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Room in a 6 Bedroom Apartment, 77 St John's Cres, Bristol BS3 5EL
Bedroom 2 - Bedroom
Bedroom 4 - Bathroom
Bedroom 4 - Bedroom

Room in a 6 Bedroom Apartment, 77 St John's Cres, Bristol BS3 5EL

St John's Cres, Bristol, BS3 5EL, United Kingdom
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Breakfast Bar
laundry facility

About the Property

Light and spacious BRAND NEW 6 bed house on St Johns Crescent in Bedminster, Bristol, in a stunning new build detached property with a large garden and driveway. Home is offered furnished including white goods and location offers great access to the city centre and the universities.

What will you get

Common Amenities

Fully Furnished
Shower Room
Kitchen Room
Breakfast bar
Living Room

Cancellation Policies (4)

  • Cooling off period
    Free booking cancellation in stipulated time
  • No visa no pay
    Free Cancellation if student visa is not secured
  • No place no pay
    Cancellation policy if admission not confirmed

Payment Policies (4)

  • Security deposit
    Deposit property holds during the tenure
  • Payment instalment plan
    Flexible payment terms
  • Mode of payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a TV Licence?

Yes, a licence is required to watch any programmes (even if you’re not watching on a TV).

‍How much is a deposit?

Typically, a deposit is one month’s rent. Or, 3-5 weeks.

Who protects my deposit?

Your landlord must protect your deposit using a tenancy deposit protection scheme. It must be a Government approved deposit scheme.

Is Wi-Fi included?

It depends on the property – it will be clear in the property description whether Wi-Fi is included in the price. They also have partnered up with The Bunch to help you sort out your bills.

‍How much are bills?

Landlords should be able to provide a rough idea of how much bills will be for the property. All-inclusive bills for properties is usually easier but more expensive than sorting them out yourself as there is a mark up or you pay a management fee. They can offer you a bills included package with every home on their platform.

‍Do I Pay Council Tax?

As you are a student, you should not pay Council Tax and you must remember to fill in this form as soon as you move into your new property.

Can I sub-let my room?

Yes, the property platform allows subletting but make sure you have permission from your landlord! Or, ask them for advice.

Do I have to pay a 12-month contract?

Most of the landlords would prefer you entered into a 10-12-month contract. You can sublet through property when you’re not there if you’re strapped for cash. Some of the landlords are happy for shorter lets but please get in touch to ask whether that is the case.

What is a guarantor? Do I need one?

Yes, you will need a guarantor. A guarantor is someone who agrees to pay your rent. For example, a parent or close relative. If you don't pay your landlord what you owe them, they can demand your guarantor to pay on your behalf. Please read your tenancy agreement or your separate guarantor agreements, which sets out the guarantor's legal obligations.

How much do bills typically cost if they’re not included, and provided by management partner?

Monthly per person the cost for unlimited energy, water and broadband would be:
1 Bed - £318
2 Bed - £180
3 Bed - £142
4 Bed - £120
5 Bed - £108
6 Bed - £100
7 Bed - £97
8 Bed - £93.

What guarantor requirements do landlords normally have?

For students, most management landlords will require a UK guarantor or rent payment upfront. Some landlords will accept third party guarantors. This will allows be indicated on the listing.

Do landlords accept double occupancy?

Some landlords will accept double occupancy, this will allows be indicated on the listing.

Do landlords accept families?

Some landlords will accept families, this will allows be indicated on the listing.

Do landlords accept mature students, even if they don’t accept undergrads / postgrads / PhDs?

Normally is a landlord indicates that they don’t accept students, they will not accept mature students. However, if you have a very motivated mature student interested in a property, please still submit the enquiry and they will review it on a case-by-case basis with the landlord.

Do landlords have any flexibility on move-in dates?

Landlord will normally want a tenant to move-in as close as possible to the advertised move-in date. There might be some flexibility, so it’s normally worth still enquiring as long as the student can move in within a couple of weeks of the advertised date.

