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Brand new for September 2022. Enjoy living at Zinc Quarter, contemporary new student accommodation East of Bristol's City Centre. Now available to book for those looking to study in the city next year. Zinc Quarter offers the choice of student townhouses to call home, en-suite bedrooms in a shared apartment, or self-contained studio flats. Living at Zinc Quarter, you'll be part of a thriving community all held together by their on-site team, there for you 24/7. Be one of the first to live at Bristol's first Student - but be quick. These rooms are in high demand and are expected to sell quickly.

Community Amenities

Contents insurance
On-site laundry facilities
Social Calendar
Study Room
Spacious Communal Areas

Apartment Amenities

Small double bed
Desk and Chairs
Communal kitchen and living space
En-suite shower room, WC & basin
HIgh Speed Wi-Fi

Bills Included

all inclusive bills

Safety and Security

Staff on-site 24/7
Safe and secure


Townhouse Bedroom(Non-Ensuite)£169/week
Private Room
Shared Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Room Amenities

Small double bed
Desk & Chair
Duration:51 week
Move in:3 Sep, 2022
Looking for different dates? Contact us

Booking Details


A. During cooling-off period 

You can cancel your booking in writing or by sending an email directly to the Property Team within 7 days of accepting your tenancy agreement. If you decide to cancel your accommodation booking within these 7 days, well arrange a full refund of your deposit. No fees, no fuss. 

If you book your accommodation on or after 1 August 2022, your cooling off period will reduce to 24 hours only from the point you accept it. If you do cancel your booking within these 24 hours, They will arrange the return of your full deposit.

Please note that at the point you receive your key and check in to your accommodation, the cooling-off period will immediately and automatically end.

B. After cooling-off period has expired 

If you wish to terminate your tenancy agreement after the cooling-off period has expired, there are some circumstances where you may be able to be released from your tenancy, e.g. if you can evidence that you are not/are no longer a student at university. In other cases, you may need to find a replacement tenant. 

Please read the sections below, and check if any of these apply to you. To put in a cancellation request, please send an email or letter directly to your Property Team. They will respond as soon as possible, letting you know if there is any extra information you need to provide. The following procedure applies to the below:

  • Failure to receive grades (all academic years)
  • Failure to obtain visa (all academic years)
  • Studying in an alternative city where their accommodation is unavailable
  • The pre-sessional English language course required to take up your University place is cancelled
  • Deferment of University entry (all academic years)
  • Eviction from University
  • Voluntary withdrawal from University

If you've confirmed your accommodation but then can longer attend the affiliated University for one or more of the above reasons, you may be able to cancel. If this has happened to you, please email or write to your Property Team immediately, explaining the reason(s) you need to cancel. You must also provide official written evidence from the relevant University and/or Summer School and/or UCAS and/or VISA authorities/embassy (which must include the reason(s) why you cannot attend the relevant University) to your Property Team within 3 calendar days of the results or decision being published or reached. If sufficient evidence is provided to their satisfaction, you will be eligible for release from the tenancy agreement and They will arrange to return your full deposit (if you have already moved into your accommodation, this would be minus any deductions relating to the condition of your room/flat upon your departure).

If you have changed your mind about your choice of University and wish to study in a different city, They will seek to place you in their accommodation in that city, if such accommodation is available. If alternative accommodation is unavailable, and you provide sufficient evidence of your change in circumstances as set out above, you will be eligible for release from the tenancy agreement and They will arrange the return of the full deposit (minus any deductions that apply if you have moved in).The following procedure applies to the below:

  • Change of mind
  • Booked different accommodation
  • Accepted onto a placement
  • Single semester course
  • Classes temporarily or permanently being delivered online, or decision to commute to your University city

If you do not wish to live at here for one or more of the above reasons, you will be required to find a replacement person to take over your tenancy. The replacement person must be a student and match the preferences of the accommodation (e.g. female-only flat).The replacement person must sign a contract for the entire length of your tenancy agreement and secure this with payment of the deposit. If a replacement person is found, you will be released from your tenancy agreement from the start date of the replacement persons tenancy. They will also return your deposit in full (minus any deductions relating to the condition of your room/flat upon your departure). Please note that your deposit will be retained and you will remain liable for all accommodation fees until a replacement person is found and their tenancy starts. They assess all requests to cancel on a case-by-case basis. You, or someone who you have given written authority to act on your behalf, must make a request to cancel in writing or via email to the Property Team. You must also provide sufficient documentation supporting the reasons for the request and why they prevent you from living in your accommodation. Until a decision has been made, you will remain liable for all accommodation fees. If a tenancy release is not granted, you will be required to find a replacement person before you are released from your tenancy. If you are granted a tenancy release, They will arrange the return of your deposit (minus any deductions relating to the condition of your room/flat upon your departure). 

