King Square Studios, Bristol

Dighton St, Bristol, BS2 8AU, United Kingdom
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About the Property

Located at 4 Dighton Street, with its attractive BS2 8AU postcode, King Square Studios, Bristol stands out as a prime choice for Bristol student accommodation. Elegantly designed to cater to modern living, the property offers various types of sophisticated living spaces, such as Bed apartments, studios, and rooms, among others, tailored to suit every student's needs. Students attending the University of West England's Glenside Campus, the University of Bristol, or the arts-focused Bower Ashton UWE (City Campus) will find King Square Studios Bristol not only convenient but also enriching due to its proximity to these institutions.

Bristol, a city renowned for its vibrant culture, rich maritime history, and flourishing education sector, makes King Square Studios Bristol an ideal spot for scholars looking to immerse themselves in academic life. With a substantial student population, top-class universities, and eclectic urban attractions like the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge and the harbourside area, Bristol offers a perfect meld of educational prowess and leisure activities. By choosing King Square Studios student accommodation Bristol, one becomes part of a community that fosters creativity and camaraderie, with the added advantages of common amenities ensuring an unparalleled living experience.


When seeking student accommodation that offers both comfort and convenience, King Square Studios Bristol stands out as a premier choice in Bristol. The various room types offered, such as the One Bed Apartment, Dual Studios, and the Standard, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Premium Studios cater to all preferences – ensuring every student finds their perfect fit.

The meticulously designed, fully furnished rooms come complete with high-speed WiFi, making it effortless for students to study and stream their favourite content. Kitchens are equipped with all the necessary appliances, fostering a sense of home with the ability to whip up delicious meals at any time. Moreover, private bathrooms offer an added layer of comfort and privacy.

But it's not just about the rooms; King Square Studios Bristol, boasts a suite of impressive common amenities. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the on-site private on-site gym centre, while the common room with plenty of space provides a vibrant space to interact and unwind with fellow residents. The reading room is ideal for those peaceful study sessions, and the cinema room offers a perfect spot for movie nights. Plus, there's always friendly 24/7 customer service to assist with any needs.

Location and What's Hot?

Located at the beating heart of Bristol's academic and social life, King Square Studios Bristol boasts an enviable position just outside your door to an array of amenities. Academically, students residing in King Square Studios Bristol student accommodation are perfectly positioned for success. The University of Bristol is just a stone's throw away. Other notable institutions, including BIMM Bristol and Trinity College Bristol Campus, are within the vicinity, enabling a hassle-free academic journey.  Foodies and caffeine lovers can relish in the proximity to buzzing cafes and restaurants like the famous Caribbean Croft on 30 Stokes Croft, Pizza Go Go Bristol and The Crafty Egg, offering a slice of Bristol’s eclectic food scene. For evening entertainment, the vibrant Kingsdown Vaults and Farro Bakery provide the perfect backdrop for unwinding after a long day of studies.

When it comes to ticking off everyday necessities, students are sorted with the nearby Premier and Tesco Express on Blenheim Court for grocery hauls. Health and well-being are also conveniently catered to with the Bristol Royal Infirmary standing ready to offer top-notch medical services. Those looking to escape to nature's embrace will find the tranquillity of Castle Park and the sprawling greenery of Brandon Hill Park perfect for study breaks and strolls.

Immersing in the city’s vibrant cultural tapestry is a breeze with attractions like the historic SS Great Britain and the iconic Bristol Cathedral within easy reach. The Bristol Museum & Art Gallery also beckons those with a penchant for history and art.

The hub of student life, King Square Studios Bristol truly stands out as a pinnacle of student living. With seamless access to education, leisure, and lifestyle amenities, it’s a locale where convenience and opportunity collide, making it an ideal home away from home for students from around the globe.


When residing at King Square Studios Bristol, students have access to a well-connected network of public transport that ensures a smooth and efficient commute. Bus services run frequently with bus stops like Stokes Croft (N2) and Stokes Croft (N3) bus stops within reach, ensuring that students can navigate the city with ease. For those who prefer rail transport, Bristol Temple Meads station is an excellent hub for regional and intercity travel. The walkable distance to the nearest tram and subway stations further simplifies commuting and allows for a hassle-free student life. Everything considered, King Square Studios Bristol stands out for its prime location and exceptional travel links.

