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Mandale Terrace, Stockton
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Mandale Terrace, Stockton

Mandale Rd, Stockton-on-Tees, TS17, United Kingdom
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Washing Machine
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About the Property

Mandale Terrace Stockton on Tees, situated on Mandale Rd, TS17, is a student accommodation rendering a bunch of premium, deluxe and classic ensuites and studios that are furnished and cater to all personal needs. With universities like Middlesbrough College, Teesside University, and the University of Sunderland (City Campus) in proximity to the Mandale Terrace, students can easily take a bus or the metro to commute to and fro. All the student accommodation in Stockton on Tees offer plenty of amenities that a student requires for a comfortable stay while also being close to most of the central city.

The town of Stockton-on-Tees, sometimes known as Stockton, is situated in County Durham, England, in the northeastern region of the nation. It is renowned for its industrial past, lively culture, and picturesque surroundings. It is located along the River Tees. Although Stockton has a long and notable history that dates back to the Anglo-Saxon era, its good location along the River Tees allowed for considerable growth during the Industrial Revolution. It developed into an effective hub for the engineering and shipbuilding industries. Numerous educational institutions serving students of all ages can be found in the town, including colleges and schools. Renowned higher education institutions in the region include Durham University's Queen's Campus and Stockton Sixth Form College. With people from all different backgrounds and cultures living there, Stockton is a vibrant and diverse community. Promoting diversity, social cohesion, and community participation are the goals of local projects and organisations. In general, Stockton-on-Tees is a vibrant town in northeastern England that is a great place to live, work, and visit. It has a rich history, a diverse economy, and a flourishing cultural scene. Mandale Terrace Stockton on Tees is an ideal destination for students who wish to stay in the city.


Mandale Terrace Stockton on Tees facilitates a good range of furnished ensuites and studios to choose from. These rooms are furnished with a comfy 3/4 bed, a desk & chair for some work and study sessions and WiFi. There is a cooker available for students, a freezer to store drinks and food and a microwave to heat food. These rooms are rendered with all the necessary amenities one needs to enjoy a comfortable stay.

Apart from that, Mandale Terrace Stockton on Tees also offers a communal TV for everyone, a central heating system, a vacuum cleaner for the purpose of cleanliness, and a washing machine. There is also on-site maintenance available, a common room for all students. Additionally, for security purposes, there is CCTV, and the bedrooms are lockable. The bills for heating, electricity, water and WiFi are rent-inclusive.

Location and What's Hot?

Mandale Terrace Stockton on Tees offers excellent private student accommodation in a prime area. It's particularly suitable for students of Middlesbrough College, Teesside University, and the University of Sunderland (City Campus). Located a few minutes from these universities, Mandale Terrace ensures that students have a hassle-free daily commute. Choosing this stay promises an enriching social life filled with convenience and exploration. Your day-to-day experience in this vibrant city will be a mix of comfort and adventure. Mandale Terrace's strategic location means you can quickly pick up groceries, making meal planning a breeze.

Both locals and visitors may enjoy a variety of cultural and recreational activities in Stockton. Its town centre is home to a blend of new construction, green areas, and historic structures. A central location for creative concerts, exhibitions, and community gatherings is the ARC (Arts Centre). All year long, Stockton also offers outdoor events, markets, and festivals. Flamez Lounge is the best place for ribs and wings and also has a kid's menu. The Market Tavern is a pub with dining; The Dubliners is an affordable drinking place with an amazing food menu. Pier 22 Cafe is the nearest cafe to enjoy a cup of hot brew or iced latte to get going with your day. Stockton-on-Tees offers several tourist attractions that showcase its history, culture, and natural beauty. Preston Park Museum and Grounds, Infinity Bridge, Ropner Park, The Globe Theatre and the Stockton High Street. There are a bunch of grocery shops available near the stay for students to get their daily necessities in proximity, like the Sainsbury's Local. Stockton on Tees is an ideal place for a student, considering the amount of fun activities it conducts and the low cost of living.


