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About the Property

Located in the heart of Chester, Chronicle House Chester, located at Commonhall St Chester CH1, UK, offers a comfortable and contemporary living experience for students. The student accommodation in Chester provides an array of room types, including Deluxe Double Bed Studio, Premium Single Bed Studio, Classic Double Bed Studio, and Premium Double Bed Studio. All are designed to cater to individual preferences and study needs. For those studying in Chester, the property is conveniently located near key academic institutions, including the University of Chester, Liverpool John Moores University, and the University of Liverpool, ensuring a hassle-free commute.

Chester, a historic city celebrated for its rich cultural tapestry and educational opportunities, is an exceptional choice for students who choose to call Chronicle House Chester their home. As an educational hub, Chester attracts a diverse student population and a number of esteemed universities that contribute to the city's vibrant academic atmosphere. The city's history, dating back to Roman times, intermingles with modern amenities, offering students not only an educational journey but also a cultural adventure. From the Roman walls and amphitheater to the medieval Chester Cathedral, the city is alive with tourist attractions that enrich the student experience. Chronicle House Chester doubles as a gateway to the city's cultural offerings, including the famous Chester Walls and the iconic Eastgate Clock. Chronicle House Chester stands as an ideal accommodation choice that combines convenience, style, and comfort, mirroring the city’s blend of tradition and contemporary living. This property ensures a quality living experience tailored to student needs. Choosing Chronicle House Chester as your home away from home is an exceptional choice that combines convenience, community, and culture.


Chronicle House Chester accommodation offers a variety of fully furnished room types, including a variety of Studio rooms. In Chronicle House Chester, each studio is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a convenient stay. Students can enjoy an equipped kitchen with appliances, a personal fridge, a combi-oven, a hob, and a private bathroom. Selected studios also feature a television for personal entertainment. Furthermore, rooms are also equipped with study areas with chairs and bedside tables to give comfort to the students during their academic studies.

The common amenities at Chronicle House Chester raise the standard of living for its residents.

Gym facilities cater to those looking to stay active, while social areas provided in Chronicle House Chester encourage community building. Laundry Facilities ensure that washing clothes is no longer a chore. High-speed free Wi-Fi keeps everyone connected, which is essential for both study and leisure activities. Available parking spaces for bike storage are a boon for those with vehicles. Lastly, the property includes round-the-clock maintenance and housekeeping to ensure everything runs smoothly in Chronicle House Chester. For the safety of students, CCTV and out-of-hours emergency teams are provided by the property.

Location and What's Hot?

Right in the heart of the historical city, Chronicle House Chester offers students not just a prime location for their studies but also a wide range of amenities just outside their door. For students, the location is unbeatable, with prestigious institutions like the University of Chester, Liverpool International College, and the famous SAE Institute maintaining a strong presence in the area. Chronicle House Chester student accommodation serves as a fantastic launchpad into student life in Chester, teeming with cultural spots, social hubs, and educational excellence.

For the food, there are multiple options, including The Chef's Table for contemporary cuisine and Artichoke Cafe for a riverside dining experience. Those looking for an evening out can venture to Vodka Revolution or the classic The Botanist for a bevy or two. For essentials like clothing shopping, there are stores like The Unity Centre West Cheshire Multi-Cultural Hub and Grosvenor Shopping Centre. For grocery shopping, Sainsbury's Local, Tesco Express, and Waitrose & Partners are easily accessible. Importantly, healthcare needs are just a stroll away at the Countess of Chester Hospital. For moments of tranquillity in an urban environment, students can relax in Grosvenor Park or explore the historical Chester Roman Gardens. Tourist attractions such as the iconic Chester Rows and Chester Cathedral add to the city's charm and are within the vicinity. Chronicle House Chester really is at the center of it all, promising a student experience that is rich, convenient, and bursting with opportunities


Students residing at Chronicle House Chester is within the close areas of various public transport stops, including the Chester Railway Station, Bache for regional and national rail links, and bus stations like  Pepper Street (Stand Z), Grosvenor Street (Stop X), and Chester Bells Coach for local and inter-city bus services.  For railway connectivity Foregate Street railway station is the nearest to the property. These amenities cater to convenient travel for students to and from the university campus and city explorations.

Multiple tram stops and subway stations in the nearby areas further highlight the excellent connectivity of the Chronicle House student accommodation in Chester.

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    This property allows cancellation if admission is not secured.
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    This property allows cancellation upon finding replacement tenant.
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    This property does not offer cooling-off period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow multiple tenants in one room?