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Cancellation Policies (4)

  • Cooling Off Period
    This property offers cooling-off period.
  • No Visa No Pay
    This property allows cancellation due to visa rejection.
  • No Place No Pay
    This property allows cancellation if admission is not secured.

Payment Policies (4)

  • Pay In Instalment
    This property offers flexible instalment plan.
  • Mode Of Payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.
  • Guarantor Requirement
    Guarantor requirements and policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is advanced rent?

  • You are required to pay an advance rent at the time of booking. 
  • This is refundable should you decide to cancel within the cooling off period or later find your place has been withdrawn or you aren’t able to obtain a UK visa.
  • The advance rent will show as a payment towards your first rental instalment on your account.

Why do I have to pay advanced rent?

This secures your booking, so that you can take a little bit of time to complete your contract without worrying.

Why do I need a guarantor?

A guarantor commits to ensuring that the terms of the tenancy agreement are complied with. Guarantors provide to property with additional financial security in the event of a change in your circumstance. If you would like to pay in instalments throughout the year, you will need a UK based guarantor.

Who can be a guarantor?

Anyone over the age of 18, who is a UK resident, can be your guarantor.

In what situations might property contact the guarantor?

Circumstances change, they understand that. A guarantor provides assurance to property as your landlords, that there is someone on hand who understands and accepts the responsibility of rent, should you be unable to pay.

What details from the guarantor do I need to provide when booking?

They will need a Name, current UK address, email address and a contact number. Once you have signed the contract your guarantor will be asked to accept the agreement and provide proof of ID and address. If they are not a UK national but reside in the UK they must provide proof of settled status.

What can I do, if I don’t have a guarantor?

Don’t worry if you do not have a guarantor, property do have other options available for you. Full payment contracts are available. This would mean your rental is payable upfront at the start of your tenancy and therefore no need for a guarantor. However, they know that upfront payment can be a big ask and in these circumstances property can recommend an approved UK rent guarantor service. Please speak to your individual site team if you are looking to use a rent guarantor service.

I have not been sent my login email?

Please notify your site team who will send you out a link to reset your password to.

My card has not been accepted?

This may be due to your card limit, bank security measures or input error. Please report to your site team or contact your bank directly.

How do I continue a booking if it timed out?

If your booking times out please log back into the portal which will allow you to select a new room which will then allow you to start the booking process again. Please ensure you fully complete your booking otherwise your booking will be cancelled after 7 days if you haven’t fully completed the booking process.

What if there is a problem with my room or flat?

You can log maintenance issues through the online portal by logging into your account on the website and click ‘Maintenance request’. You can also report urgent issues to reception either by coming to the reception desk or calling the telephone number on the site web page. A member of their friendly on-site maintenance team will aim to resolve the issue for you quickly.

How can I obtain the instructions on appliances within my flat?

If you require any instructions or user guides, please contact property staff on site who will be able to assist with this.

Are there staff available onsite?

Property has a friendly team, with someone available to their residents 24/7. For some of their sites, an emergency contact number will be provided when staff are not onsite.

Are Property sites safe?

Many of their property sites have onsite security staff and digital entry systems in each building. For some of their sites an emergency contact number will be provided when staff are not onsite, ensuring that their buildings are safe and secure.

When can I move in?

If you booked directly with property, you will be able to move in on your tenancy start date, please check your tenancy agreement for confirmation of this, or contact the accommodation team at the site you have booked.

Can I move in earlier than my tenancy start date?

If you need to move in earlier than your tenancy start date, please contact the site you have booked at, all contact numbers and emails can be found on their web page. Early arrivals are subject to availability and you will need to pay any additional rent due before you move in.

How long can I live with property?

