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About the Property

Located at 1-3 King St Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S3 8LF, UK, Kings Chambers Sheffield stands out as a highly sought-after student accommodation in Sheffield. The residential haven provides a variety of room options in ensuites and shared apartments, catering to different preferences and needs. Strategically positioned at a convenient distance from several educational institutions, students have the luxury of close proximity to Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield. The Kings Chambers Sheffield student accommodation in Sheffield is not just a place to stay but a community where academic life is integrated with comfort and convenience.

Sheffield, a city renowned for its rich industrial heritage and vibrant cultural scene, serves as an excellent backdrop for students choosing Kings Chambers, student apartments in Sheffield. With a substantial student population, the city boasts a variety of universities that consistently rank high on the educational spectrum. Sheffield stands as an exceptional choice for higher education, boasting a diverse array of universities renowned for their academic excellence and innovative research initiatives. With institutions such as the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, and more, students have access to a wide range of disciplines and academic programs tailored to their interests and career aspirations. This dynamic academic environment is further enriched by the city's vibrant student population, with thousands of students from around the globe calling Sheffield home. Beyond the classroom, Sheffield offers a stimulating cultural scene, abundant green spaces, and a welcoming community, making it an ideal destination for students seeking not just education but a truly enriching experience. The presence of significant historical landmarks, green spaces, and social hubs around Kings Chambers, Sheffield, caters to both the academic and leisure pursuits of its residents. SStudent apartments in Sheffield ensure that students enjoy a holistic experience in a city that celebrates both its past and its progress. Embracing the city's essence, Kings Chambers, Sheffield, not only offers a strategic location near major universities but also provides easy access to popular tourist attractions, exemplifying the blend of historical and contemporary that Sheffield is known for.


Imagine living in a place designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience for students; Kings Chambers, Sheffield, offers just that with its array of bespoke amenities positioned in the heart of Sheffield. With a range of room types, such as Double Ensuite, Single Shared, and Single Ensuite, there's a space for every preference and need.

Kings Chambers, Sheffield student accommodation, understands the importance of both private and social spaces for students. The Room Amenities are thoughtfully chosen to cater to every aspect of student life. Some of the common amenities include weekly cleaning and a lift. You also get an on-site manager, and the bills will include water, electricity, and internet.

Location and What's Hot?

Centrally located in the bustling heart of the city, Kings Chambers, Sheffield student accommodation is a hotspot for university students seeking a vibrant and convenient lifestyle. Surrounded by the pulsating energy of Sheffield's cultural and social scenes, students living here find themselves immersed in a world of excitement and convenience. Just outside your door, the exotic flavors of Novotel Sheffield Centre and Ibis Sheffield City excite food enthusiasts. On the other hand, the tantalising dishes at Kommune and the Moor Market’s eateries offer a communal dining experience that caters to every palate at a driving distance.

For those who cherish a good cup of joe or a delectable pastry, Tamper Coffee Sellers Wheel and Steam Yard are cosy cafes that provide the perfect break from studies. When the night falls, the area around Kings Chambers, Sheffield accommodation in Sheffield, comes alive with some of the city’s best nightlife spots, such as the famed Leadmill and West Street Live, offering the ideal backdrop for socialising and creating unforgettable university memories. Ensuring everyday needs are just a walk away. Students can easily grab their groceries from Sainsbury’s Local or ALDI, guaranteeing that pantry essentials are never in short supply. The lush green spaces of The Ponderosa and Norfolk Heritage Park provide a serene escape to nature amidst the urban landscape. Not to be overlooked, the proximity of Kings Chambers and Sheffield to some of the city's top educational institutions cannot be overstated. Also, Sheffield Hallam University (Collegiate Campus) and Sheffield College are mere steps away, offering a hassle-free commute to lectures and campus events. Even the University of Huddersfield is within the realms of easy accessibility for those who choose to make this prime location their home away from home. Blending the convenience of city life with the demands of academic pursuits, Kings Chambers, Sheffield accommodation stands as a desirable abode for students who desire to live, learn, and connect in the heart of Sheffield.