Public transport in England is reasonable and convenient and connects almost all areas of the city. The tube is the best way to get around the city. The Rail Station is also located close by; one can get a bus as well as a train from there. Harewood Road and Thornaby Station are another convenient stop. Mandale Terrace Stockton on Tees is very well connected to public transport, and this makes it one of the most preferred and best student accommodations in the area.

What will you get

Bills Included


Common Amenities

Central Heating
Self Catered
TV (communal)
Vacuum Cleaner
Washing Machine
On Site Maintenance

Cancellation Policies (5)

  • Cooling off period
    This property offers cooling-off period.
  • No visa no pay
    This property allows cancellation due to visa rejection.
  • No place no pay
    This property allows cancellation if admission is not secured.

Payment Policies (5)

  • Booking deposit
    This property requires booking deposit.
  • Payment instalment plan
    This property offers flexible instalment plan.
  • Mode of payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I am due to check out?

Your latest check out date is the end date of your tenancy. You are able to leave prior to your tenancy end date, you will just need to sign at Reception to inform the onsite property team that you have left and do not intend on returning.

What do I need to do to check out?

You will need to ensure that your room (and kitchen) is left clean, tidy and free of waste. All of your items need to be removed, with the room left in the same condition that you found it. You simply then will need to sign at Reception to say that you have left.

What is the latest time for my check out?

You will need to check with the onsite team in advance of your checkout, usually the check out time is 14:00.

What happens if I left something in my room after I have checked out?

Once you have left your room and checked out you should have taken all of your items with you, therefore all the items left behind are disposed of without liability. You must ensure that all of your items are taken with you.

When will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be returned to you within 30 days of the end of your tenancy, if there are any deductions then you will be alerted to this. You will be contacted by the DPS to arrange the return.

What happens after I have checked out?

Following your departure the onsite team will conduct an inspection of your room and communal areas, they will check this against the check in inspection (and inventory form completed). If there are any issues or damages then they will then contact you with information on damages and charges.

Can you store my luggage for me once I have left?

No. We are not able to store any items following your departure so you will need to take them all with you, or organise for a storage company to assist.

Can I leave my items in my room if I have rebooked for next year?

If you have rebooked for next year however your current tenancy ends before the beginning of your next tenancy, then you will need to speak to the onsite team to have a summer short stay tenancy to fill in this gap.

I forgot to add something onto my inventory form, will I be charged?

Yes most likely you will be, the inventory form is sent out so that you can add any issues when you move in. The onsite team also do a full inspection of the rooms prior to your arrival. Please do speak to your onsite team if you have any questions.

An item in the kitchen has been broken, will I be charged for it?

PMG do not charge for damages in the rooms and communal areas. In the kitchen this is a shared space with shared responsibilities and unless one person takes full responsibility (and therefore the full charge), then this will be split between all people in the cluster.

What happens if I don’t pay my rent?

You are required to pay your rent in line with your tenancy agreement, however if your student finance does not align with your 4 instalment option, then please contact your accommodation team directly who will be able to assist you further. If you do not pay your rent, then Property follows a 3 stage debt process*, therefore they recommend that you speak to your accommodation team in the first instance if you are having any financial issues before these proceedings begin. Your University does also have financial aid for students experiencing financial difficulty and it would be advisable to speak to them directly.

When will the onsite team need access to my room / kitchen?

When access is required the onsite property team will give you prior notice. Regular maintenance and health and safety checks are required throughout the building, if regular access is required to your communal areas then you will be informed either in your welcome pack or on the noticeboard in your kitchen.

When are the room inspections?

As a part of your tenancy you will have inspections 3 / 4 times a year, these are organised by the onsite team who will give you prior notice.

My room does not look exactly like the website can I move?