Do landlords accept singles for properties with multiple rooms?

Some landlords will accept singles or partial groups, even when they have a property with more vacant beds. This information is displayed within the listing, under Group Types. If “Partial groups or individuals” has a green tick, it means that the landlord would accept singles or partial groups. In this example, even though the property has 4 bedrooms, the landlord would accept a single or group of less than 4.

Do landlords accept under 18s?

Most of our landlords will not accept under 18s. If you have a large group of under 18s looking for short-term accommodation, they do have a number of landlords who can help. In these cases, please submit a request via form.

What is management’s cancellation policy?

Management’s landlords will each have their own cancellation policy. However, any holding deposits or upfront rent paid upon signing a contract will typically be non-refundable.

How does the tenant replacement service work?

If a tenant would like to exit their agreement with a landlord after booking, management can offer a tenant replacement service for a £50 fee on success. Management cannot guarantee that they will find a replacement tenant, however they will only charge the fee on success.
You won't be charged yet

Student Accomodations in Bristol

Bristol Student Accommodation

Bristol encompasses all sorts of student accommodations, ranging from affordable to luxurious ensuites, shared apartments, and studio flats. All the student accommodations in Bristol are built with the motive of providing uber comfort to the students. We can further categorise Bristol student accommodations into halls of residencies, private halls of residencies, and private housing. Many Bristol student accommodation options are located near renowned universities such as the City of Bristol College, Bath College, University of Bath, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Bristol Language Centre, and many more. With amber, you can easily find the perfect student accommodation in Bristol, catering to your varied preferences. Student housing alternatives also include options for students looking for short-term accommodation in Bristol. The city has a lot to offer for anyone coming here with the aspiration to pursue their academic dream. If you want to make the best of your student living experience, you can consider Collegiate Tower, Zinc Quarter, and The Port On The Square, among others.

About Bristol

Bristol is one of the most charming and most prominent cities in England, United Kingdom. It is also one of the oldest cities in the world, stretching its history from two millennia. Founded after the country's early medieval history, Bristol has now turned into a beautiful metropolitan area located between two channels of the River Avon. The city boasts a vast financial sector as England's economic, transportation, and cultural trade epicentre. This way, Bristol has a wide range of importance in the country. Being the 10th largest populated city in England, Bristol is one of the most visited cities in the UK after London, Edinburgh, and Manchester. Bristol also shares its borders with nearby popular cities such as Bath, Newport, and Cardiff, making it a highly connected city. Besides, the city has a vibrant historical influence, allowing the town to enjoy a mixture of the early 19th and 20th centuries. Apart from this, the city has always had a very welcoming stance for international students. Every year, Bristol welcomes around 50,000 international students, making it one of England's most-liked international educational destinations. It provides specialised education in engineering, arts, fashion, and psychological science. Booking your private student accommodation in Bristol will leave you enchanted and lost in the town's scenic and cultural dynamism.

Best Student Accommodation in Bristol

In order to minimise the time and money spent on commuting, it is always wise for students to find Bristol student accommodation near the top universities. This can be quite challenging, particularly when seeking student accommodation in Bristol, as the city is home to a significant number of international students. Fortunately, for students pursuing higher education, there are several Bristol student accommodation options available in close proximity to the campus. Amber offers a range of student flats in Bristol, including suites, en-suites, studio apartments, and shared rooms. With a wide variety of housing options, students can easily find a suitable living arrangement that meets their individual needs. Following are the student accommodation Bristol you can consider:

1. Zinc Quarter

2. Vita Student Zed Alley

3. Stonebridge House

4. Studio 58

5. iQ Bristol

6. iQ Water Lane House 

7. Tamarillo House

8. Charlton Court

9. Centurion House

10. iQ Twerton Mill

Cost of Living in Bristol

Bristol is a vibrant city in the southwest of England. The cost of living in Bristol can be relatively high for a student, but it is certainly manageable. According to recent surveys, the average monthly living expenses for students in Bristol can range from £700-£1000. This estimate includes Bristol student accommodation, food, utilities, transportation, and leisure activities. However, the cost of living can vary depending on your lifestyle, accommodation preferences, and social activities. While looking for student accommodation in Bristol, you should consider the estimated cost of living:

