St Margarets House offers newly refurbished student homes in Southampton.  Shared apartments with either his/her own private en-suite or a shared bathroom, plus shared living space to enjoy with  flatmates.  They also have private studios with their own en-suite shower and mini-kitchen if one is looking for some extra space.

Conveniently located for either Southampton Solent University or Southampton University.  PLUS, close to all the shops, restaurants and bars Southampton has to offer.


1. Southampton Solent University :

Public Transport - 14 mins

2. University of Southampton, Avenue Campus: 

Walking 13 mins

3. University of Southampton Highfield Campus: 

Public Transport 15 mins

4. St Denys Station: 

Walking 20 mins

5. Southampton Airport: 

Public Transport 35 mins


Shared Apartment£128/week
Min. Lease Duration51 week
Private Room
Shared Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Book one of our newly refurbished rooms with shared bathroom, kitchen and living space!

Shared Apartment£133/week
Min. Lease Duration44 week
Private Room
Shared Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Book one of our newly refurbished rooms with shared bathroom, kitchen and living space!

En Suite Room£134/week
Min. Lease Duration51 week
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Book one of our en-suite rooms in shared apartments with no more queuing for the bathroom!

En Suite Room£139/week
Min. Lease Duration44 week
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Book one of our en-suite rooms in shared apartments with no more queuing for the bathroom!

Min. Lease Duration51 week
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Private Kitchen

Book one of our amazing studios, with en-suite bathroom and your own mini-kitchen!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I move in?

A few weeks before arrival, you will be invited to book a move-in slot by your Accommodation Team.  This can be booked via our student portal once weve let you know check-in slots are available.

What is the cancellation policy?

Book online until the end of 31st July, without seeing the accommodation first, and we run a 72-hour Cooling-Off period, allowing you to cancel your booking within 72 hours of paying your booking fee. Bookings made from 1st August for the forthcoming academic year have a 24-hour Cooling-Off period. To cancel, write to or email the Accommodation Manager at your chosen location.

Can I choose a certain room?

Absolutely! Floors, flats and room numbers are available to select during the online booking process.

Can we book as a group?

Of course! For locations with shared student apartments, group booking can be completed easily online. One member of the group just needs to register and when asked to Create a group booking, give the group a name and log in. Complete everyones personal details and then pay the booking fee. When done, the rest of the group have 24 hours to register, select Join a group booking and pay their booking fee and thats it your perfect flatshare is secured!

What deposit do I need?

To secure your room you only need to pay the booking fee the amount varies across locations so look at each building individually for details. This becomes your damage deposit in case of any little mishaps while living with us. The booking fee is non-refundable but the good thing is that youll get it back if nothings owing for damage or outstanding rent at the end of your stay. Deposits are fully secured by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme in England and Wales or the My Deposits scheme in Scotland.

What do I do if I am not totally satisfied?

We want you to love your time living with us but there may be times when we dont always get it right. We take all complaints seriously and will try our best to fix any issues first time.

Can I have pets?

Sorry, pets of any shape or size arent allowed.

Do I need a TV licence?

Whether we supply the TV or if you bring your own, or watch it through 4TV or the BBC iPlayer, youll need to have a valid TV Licence unless we tell you were covering it.

What is the policy on guests staying in my room?

Were all grown-ups here, so of course occasional overnight guests are allowed. Please dont invite someone to stay for more than three consecutive nights though, and always check with your flatmates first that theyre ok with extra house guests.

Will my student flat be cleaned?

Your student room and any shared areas within your apartment will be spotlessly clean when you arrive, and some of our tenancies include complimentary cleaning throughout your time with us. Look for it when checking out our locations.

How do I find out who I am living with?

On booking, you can see whether your flatmates are male or female, what year they are in and where they are studying.  We dont give out names for data protection but you can always use our Facebook pages for each location to find your flatmates before you move in and plan exactly who is bringing the kettle

Can I smoke?

All our accommodaion is smoke free and this includes all types of E-cigarettes. Smoking is not allowed in any private and communal areas including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and all internal social spaces. Designated smoking areas can be found outside of the building.

How do I set up my internet connection?

Youll have broadband in every Property, and the internet provided may differ depending on location and internet provider. Usually you can connect using an Ethernet Cable, which you just plug into the network wall socket in your room. Most of our sites have a wireless network covering the whole building. On arrival, simply connect your devices to the wireless network. Bandwidth information is provided with each location

Are my possessions insured?

Rest assured that every single booking comes with free Contents Insurance with Endsleigh Insurance. Individual locations explain how you can view the Contents Insurance cover certificate online. To upgrade your insurance contact Endsleigh directly.

Will my room be inspected?

Your apartment or studio will be fully inspected at least three times during your tenancy. Well keep an eye on cleanliness and hope not to see any damage and missing items. After each inspection we will tell you if any charges will need to be made to put something right. You will be invoiced immediately for recharges for the first two inspections and on the final inspection a deduction will be made from your deposit. 

Do I need to move out over the Christmas and Easter holidays?

No, your room is yours for the whole of your tenancy. You only need to move out at the end of the agreement.

Can I stay in my room over the summer holidays?

We do our best to offer summer student accommodation extensions, or you may want to explore the UK and give another city a try. Contact the Accommodation Team at your chosen accommodation to see what they can do.

When will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit is registered with a Government-approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme. As long as your room is clean and nothing is missing or damaged from your stay, we will aim to get your deposit back to you within 10 working days.

Is there a laundry on-site?

Yes, so please dont bring any portable washing machines with you! There are on-site laundries at all of our student accommodation locations at an additional charge.

Is visitor parking available?

All our student accommodation is centrally located, close to good public transport links and other facilities, so you should be able to get around easily without a car. A small number of sites have limited parking, available at an additional charge, on a first-come, first-served basis.


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