All of the images on their website show the representation of the rooms and room types in the accommodation, and are for marketing purposes only. Your room will have the same fixtures, fittings and equipment although it may be in a slightly different set up or layout.

Can I have friends stay over with me overnight?

With PMG you truly are home, therefore your guests are more than welcome to stay over with you. PMG would ask that you let both the onsite team know, and also take into consideration your flatmates. You are solely responsible for your guests, and you would be liable if they cause any complaints or damage.

Do I have to be there when my post is delivered?

PMG’ team are more than happy to assist you with this, you will need to agree to them signing for your post when arriving. they will take in your parcels, store them safely and let you know when you have an item to collect when collecting you will need to make sure that you have your ID with you! they can only hold your parcels for 14 days before they must return them, as they have very limited space to store items.

How do I have my post delivered?

You will need to ensure that your post is labelled correctly; YOUR NAME, YOUR ROOM ACCOMMODATION NAME 1ST LINE OF ADDRESS CITY POSTCODE This information is available from your tenancy agreement, or in your welcome pack.

How do I report a maintenance issue in my room?

Within 7 days of your arrival you will be sent an inventory form to complete, any issues that you may find can be reported on this to the property staff – they can then look into getting these issues rectified for you. If you have any issues during the year, then you can log these via the StuRents App, this lets the property team know about any issues – please remember they will need access permission to get this sorted for you! Maintenance issues will be completed;Priority One– Emergency repairs – are completed, and or made safe, within 24 hours of a report of a defectPriority Two– Urgent Repairs – are completed within five working days of report of the defectPriority Three– Non-Urgent Repairs – are completed within 28 days of a report of a defect.

When can I check into my room?

Your room is cleaned, prepared and ready for you from the start of your tenancy with us. You do not have to check in on the start date of your tenancy agreement, but your room and the team will be there to help you!

What do I need to do to check in?

Once your tenancy has been completed and co-signed you will be looking to move to the next step moving in! you will need to ensure that your first instalment (or full payment if you are paying upfront) is paid before you will be able to check in. You will need to bring your ID with you too!

Can someone else check in for me?

No. You have to be able to present your ID and sign for your key yourself, even if you are going to be late you need to be present to check in.

What is included in my room?

PMG provides all the basic furniture that you will need for your stay with them, including bed, desk, wardrobe etc. they do not provide bedding, linen or kitchen items.

Do I need to let you know when I am checking in?

You will be sent an email from your property team asking for this information, this is so they can prepare for your arrival and have someone available to check you in faster after your journey they do recommend that you let them know.

Can you store my luggage before I arrive?

PMG's are not able to store any items prior to your arrival as PMG's will be in the process of getting your room ready for you! – you can always organise a store service who can store and deliver any items to the property on your behalf.

When do I provide my Council Tax Exemption Certificate?

When you have registered for your course at your chosen University you will need to speak to your ‘Student Services’ team to get your ‘Council Tax Exemption Certificate’. This should be presented to your accommodation team within 7 days of your registration, without this you will be liable for your Council Tax payments.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

If you are an international student and unable to pay via Direct Debit or card then they are able to offer the option of a bank transfer. Please note that many banks charge a transfer fee, and you will need to ensure that the money sent will need to cover both the fee and the full rental payment. This can be completed via StuRents on request. If you are wishing to pay via bank transfer you will need to contact their team for bank details.

Can I pay in instalments?

If you have a UK guarantor then you are able to choose between 4 or 9 instalments, if you do not have a guarantor then you will need to pay in full and prior to your arrival.

How do I sign my tenancy?

The tenancy agreements are sent out to you via their tenancy portal StuRents. You will be emailed with a link to your agreement where you will be asked to upload your ID (passport) and student ID (this can be your offer letter), and then simply sign!

Arrival Packs?

They do not provide additional items for rooms or kitchens, however if you are wanting to organise for items to be delivered and ready for you at your accommodation then UniKitOut would be able to assist you – click here to view your options, and get ready to join them!