Property offer tenancies of different lengths, including short-term contracts. The minimum stay is 4 weeks, and all short term lets are subject to availability and must be paid in advance. If you are interested in a short-term contract, please contact the site directly.

When can I move out?

You can move out whenever you want. However, remember your contract is a fixed term tenancy agreement so even If you move out before your tenancy ends you will still need to pay the full amount of rent.

Can I extend my contract if I need to?

If you need to extend your contract for whatever reason, please contact your accommodation team directly for prices and information. Extensions are subject to availability.

Do I need a guarantor?

To book with property on a rental installment plan you will need a UK based guarantor. Guarantors provide property with additional financial security in the event of a change in your circumstance. If you would like to pay in instalments throughout the year, you will need a UK based guarantor. Don’t worry if you do not have a guarantor, Property do have other options available for you. Full payment contracts are available. This would mean your rental is payable upfront at the start of your tenancy and therefore no need for a guarantor. However, they know that upfront payment can be a big ask and in these circumstances they can recommend an approved UK rent guarantor service. Please speak to your individual site team if you are looking to use a rent guarantor service.

Can I book for September?

Yes, property is open, housing students from across the globe. With viewings both in person and virtually, you can view property rooms and residences from wherever you may be. Please visit their book a viewing page to get sorted with property for a date and time of your choice. Property offer a cooling off period of 7 days upon receipt of your Advanced Rental Payment. If an Advance Rental Payment is not required, the 7 days ‘cooling off period’ starts when your booking confirmation email has been sent. If you wish to cancel your booking after the 7-day cooling off period, you will remain liable for the contractual obligation set out in the tenancy agreement. Exceptions to this may be considered if proof is offered under the following circumstances;
  • Your UK visa application has been denied.
  • You have failed to obtain the required qualifications to get into your first university of choice.
  • Extenuating circumstances e.g., ill-health, family circumstances.
Where proof is required, this must be emailed to site, then the request to cancel will be considered.

How many people can share each flat?

Property shared flats range between all of their properties. If you need any further information about how many rooms would be in each flat at your individual residence please contact your individual site team for further information.

Can I choose which flat I would like to be allocated to?

When booking directly with them, you choose which room to book into within each building, you can also see your flatmates preferences to see if you think they would be suitable flatmates for you. This gives you more control over who you will be living with.

Can I find out who my flatmates are before I move in?

While property can let you know the ages and genders of your future flatmates, they cannot provide their names or any other personal information. This information is present during the self-select process online.

Can I book with my friends?

If you’re planning on living with your friends, you’re in luck! You can all book together via property self selection process so you will be guaranteed the same flat together.

What do I need to bring with me that my accommodation doesn’t already provide?

Unsure of what you need to bring for your bedroom? They’re here to help! When it comes to your bedroom, please note that property do not provide bedding. They suggest you bring along a duvet, pillows and bed linen. You may also want to bring clothes hangers, towels and a laundry bin. While they provide some kitchen appliances, they do suggest each tenant brings their own crockery, cutlery and other kitchen utensils. Upon arrival, most students living in shared flats arrange with their flatmates to buy some communal items – they recommend this as a cheaper option which would also avoid cluttering the kitchen with multiple items. If you are unable to bring certain items with you, don’t panic – there are plenty of shops close by where you can find the things you need.

Can I park on-site?

Car parking requirements are different at all of their properties therefore it is best to check with the individual site teams when booking for further information on parking.

Can I smoke in my flat?

No, smoking is a fire hazard and so for the safety and comfort of everyone, smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes/vapes is forbidden in either your room, the communal areas of your flats or any other internal area of the building. There are designated smoking areas in the grounds of every building which you are welcome to use. Note that anyone found to be smoking in the building will be subject to our antisocial behaviour process.

Can I have guests over?

As a tenant of a property site you are more than welcome to invite guests to your accommodation for up to 2 nights at a time. If your guest is staying overnight, please let a staff member know. They also suggest that you do be mindful of your flatmates: let them know before your guests arrive, and ensure you still comply with site rules regarding noise in the flat. Moreover, remember that as a tenant of a property site you are responsible for the behaviour and actions of your guests.