Yes, they do. They do not charge any additional rent for dual occupancies.

Can I cancel my booking?

In England, once you have paid your holding deposit, this secures your booking. You may cancel your booking but your holding deposit is non-refundable, except in certain circumstances for example, if your landlord decides to no longer rent the property and they cannot find you an alternative room. If you have any questions regarding this please speak to the accommodation team prior to paying your holding deposit. In Scotland, you may cancel your booking prior to moving into the property and any funds paid will be returned to you. Should you have started your tenancy, you will need to serve 28 days notice to leave, and your rent will be remain payable during this time.

I can’t pay my rent, What should I do?

If you are concerned that you cannot make your rental payment on time, firstly, please do not worry. The most important thing to do is to speak with your accommodation team as soon as possible, If you have a guarantor on your tenancy and your rent remains unpaid then Management are entitled to contact your guarantor and ask for payment from them. For any more information on this please contact your accommodation team.

What will happen if I don’t pay my rent?

The easiest way to ensure your payments are on time is to check your rent schedule, which can be found on the back page of your tenancy agreement and set up a standing order with your bank. A standing order is an instruction you make to your bank, you set thus up yourself, choose the amount that’s taken and the frequency of the payments. If you are concerned that you cannot make your rental payment on time, firstly, please do not worry. The most important thing to do is to speak with your accommodation team as soon as possible, If you have a guarantor on your tenancy and your rent remains unpaid then Management are entitled to contact your guarantor and ask for payment from them. For any more information on this please contact your accommodation team.

Can I bring a pet to lie with me in one of your buildings?

They have a strict no pet policy within all their property buildings so please don’t attempt to bring your pet along when you move in.

Chronicle House, Chester
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Student Accomodations in Chester

Chester Student Accommodation

Discovering suitable student accommodation in Chester can be a crucial step in enhancing your academic experience. Chester student accommodation offers a wealth of advantages, including more freedom, the opportunity to choose your living environment, and often a broader range of amenities when compared to traditional on-campus alternatives. Amber serves as an invaluable resource for students, simplifying the search for the perfect student residence by connecting you to a wide array of Chester student lets.

With amber, students can effortlessly browse through various room types, ensuring the selection of a home that aligns with their comfort and lifestyle needs. Student accommodation in Chester is conveniently located in proximity to key academic institutions such as the University of Chester, West Cheshire College, and the University of Law Chester, significantly reducing commute times and fostering a supportive student community.

Options for student housing Chester include a range of modern amenities designed to cater to student life. Notable properties that illustrate the high standards of living available include Northgate Point, Northgate Studios, and Tramways, offering a holistic living experience that facilitates both academic success and personal growth.

About Chester

Chester, a historical city tucked in the northwest of England, carries a legacy that dates back to Roman times. It’s best known for its extensive Roman walls made of local red sandstone, which encircle the city and stand as a testament to Chester's rich heritage. Besides its ancient architecture, Chester is also recognised for the distinctive 'Rows'—covered walkways with shops, making it a hub for both culture and commerce.

The city is home to a student population, complementing its classic charm with a youthful spirit. Students seeking Chester student accommodation have various options, ensuring their academic pursuits are well-supported by comfortable living spaces. Students have the added advantage of living within a community that values education and inclusivity. Additionally, the locales of Hoole and Handbridge are popular among students for their bustling atmosphere and quaint cafes.

Contributing to Chester's educational landscape, the University of Chester is a renowned institution offering a wide range of courses that cater to a global student body. Other notable educational establishments, such as West Cheshire College and the University of Law, also attract students from across the world, reinforcing the city’s status as a diverse academic hub. Not to forget, the proximity to Liverpool ensures that students also have access to the academic offerings of the University of Liverpool. With a portfolio of Chester student accommodation options, amber helps students find the ideal living situation to complement their academic journey in Chester.