What Utilities are Included in my AST?

Please see your AST for full details – a reasonable usage of gas, water, electricity and internet are included in your rental payments. Please note that unreasonable or excessive usage of such services can and will be recharged to the tenant. A TV license is also required to be provided by the tenant for any personal use, they provide the communal area license.

Am I Liable to Pay Council Tax? My Contract does not include it.

As a full time student, you are considered as exempt by the local Councils – however as with all residential properties this must be proven once you have registered at your chosen University. When you have registered your course you will need to liaise with your ‘Student Services’ team to get your ‘Council Tax Exemption Certificate’ which must be presented to your accommodation team. Without proof of Council Tax exemption you will be liable to pay in full.

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Student Accomodations in Stockton-on-Tees

Stockton On Tees Student Accommodation

While finding suitable student accommodation in Stockton on Tees seems tedious, it is not at all difficult. Amber offers a range of affordable options for comfortable student accommodation Stockton on Tees that are priced reasonably and near many prominent universities, including Teesside University, Middlesbrough College, and the University of Durham. The student accommodation in Stockton on Tees is further divided into private halls of residence, private housing, and dorms. Due to the large influx of students in the top universities in Stock-on-Tees, the university dorms tend to get filled up fast. However, amber offers furnished or semi-furnished student accommodation options to deliver the utmost convenience to students coming from different parts of the world. Stock-on-Tees offers a dynamic environment for students to ensure they find something of their interest. With the student accommodation Stockton on Tees, you can immerse yourself in a vibrant community.

Compared to other UK cities, Stockton on Tees makes it significantly simpler to reserve short-term lodging. Private student accommodation in Stockton on Tees includes studios, communal apartments, and comfortable, opulent, yet cost-effective en-suites that may include all utilities. There are also accommodation possibilities for students seeking short-term rentals in Stockton on Tees. Some of the popular student housing Stockton on Tees are Student Houses, Rede House, and Kexgill House, among many others.

About Stockton On Tees

In Durham, England, Stockton on Tees, or just Stockton, is a large market town. The town contains an undeveloped portion and an 85,000-person population. The Borough of Stockton on Tees, which is governed by the county, has about 196,000 residents, per 2017 ONS UK statistics. The name of this town was derived from Anglo-Saxon stock, which means a log or a wooden post, and ton, meaning a farm. So this indicates Stockton On Tees literally means a farm built of logs.

The friction match and the Stockton and Darlington Railway, which ran the first steam-hauled passenger train in the world in 1825, are two of Stockton's most well-known historical connections. The town is also home to the world's oldest passenger railway station building. During the Industrial Revolution, the Stockton and Darlington Railway served the port to ferry coal to the town for shipment. Northeastern England's Stockton on Tees is a town and unitary authority. Both sides of the River Tees are included in the unitary authority's jurisdiction. Durham is a geographical and historic county that consists of the area north of the Tees, including Stockton's mediaeval town. The region to the south is part of Yorkshire's historical and geographical counties. The metropolitan region of Teesside includes Stockton on Tees.

Best Student Accommodation in Stockton on Tees

Any student would struggle with life's necessities. Finding an ideal Stockton on Tees student accommodation depends on multiple factors like the locality, student's lifestyles and all the amenities and services that are included in the rent. Stockton on Tees is a large market town comprising an unparalleled collective of wards and a part built-up Teeside area. You will see many bars, restaurants, and green spaces, making Stockton on Tees a lovely place to live. Below are the student accommodation in Stockton on Tees, which are situated in prime locations, giving you the perfect opportunity to immerse in the quaint environment of the town. Some of the best options for student accommodation Stockton on Tees are

1. Mandale Terrace

2. Duresme Court 

3. Chapel Heights

4. Ernest Place

5. St Giles Studios

6. Houghall Court 

7. Student Castle Durham

8. Rede House

9. Rushford Court

10. Student Houses

Cost of Living

People typically spend about £150 per week, which is moderate by international standards. Your grocery needs, including those for fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and water, will be met by this budget. You'll start understanding costs and developing budgeting skills once you've lived in the city for a few weeks. Budgets for students should range from £400 to £750 per month.