Can I swap rooms?

It may be possible to change your room after you have moved in depending on availability- they suggest you get in touch with your accommodation team on site, over the phone or through email. Please note to be able to complete a room move, your rent account will need to be fully up to date, an inspection of your room will take place and you will incur a £50 administration charge that will need to be paid before the move can take place.

When do I pay my rent?

Your rental will have set due dates, please check your tenancy agreement so you can familiarise yourself with when your rent is due. There is a £50 admin charge for tenancy takeovers and room moves. If you prefer you can also pay your rental in full at the start of your contract. If you are unable to make your rent payment on or before the set dates for whatever reason you must inform the accommodation team at your site, either by emailing the site team, coming to the reception desk or calling the telephone number on the property web page.

How can I pay my rent?

You can pay your rent through the online portal – simply log into your account on property website and click the option to ‘Pay your rent’. Property do not store debit/credit card details.

Is Tv licence included?

A TV licence is not included as part of your tenancy agreement. If you have brought your own TV, or if your flat has a TV in the shared communal space that you’d like to watch, you will require a TV licence. 

Is Internet & Wifi included?

Property offer free high speed internet access in all property buildings. 

Is insurance included?

Contents insurance is included within your tenancy and further details of the policy and what is included can be found within your student handbook.
King Square Studios, Bristol
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Student Accomodations in Bristol

Bristol Student Accommodation

Bristol is a vibrant city in the southwest of England. Bristol consists of all sorts of student accommodation Bristol options, ranging from affordable to luxurious ensuites, shared apartments, and studio flats. All the student accommodations in Bristol are built with the motive of providing uber comfort to the students. We can further categorize Bristol student accommodations into halls of residencies and private housing. Many student accommodation Bristol options are located near renowned universities such as the City of Bristol College, Bath College, University of Bath, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Bristol Language Centre, and many more.
With amber, you can easily find the perfect student accommodation in Bristol which cater to your varied preferences. Bristol Student housing alternatives also include options for students looking for short-term accommodation in Bristol. The city has a lot to offer for anyone coming here with the aspiration to pursue their academic dream. If you want to make the best of your student living experience, you can consider Collegiate Tower, Zinc Quarter, and The Port On The Square, among others.

About Bristol

Bristol is one of the most charming and most prominent cities in England, United Kingdom. It is also one of the oldest cities in the world, stretching its history from two millennia. Founded after the country's early medieval history, Bristol has now turned into a beautiful metropolitan area located between two channels of the River Avon. The city boasts a vast financial sector as England's economic, transportation, and cultural trade epicentre. Being the 10th largest populated city in England, Bristol is one of the most visited cities in the UK after London, Edinburgh, and Manchester. Bristol also shares its borders with nearby popular cities such as Bath, Newport, and Cardiff, making it a highly connected city. Besides, the city has a vibrant historical influence, allowing the town to enjoy a mixture of the early 19th and 20th centuries. Apart from this, the city has always had a very welcoming stance for international students. Every year, Bristol welcomes around 50,000 international students, making it one of England's most-liked international educational destinations. It provides specialised education in engineering, arts, fashion, and psychological science. Booking your private student housing in Bristol will leave you enchanted and lost in the town's scenic and cultural diversity.

Best Student Accommodation in Bristol

In order to minimise the time and money spent on commuting, it is always wise for students to find Bristol student accommodation near the top universities. This can be quite challenging, particularly when seeking student accommodation Bristol. Fortunately, for students pursuing higher education, here are some student accommodation Bristol options available in close proximity to the campus. Amber offers a range of student flats in Bristol, including suites, en-suites, studio apartments, and shared rooms. With a wide variety of Bristol student housing options, one can easily find a suitable living arrangement that meets their individual needs. Following are the Bristol student accommodation options you can consider:

1. Zinc Quarter

2. Vita Student Zed Alley

3. Stonebridge House

4. Studio 58

5. iQ Bristol

6. iQ Water Lane House 

7. Tamarillo House

8. Charlton Court

9. Centurion House

10. iQ Twerton Mill

Cost of Living in Bristol

The cost of living in Bristol can be relatively high for a student, but it is certainly manageable. According to recent surveys, the average monthly living expenses for students in Bristol can range from £700-£1000. This estimate includes student accommodation Bristol, food, utilities, transportation, and leisure activities. However, the cost of living can vary depending on your lifestyle, accommodation preferences, and social activities. While looking for student housing in Bristol, you should consider the estimated cost of living:

1. Gas & Electricity (Utility Bills) - £150 - £200/month

2. Internet & Phone Bills - £33- £40/month

3. Dinner at an inexpensive restaurant - £15/meal

4. Travel & Conveyance - £100- £150/month

5. Clothing & Shoes - £200- £250/month

6. Grocery Bills - £50- £100/month

Student Travel Bristol

Discussing transportation options is crucial when considering living in Bristol. As part of the UK, Bristol has a well-connected and affordable transportation system that covers all major parts of the city. There are plenty of ways for students to get around the city, and their student accommodation Bristol is also in proximity to the city’s transport systems.

1. Bus

Bristol has three notable bus companies: Stagecoach Bus Services, Wessex Bus, and First West of England. With over 150 buses running around the clock, catching a bus from any part of the city is convenient.

2. Metro

Bristol is home to MetroWest, one of the oldest railway systems in the UK, dating back to 1987. The city has a well-established underground and suburban railway network that connects the city centre with all the surrounding areas, making it convenient to travel to any part of the city.

3. Boat

Bristol is renowned for its beautiful harbour, which offers a prominent water transport system in the city. The Bristol Ferry boat system connects to all the nearby ports, making it an exceptional experience for students who want to explore the city through water transport.

4. Cycle

Additionally, exploring the local parts of the city can also be done through cycling. Not only is it an excellent way to experience the town at your own pace, but it also gives you the freedom to choose your destination. Bristol offers cycling enthusiasts exclusive cycling areas such as the well-known Riverside Park.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Bristol

Bristol is a city with a reputation that precedes itself, particularly among international students because of its many dynamic features. With a range of vibrant spots catering to people of all ages, the town is an ideal place to live. Bristol is also a paradise for Instagram lovers. There are plenty of opportunities to indulge your inner shopaholic and explore the local city malls and shops. Over a dozen coffee shops can be found all around town, each offering a different type of caffeine fix. If you're a hardcore coffee lover, you must visit Full Court Press, Little Victories, New Cut Coffee, and Small Street Espresso.

As mentioned before, if you're in Bristol, a ferry tour of the harbour via Bristol Ferry Boats, which operates 364 days a year, is a must. Bristol's eateries will leave you in awe as they offer a wide variety of cuisine and drinks from almost every corner of the world. The greenhouse is the perfect place to enjoy a drink while watching a football match, while Basement Nightclub, located right next to the City Centre, offers trendy disco beats. Don't miss out on the Gelato from Swoon if you have a sweet tooth. The Gelato Bar offers an incredible selection of desserts, pastries, and chocolate cakes. The Woky Ko: Cargo is a popular Chinese restaurant in the area, while St Nick's Market is the perfect place to satisfy your hunger for different cuisines. If you like to try different foods, all the places mentioned above have you covered.

Bristol Tourist Attractions

Located in the southwest of England, Bristol is a city that has been captivating tourists from all over the world with its rich history, diverse culture, and breathtaking sights. The city is a hub of creativity, boasting a thriving arts scene, and is home to numerous museums, galleries, and theaters. Below are the famous tourist attractions:

1. Clifton Suspension Bridge

2. Bristol Zoo Gardens

3. Brunel's SS Great Britain

4. Cabot Tower

5. St. Nicholas Market

Universities in Bristol

Bristol is home to many prestigious universities which offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to their students. Some of the colleges and universities are listed below;

1. University of Bristol

2. Trinity College (Bristol Campus)

3. University of Law

4. The Bristol Language Centre

5. TEG English Bristol

6. EC Bristol English Language School

7. BPP University


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