Best Student Accommodation in Chester

Finding the right student accommodation in Chester can be a critical element of university life for students making their move to Chester. Embracing student apartments in Chester allows students to immerse themselves in local vibes, granting an unparalleled sense of independence. Whether you prefer the traditional camaraderie in student halls, the privacy of an ensuite room, or your own creative space in a studio apartment, Chester offers a vast array of accommodation options tailored to different preferences and budgets. Having a home away from home close to the institution is a delightful advantage. amber provides a wealth of choices that marry affordability with comfort, each offering distinctive living experiences that cater to various lifestyles and study needs. Below are the top options for student accommodation in Chester that are worth considering

1. Northgate Point
2. Northgate Studios
3. Tramways
4. The Towpath
5. Chronicle House
6. Chester City
7. Haigh Court
8. Albert Court
9. Phoenix Place
10. Apollo Court

Cost Of Living in Chester

Understanding the cost of living in Chester is crucial for students planning their finances and lifestyle while studying in the city. With a historic vibe and a student community, Chester is an attractive destination for both local and international students. The average monthly cost of living for a student in Chester can range from £800 to £1,000, depending on various factors like Chester student accommodation, lifestyle, and spending habits. This cost is pivotal to consider when choosing your student accommodation in Chester to ensure your financial comfort throughout your academic journey.

1. Food & Groceries - £150 - £250
2. Transportation - £55 - £100
3. Utilities (including Gas, Electricity, Water, and Internet) - £130 - £150
4. Clothing - £50 - £80
5. Sports & Leisure - £40 - £60

Student Travel In Chester

When it comes to student travel near Chester, affordability and accessibility are at the forefront for those residing in Chester student accommodation. With a well-connected network of public transport, getting around Chester is both convenient and cost-effective for students. The city offers a variety of options, including buses, railway services, and ample cycling paths for those who prefer pedal power.

1. Buses
The bus system in Chester is robust, offering frequent services throughout the city. Students can expect buses to run regularly from early morning until late at night, connecting them easily to West Cheshire College and the University of Chester. Fares are reasonable, with single journey prices starting from around £2 - £3.5 and day passes that provide unlimited travel. Students can also benefit from purchasing weekly or monthly travel cards for even greater savings.

2. Rail Services
Chester Railway Station
serves as a hub for those needing to travel farther afield, such as to the city of Liverpool. Regular trains offer services to both local and regional destinations. Travel time varies depending on the destination, but students can get to Liverpool in under an hour with fares around £10 - £15. Student discounts are available for train tickets, and it's worth considering a railcard for those who travel by train frequently, as it can significantly reduce travel costs.

3. Cycling
Chester is an incredibly cycle-friendly city, with numerous bike lanes and paths that offer safe and scenic routes to educational institutions. This is perhaps the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to travel within Chester. There are various places where students can buy or rent bicycles at reasonable rates, and some options for student accommodation in Chester may even offer bike storage facilities.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Chester

Student life in Chester is a delightful blend of historical sophistication and a youthful atemosphere, providing an optimum balance for those seeking a fulfilling academic experience. Nestled within the heart of England’s northwest, Chester is known for its safety and a strong sense of community, making it an ideal locale for student accommodation in Chester. The city's charm lies in its ability to offer a serene environment conducive to studying while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere where students can thrive both socially and intellectually.

When it comes to popular student hangouts, Chester does not disappoint. The range of quaint cafes and dynamic bars sprinkled around the city, such as Marmalade, Cafe Gate, and Red Lion, offer perfect spots for relaxation and socialisation. The Shropshire Arms is a notable favourite among students for its budget-friendly drinks and lively theme nights, all within a traditional pub setting. If you're in the mood for an aromatic cup of coffee and a peaceful ambience to catch up on some reading, then the Flower Cup offers a delightful escape. Earlier in the day, students can often be seen flocking to the Storyhouse. This cultural hub blends a theatre, library, cinema, and restaurant, offering a creative feast just steps from Chester student accommodation.

For a breath of fresh air, Grosvenor Park provides lush greenery and a tranquil space ideal for picnics, strolls, or even a serene study session outdoors. Meanwhile, the popular Chester Market not only allows students to explore local delicacies but also becomes a venue for community events and gatherings that showcase the city’s amiable spirit.

Chester Tourist Attractions

Chester, a historic city in Cheshire, England, offers a rich tape of cultural heritage and beauty. From its Roman walls and amphitheatre to the charming half-timbered buildings of 'The Rows', Chester is a treasure trove for history buffs and tourists alike. Find your ideal student accommodation in Chester and immerse yourself in this city's distinctive character.

1. Chester Roman Amphitheatre
2. Chester City Walls
3. Chester Cathedral
4. The Rows
5. Chester Zoo
6. River Dee
7. Eastgate Clock
8. Grosvenor Park

Universities in Chester

Chester has some of the top universities in the country. Every Chester student accommodation is located just a few minutes away from the top universities.

1. University of Chester

2. West Cheshire College

3. University of Law

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