1. Gas & Electricity (Utility Bills) - £150 - £200/month

2. Internet & Phone Bills - £33- £40/month

3. Dinner at an inexpensive restaurant - £15/meal

4. Travel & Conveyance - £100- £150/month

5. Clothing & Shoes - £200- £250/month

6. Grocery Bills - £50- £100/month

Student Travel Bristol

Discussing transportation options is crucial when considering living in Bristol. As part of the UK, Bristol has a well-connected and affordable transportation system that covers all major parts of the city. There are plenty of ways for students to get around the city, and their Bristol student accommodation is also in proximity to the city’s transport systems.

1. Bus: Bristol has three notable bus companies: Stagecoach Bus Services, Wessex Bus, and First West of England. With over 150 buses running around the clock, catching a bus from any part of the city is convenient.

2. Metro: Bristol is home to MetroWest, one of the oldest railway systems in the UK, dating back to 1987. The city has a well-established underground and suburban railway network that connects the city centre with all the surrounding areas, making it convenient to travel to any part of the city.

3. Boat: Bristol is renowned for its beautiful harbour, which offers a prominent water transport system in the city. The Bristol Ferry boat system connects to all the nearby ports, making it an exceptional experience for students who want to explore the city through water transport.

4. Cycle: Additionally, exploring the local parts of the city can also be done through cycling. Not only is it an excellent way to experience the town at your own pace, but it also gives you the freedom to choose your destination. Bristol offers cycling enthusiasts exclusive cycling areas such as the well-known Riverside Park.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Bristol

Bristol is a city with a reputation that precedes itself, particularly among international students, given its many dynamic features. With a range of vibrant spots catering to people of all ages, the town is an ideal place to live. Bristol is also a paradise for Instagram lovers. There are plenty of opportunities to indulge your inner shopaholic and explore the local city malls and shops. Over a dozen coffee shops can be found all around town, each offering a different type of caffeine fix. If you're a hardcore coffee lover, you must visit Full Court Press, Little Victories, New Cut Coffee, and Small Street Espresso.

As mentioned before, if you're in Bristol, a ferry tour of the harbour via Bristol Ferry Boats, which operates 364 days a year, is a must. Bristol's eateries will leave you in awe, as they offer a wide variety of cuisine and drinks from almost every corner of the world. The greenhouse is the perfect place to enjoy a drink while watching a football match, while Basement Nightclub, located right next to the City Centre, offers trendy disco beats. Don't miss out on the Gelato from Swoon if you have a sweet tooth. The Gelato Bar offers an incredible selection of desserts, pastries, and chocolate cakes. The Woky Ko: Cargo is a popular Chinese restaurant in the area, while St Nick's Market is the perfect place to satisfy your hunger for different cuisines. If you like to try different foods, all the places mentioned above have you covered.

Bristol Tourist Attractions

Bristol, located in the southwest of England, is a city that has been captivating tourists from all over the world with its rich history, diverse culture, and breathtaking sights. The city is a hub of creativity, boasting a thriving arts scene, and is home to numerous museums, galleries, and theatres. Below are the famous tourist attractions:

1. Clifton Suspension Bridge

2. Bristol Zoo Gardens

3. Brunel's SS Great Britain

4. Cabot Tower

5. St. Nicholas Market

Universities in Bristol

Bristol is home to many prestigious universities which offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to their students. Some of the colleges and universities are listed below;

1. University of Bristol

2. Trinity College (Bristol Campus)

3. University of Law

4. The Bristol Language Centre

5. TEG English Bristol

6. EC Bristol English Language School

7. BPP University


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