1. Food: £20-£60/week

2. Gas and Electricity: £200-£230 /month

3. Internet and Mobile Phone: £25-£40 /month

4. Dinner at a Restaurant: £60-£100 one time

5. Laundry: £10-£30 /month

6. Stationery and Textbooks: £20-£40 /month

7. Clothing: £30-£70 /month

8. Travel (Buses, Trams, and Trains): £20-£70 /month

Student Travel Stockton on Tees

Student accommodation in Stockton on Tees is intrinsically linked to public networks. Moreover, Stockton on Tees has always been industrial because it crosses the River Tees. It was a part of a new county, Cleveland, from 1974 to 1996. You can get into, around, and out of the city using a car, bus, or rail, among other modes of transportation. We have listed the most economical modes of transport that are commonly used in Stockton on Tees.

1. Bus

Stockton has numerous bus lines, most travelling along the High Street. The service regions include Middlesbrough, Teesside Park, Thornaby, Billingham, Sedgefield, Durham, Sunderland, Peterlee, and Newcastle upon Tyne. The two biggest bus companies in the area are Stagecoach on Teesside and Arriva North East, with six other businesses operating nearby.

2. Trains

Stockton Railway Station serves the town, but closer to Thornaby is where more trains are run more frequently and farther away. It offers hourly service to Middlesbrough in the east and Manchester Piccadilly and Airport in the west via York and Leeds. Three hours total for the trip, with a change in York for London Kings Cross. By switching to Darlington, one can also get to London.

3. Cycling

Students can also use this extremely convenient and cost-friendly mode of transport. The town comprises several cycle trails where one can cycle and explore Stockton on Tees. Plus, the town offers well-designed cycling routes to make sure every resident can make the best of the affordable transportation system. The universities also offer bike storage to encourage eco-friendly commute options.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Stockton on Tees

The town offers several places where the student can go post-college hours. The student housing Stockton on Tees is located around many restaurants like Sorriso, Caruso and Borge Ristorante, and clubs like the Wobbly Goblin and The Social Room Stockton and several others the student can visit. Additionally, many public transport spots provide easy access to the rest of the town. Among the many things to do in Stockton on Tees, Preston Park is one of the most well-known. A historic house has been prepared, and a small zoo with an aviary park in Teesside. Between Middlesbrough and Stockton, a small neighbourhood recreation area is situated on A66. Buses routinely travel through the town centre. It offers bowling, a movie theatre, fast food, family restaurants, and shopping. You will be able to see many charity shops on the High Street, especially on the western side. A neighbourhood market on Wednesdays and Saturdays also opens on the High Street.

For students to enjoy a fulfilling and enjoyable stay, the student accommodation provided by amber offers a variety of possibilities. The Billingham Forum Leisure Centre is located in the Town Centre and features ice skating, a swimming pool, a gym, a sports hall, squash courts, a play farm, and a theatre.

Stockton on Tees Tourist Attractions

The city of Stockton on Tees is bustling with attractions and things to do. In Stockton on Tees, you can quickly locate attractions no matter how long you want to spend to ensure you have the best possible time.

1. Butterfly World

2. Wynyard Woodland Park

3. Ropner Park

4. Yarm

5. Billingham Forum

Universities in Stockton on Tees

Accommodation for students in Stockton on Tees is located near several prestigious universities that are famous all across the globe. These universities offer several courses and curriculums that focus on practical and theoretical knowledge. Here are some of the top universities in and near Stockton on Tees:

1. Teesside University

2. Middlesbrough College

3. Durham University

4. New College Durham

5. Newcastle College

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