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Parish Hall, Egham
Premium Studio - Bedroom
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Common Area

Parish Hall, Egham

Church Rd, Egham, TW20 9LJ, United Kingdom
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About the Property

Parish Hall (TW20 9LJ) is your ideal student accommodation in Egham! Situated conveniently near Royal Holloway and Brunel University, it offers easy access to both campuses. With a range of studio room types, including premium studios, they cater to every student's needs. Whether you seek privacy or a social atmosphere, they've got you covered. The location of Parish Hall Egham ensures you're close to academic excellence without the hassle of long commutes. Enjoy modern amenities, a vibrant community, and a comfortable living environment. Discover convenience and comfort at Parish Hall Egham, your home away from home in the heart of student life.

Located in Surrey, Egham is a quaint town steeped in history and charm, offering a perfect blend of urban convenience and picturesque surroundings. Parish Hall Egham, situated amidst this vibrant locale, provides an ideal accommodation option for students seeking a comfortable stay close to various amenities. Just a stone's throw away from Parish Hall Egham, lies the bustling High Street, brimming with an array of shops, cafes, and restaurants catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Additionally, the tranquil beauty of Egham Hythe and the enchanting landscapes of Runnymede are within easy reach, offering perfect spots for relaxation and strolls. For those seeking recreational activities, the nearby Englefield Green boasts expansive green spaces, perfect for picnics or outdoor sports. Moreover, the proximity to the River Thames provides opportunities for scenic riverside walks and boating adventures.

What sets Parish Hall Egham, apart from other accommodations, is its unique blend of modern comfort and historic charm. The accommodation offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with attentive staff dedicated to ensuring a pleasant stay for every guest. With its convenient location and cozy ambiance, Parish Hall, Egham stands out as the ideal choice for students looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and serene surroundings of this charming town.


Parish Hall Egham offers a plethora of studio rooms and amenities catering to diverse needs. Among these are essential features such as a desk and desk chair for work or study, a refreshing shower, and convenient USB ports. For those seeking culinary convenience, there's a fridge, freezer, microwave, and combi oven. Ample study space allows for focused learning or productivity. Additional perks include onsite bike storage, laundry facilities, and closeness to the railway station for easy commuting. Safety and security are prioritized with onsite management, 24-hour security, and CCTV surveillance.

Location and What's Hot?

Living in Parish Hall Egham makes getting to both Royal Holloway and Brunel University super easy. You're practically in the middle of both campuses! It's like having a foot in each place. Imagine rolling out of bed and strolling to class without worrying about being late. Plus, shops and cafes surround you, and all the things you need. No more long commutes or rushing around. Parish Hall Egham is like a cozy nest right in the heart of student life. It's not just a place to stay; it's your gateway to a hassle-free university experience. Choosing to live in Parish Hall Egham can lead to an exciting social life full of convenience and exploration. First off, Parish Hall Egham is situated in a bustling area, so you won't have to trek far for your essentials. Just a short walk away, you'll find a couple of grocery stores like Tesco Express and Sainsbury's Local, where you can stock up on groceries without breaking a sweat. These stores will be your go-to spots for everything from snacks to cooking ingredients.

If you're a coffee aficionado or just love hanging out with friends over a cuppa, you're in luck! Right around the corner from Parish Hall Egham, you'll discover cozy cafes like Costa Coffee and Caffè Nero. Whether you need a caffeine fix to kickstart your day or want to unwind after classes, these spots will become your second home. But social life isn't just about food and drinks; it's also about exploring culture and history. Luckily, Parish Hall Egham is close to some fascinating museums and galleries. Take a stroll to the nearby Egham Museum to delve into the local history and learn about the town's heritage. It's a great way to spend a rainy afternoon or a lazy weekend soaking up knowledge and culture. In the evenings, if you're up for some entertainment, you won't have to venture far. The Egham Hythe Social Club is just a stone's throw away from Parish Hall Egham. Here, you can catch up with locals, enjoy live music, or participate in fun events like quiz nights. It's a fantastic way to meet new people and immerse yourself in the community vibe.


Getting around the city is pretty accessible, especially from this Egham student accommodation. If you're traveling by metro, the closest stations are Heathrow Terminal 5, Hatton Cross, and Hounslow West. From there, you can catch a bus to Egham, Church Road, or Royal Holloway College. The distance from Parish Hall to these metro stations varies, but they're generally reachable within a reasonable time frame. If you're flying in or out, airports are available, such as Egham Taxis Royal Cars and Aeri Mag 2000 LHR Ltd. Additionally, Ascot Racecourse Heliport provides amazing services, which might be handy for certain travelers. Overall, whether you're relying on public transportation or private services, getting to and from Parish Hall Egham shouldn't pose too much of a challenge.

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Common Amenities

Study Space
Onsite Bike Storage
Close to Railway Station

Cancellation Policies (4)

  • Cooling Off Period
    This property offers cooling-off period.
  • No Visa No Pay
    This property allows cancellation due to visa rejection.
  • No Place No Pay
    This property allows cancellation if admission is not secured.

Payment Policies (3)

  • Booking Deposit
    This property requires booking deposit.
  • Mode Of Payment
    This property accepts limited payment methods.
  • Guarantor Requirement
    Guarantor requirements and policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

My offer has been rejected by the university, can I cancel my booking?

Yes, please screenshot your rejection letter from UCAS along with your name and reference number. 

How close is the University?