Payment Details

Booking Deposit

GBP 250 to confirm your booking. (Refundable at the end of your tenancy)

Rent Payments:

Pay in Full

Pay in Instalment - 3 instalments due in October, January and April

Pay Monthly - Please inform about the same after making a booking

The guarantor can be any international guarantor, not necessarily UK based.

Mode of Payment:

Pay using a Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

What communal spaces do you have?

They know making new friends is a must! Thats why they offer great communal spaces where you and your neighbours can get to know each other. Facilities are site specific however each property guarantees a fun-packed and fully inclusive social calendar for all our students to enjoy, all year round free of charge! Visit our individual property pages to find out what each Property has to offer.

Some studio rooms offer dual occupancy - can my friend come to live with me?

Yes! Check with the property about whether your studio room is eligible for dual occupancy, but please note that both students who wish to book the room as a joint tenancy MUST be students.

What if I have a disability or special requirements?

Their top priority is making sure you have a comfortable and safe stay, so please declare any medical information or disabilities on your application. All offer rooms types with additional and accessible facilities. When creating your application, please make sure you tick the DDA box and enter in as much detail as possible so their teams can ensure you reserve the most suitable Property for your requirements.

What is the difference between bronze, silver, gold and platinum rooms?

How big it is. Specifically the floor space. Each room has the same furniture, features, and decor, but it will differ in size. There are some exceptions; at John Bell House for example, the rooms are categorised using a mix of reasons such as location and layout as well as size. Some rooms look and feel bigger/smaller because of their shape so weve taken this into consideration when categorising them.

How close is my accommodation to the university?

All of the properties are convenient, central, locations. Whether its close to your campus depends on where youre studying! Check out the relevant property page on this website or get in touch with the on-site property team for details. All of their cities have excellent transport links and secure bike storage if you dont fancy walking.

Do they provide the TV license in the shared flat kitchen?

They do not provide any TV Licenses for the studios or shared flats so youll need to register for your own TV licence.

Can I change rooms if I dont like mine?

It would be possible if someone drops out or someone else wants to swap with you. Please contact your property team and they will do their best to accommodate your needs. Remember that all rooms are effectively the same apart from the floor space.

What should I bring with me to live at a property?

Bedding is not provided unless included in an offer (check with or teams), so bring a sheet to cover the mattress, a duvet and pillows. 

What is covered by my insurance policy?

Your items (including laptop, tablet etc) are covered inside your room against fire, flood and theft up to the amounts listed here. This excludes accidental damage, bicycles and any other items taken outside of the halls. Mobile phones, for example, are covered for theft only. To make a claim online visit the website or call them on 0800 923 4042. You will have to pay excesses for every claim of up to 25. To get additional cover visit the Endsleigh website to get a quote and sign up from there.

What are Guarantors?

Your guarantor is a person who agrees to pay your rent if you are unable to. They will only contact your guarantor if there is a delay in payment. Your guarantor should be over 18 years of age. They should be in full time employment and a homeowner and/or renting accommodation. They will be asked to submit a form to prove they are eligible. They welcome international guarantors.

What documents does my guarantor need to provide?

Proof of address (this could be a utility bill dated from the last 6 months or a council tax letter). They also need a proof of ID which could be a provisional /driver's license or a passport. They also require a guarantee document to be signed and completed. The guarantor bill needs to be dated within 3 months.

Do you do flexible tenancies/semester lets?

Many of their properties offer flexible tenancies. Visit the relevant property page on this website or get in touch with the property team for details.

Can I sublet (tenancy takeover) to/ from my friend?

No, you are not permitted to sublet any part of your accommodation, as per your accepted tenancy agreement. If you need to move out early, you should contact the reception team to discuss the option of a tenancy takeover.

Can I arrive earlier than my tenancy start date?

Early arrivals are possible depending on the availability of the room you have booked. If you wish to arrive earlier than your tenancy start date, please contact the property team. They will do their best to accommodate your needs.

How to pay?

You get the choice on how you pay your rent. You can choose from annual, termly and monthly payment plans across the year. And dont worry were different! Your instalment dates will never fall before your student finance and theres no small fee when checking in.

When rent is due, does it come out as a direct debit?

Rent does not come out of your bank automatically. You have to log on to your portal to set up your payment, or you can pay by card at reception. They do allow bank transfer but this is usually only in special cases,they prefer the first two options. You will choose your payment plan when booking.

When do they have to pay deposit?

When you accept your booking youll need to pay your deposit.

When will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be returned to you after your tenancy end date, based on a successful check-out inspection (i.e. no damage or cleanliness related issues). In the meantime, your deposit will be held securely by the Deposit Protection Service or My Deposit Scotland.

Can I send my belongings before I come in?

This depends on the capacity of the property youve booked at, so its best to get in touch with your team directly. If your property can take care of your belongings put your full name and room number (or VIN number) on the package before you arrive and your belongings can be stored for you.