Living at Kings Chambers Sheffield ensures that students benefit from the pinnacle of convenience when it comes to getting around the vibrant city of Sheffield. Major public bus stops such as High Street Stop (HS2), Angel Street (Stop CG3), West Bar/ West Bar Green (Stop WB1), Sheffield Interchange, and Sheffield Interchange Bus Station are within proximity to your Kings Chambers Sheffield student accommodation. For rail travel, the Sheffield Railway Station is also within easy reach, perfect for those weekend getaways or visiting friends and family. Moreover, you can easily walk or cycle to your college.

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Kings Chambers, Sheffield
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Student Accomodations in Sheffield

Sheffield Student Accommodation

Finding the ideal Sheffield student accommodation can be a challenging task, but with the right assistance, it becomes remarkably simple. Many students opt for Sheffield student accommodation due to the increased freedom, space, and ability to immerse oneself in the local community. Amber serves as a great tool in streamlining this search process, offering a variety of room types in convenient locations close to major educational institutions like Sheffield Hallam University and University of Sheffield.

By choosing accommodation through amber, students gain access to a number of amenities designed to support their academic and social life. Whether looking for a private studio, an en-suite room, or a shared apartment, Amber's selection caters to diverse preferences and needs. The platform's intuitive interface and tailored search make securing the perfect Sheffield student accommodation an effortless experience. In Sheffield, properties like Truro Sheffield, Sheffield, Central Quay, Sheffield, and Leadmill Point, Sheffield are just a couple of examples where students can enjoy a comfortable, well-equipped living space within easy reach of their universities. Amber's listings ensure that you make an informed decision without the hassle, prioritising convenience, comfort, and community.

About Sheffield

Sheffield, a historic city in South Yorkshire, is known for several amazing student flats Sheffield options, its industrial past and vibrant culture. Sheffield is a blend of urban charm and green spaces, boasting a rich heritage as the steel manufacturing heartland of the UK. Today, it's a bustling hub for culture, commerce, and education, attracting a large number of students every year. Sheffield is not just about its past; its present is equally compelling. The city is celebrated for its lively arts scene, diverse communities, and sporting legacy. Its two major universities, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, alongside The Sheffield College and other institutions, support a dynamic student population that adds a youthful energy to the city. The vibrant neighbourhoods within Sheffield, such as Ecclesall Road and Kelham Island, each present their unique vibe and lifestyle. Ecclesall Road is full of charming cafes and shops, whereas Kelham Island echoes the city's industrial heritage with its converted factories and craft breweries.

Sheffield's universities are pillars of excellence and innovation. These institutions contribute significantly to the educational fabric of Sheffield, making it an attractive destination for students seeking quality Sheffield student accommodation. The city embraces its students, offering a supportive and exciting environment to live and study, along with the best student apartments Sheffield choices at affordable rates.

Best Student Accommodation in Sheffield

Finding the perfect Sheffield student accommodation can significantly enhance the university experience, especially for those relocating. Opting for off-campus housing not only affords students the freedom to establish a home away from home but often proves more affordable compared to on-campus alternatives. These options offer an array of options, from ensuite rooms for those who cherish their privacy to vibrant student halls and studio apartments that buzz with student life, providing easy access to local institutions. These accommodations are tailored to suit a variety of preferences, ensuring every student finds their ideal fit. Listed below are some of the top Sheffield student accommodation choices, each with unique advantages to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay:

1. Yugo Bramall Court

2. Vita Student Telephone House

3. Hollis Croft

4. Sheffield 3

5. Central Place

6. The Forge

7. Nebula 

8. iQ Brocco

9. Cosmos

10. Kings Chambers

Cost of Living

Understanding the average cost of living in Sheffield is crucial for students planning their budgets while studying in this vibrant city. Situated in the heart of England, Sheffield is a popular destination for students due to its top-notch universities and a rich cultural scene. On average, students can anticipate a cumulative monthly cost of living around £800-£1000 per month, which will significantly influence their financial planning and lifestyle decisions while pursuing education in Sheffield. Here are some approximate costs associated, apart from the rent for your student accommodation Sheffield property:

1. Food & Groceries - £150-£200/ per month

2. Transportation - £55-£65/ per month

3. Utilities - £40-£60. Per month

4. Clothing - £25-£50/ per month

5. Sports & Leisure - £30-£50/ per month

Student Travel Sheffield

Students looking for convenient Sheffield student accommodation will find that the city offers excellent public transportation options. At the heart of South Yorkshire, Sheffield provides a network of buses, trams, and cycling paths, ensuring that those staying in accommodation in Sheffield remain well-connected to various educational institutions and city hotspots. Affordability and accessibility are the cornerstones of Sheffield's transport infrastructure, making student travel both convenient and budget-friendly.

1. Buses:

The bus network in Sheffield is comprehensive, covering the entire city and suburban areas, including the vicinity of Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield. Buses run frequently with services every few minutes during peak hours. A single bus fare starts at around £2, while a day pass can cost approximately £4, providing unlimited travel for the day. Students can also take advantage of the Student Bus Travel Card for more significant savings on regular travel.

2. Trams:

Sheffield's tram system, known as the Supertram, is a reliable and fast way to navigate the city, including routes that are suitable for students heading to their own colleges. Trams operate from early morning to late at night, with fares similar to bus travel. Tram-only day tickets and combination tickets that allow access to both tram and bus networks for a day are available.

3. Cycling:

For those who prefer pedal power, Sheffield has a network of cycle paths, and its bike-friendly routes make it easy for students to get around. Many options for Sheffield student accommodation provide secure bike storage, and the city's bike hire scheme is an affordable way to cycle, with prices starting from just a few pounds.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Sheffield

Sheffield, a city synonymous with a rich blend of culture and history, where student living is as dynamic as it is comfortable. Known for its safe and student-friendly environment, Sheffield is a city that never fails to charm those pursuing academic excellence. Its vibrant community spirit makes it a sought-after destination for students seeking high-quality Sheffield student accommodation with amenities that complement modern student lifestyles. For those new to the city, the Sheffield cafe and pub scene is a definite highlight. Spots like the Steam Yard Coffee Co. offer a cosy ambiance for both studying and socialising, while the Frog and Parrot on Division Street serves up live music and an eclectic range of craft beers, perfect for a break from the books. In the heart of Sheffield, The Green Room with its lush, green space and chill vibe, attracts students seeking a slice of tranquillity amid city life. When it comes to recreation, the city is brimming with options. Adding to Sheffield's allure are the events and cultural festivals that enhance the student experience. From the Tramlines Festival, which showcases music talents across genres, to the Sheffield Doc/Fest celebrating documentary films, the city teems with artistic verve. Those looking for amazing student accommodation Sheffield choices will find themselves at the intersection of cultural vibrancy and academic pursuit. Sheffield's reputation as a diverse and welcoming city ensures students have a truly enriching time during their studies at their Sheffield student accommodation.

Sheffield Tourist Attractions

Known for its lush green spaces and rich industrial heritage, Sheffield is a vibrant city teeming with cultural landmarks and picturesque sights. It's not just a haven for students searching for top-notch Sheffield student accommodation, but also a destination for travellers eager to discover its many attractions. Some are:

1. The Winter Garden

2. Sheffield Cathedral

3. The Peace Gardens

4. Kelham Island Museum

5. The Millennium Gallery

6. Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Universities in Sheffield

Apart from excellent student accommodation Sheffield choices, this city is also renowned for its prestigious universities and vibrant academic community. Students from all over the globe flock to this educational hub that boasts a perfect blend of cutting-edge research and top-quality learning environments. Some of the most well-known universities include:

1. University of Sheffield

2. Sheffield Hallam University

3. Sheffield Hallam University (Collegiate Campus)

4. The Sheffield College

5. University of Huddersfield

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