readings. There will be a telephone number on the bill that you can ring and give an actual reading. A revised bill will then be prepared and sent out to you. If the bill is based on an actual reading but is still very high you may have to look at how you are using energy. Lights left on, heating on too high, computers left on all day, chargers left plugged in, appliances left on standby, water left running whilst brushing teeth, boiling more water than you need in the kettle, they all add up so take a look around and see what you could be saving.

What about at the end of the tenancy, how do we make sure all our bills are up to date?

On the last day of your tenancy, the last tenant leaving the property should take final meter readings and phone them through to your utility suppliers. They should give the suppliers a forwarding address for the final bills to be sent to. A receipt should be obtained as proof of payment of each of the utility bills.