Royal Holloway, University of London’s main campus is approx. 15 minute walk away.

Do I have contents insurance?


I’m an international student, do I need a UK guarantor to book?

If you wish to pay your rent in instalments you will need a UK Guarantor, If you don’t have access to a UK Guarantor you can apply to Housing Hand. They provide a UK guarantor service for international students who are unable to provide a suitable guarantor.

Is there a medical centre nearby?

The nearest medical centre is The Grove Medical Centre on Church Road. 

Where is the nearest cashpoint?

There is a ATM in Egham Station and most high street banks can be found on the High Street in Egham.

Where is the nearest police station?

The nearest police station is Staines, 22 Kingston Road, Staines, TW18 4LQ Tel: 01483 571212

Where is the nearest post office?

The nearest post office is on the High Street – 68a High Street TW20 9EY and is a 3-minute walk away

Where is the nearest gym?

Active Lifestyle, Egham Orbit is a 14-minute walk away or The Sports Centre at RHUL campus is a 20-minute walk away

Where is the nearest supermarket?

There is a Waitrose on Church Road or you can find Tesco and Iceland Foods on the High Street.

Can I pay via an installment plan?

Yes, you can as long as you have a guarantor.

Can I sublet my room to another student?

No, they do not allow subletting at Parish Hall.
You won't be charged yet

Student Accomodations in Egham

Egham Student Accommodation

Egham is a small, pleasant town in England, UK. It is home to several prestigious colleges and universities, and these universities attract many international students, so the primary issue lies in finding the perfect student accommodation in Egham. It may seem overwhelming and tedious for students unfamiliar with the location. As difficult as it sounds, students also face trouble finding suitable accommodation near their universities. Amber provides several options and helps them find the perfect student housing Egham per their preferences and needs. The housing options are student rooms, studios, ensuites, and apartments. These student houses to rent in Egham have a top-notch quality stay reputation; their ambiance is filled with warmth and excitement, and it’s the best place for socialising in the new city. For reasonable and affordable housing, through Amber, you can find shared rooms and apartments that will be perfect for you and your friends. Some Egham student housing options that amber provides include Hox Park, Parish Hall, The Bridge, and iQ The Pad.

About Egham

Egham is a tiny, peaceful town with a fascinating history and a welcoming environment for college students. Egham is only 40 minutes by rail from London and is surrounded by greenery and environment. Egham, located in Surrey's northeast, is close to the historic site where the Magna Carta was signed in 1215. The nearby areas are Bagshot, Old Windsor, and Virginia Water. The most famous museum in the place is the Egham Museum. Numerous leisure and sports activities are conducted in the town. One can fulfil all their hobbies and guilty pleasures without travelling long distances. Egham's stunning National Park is the best place to venture and discover new things. Surrounded by the stunning landscapes of Bonaly Country Park, the city is a haven for outdoor adventures and peaceful walks. Who doesn't crave such sites? Nature paves the pathway for a calm, peaceful mind, away from work and worries.

Egham is also a centre of higher education. The city is home to many prestigious universities, making it an intellectual powerhouse. Notable institutions like the Royal Holloway and School of Management University of London are recognised for academic excellence, advanced research, and diverse student population. These universities attract researchers and students from all over the world, creating a diverse and intellectual environment.

Best Student Accommodation in Egham

Student accommodation plays an important role in shaping student learning. You may wonder how. It's more than a place to rest. It fosters a strong community that nurtures relationships and lifelong friendships. Students have the privilege to pick from ensuites, non-ensuites, studios, and bedroom apartments. In addition, student accommodation in Egham is safe and well-designed because comfort is essential to the well-being of students and guarantees academic and social success. However, one should conduct thorough research on the student housing in Egham before making their final decision. If you are in search of student accommodation in Egham then, check out the following:

1. Hox Park, Egham

2. Parish Hall

3. IQ The Pad

4. IQ The Podium

5. Straits Garden

6. Guilden Village

7. Scape GuildFord

8. The Bridge

9. London House

10. Ash Grove Court

Cost of Living

If you're an international student, the cost of living is a factor you consider at every step. It might seem trivial, but it holds great importance when living abroad. Amber helps you with student housing in Egham by eliminating any extra bills on your rent. Your cost of living in Egham can depend on factors like the area, your preferences, and your choices. A total of  £1500- £1800 can be a rough estimate one needs to live a healthy life in Egham for a week.

Following is a rough estimate of your expenses in Egham.

1. Food and beverages: £80 - £130 per month

2. Travel: £75 - £140 per month

3. Gas and electricity: £40 - £60 per week

4. Laundry: £20 - £40 per week

5. Gas and electricity: £40 - £65 per week

6. Mobile bills: £25 - £45 per week

7. Course books and Stationery: £20 - £30 per week

Student Travel in Egham

Egham is a charming Surrey town with excellent transport links, making it easy for residents and visitors to explore the surroundings. Commuting to and fro for work is easy in Egham. Due to Egham's efficient transportation system, travel is hassle-free and reasonable. You can take the bus or train or arrange a taxi. Amber provides convenient private accommodation in Egham for students with a well-connected transportation system nearby. The following are the most affordable and popular forms of transportation for students:

1. Bus: The city centre is where you can find the bus terminal in Egham. There are 53 bus stops in Egham leading you in and out of the town. One can avail multiple buses from all student accommodation in Egham. Services like 441 and 71 easily connect the city to attractions and nearby towns, with adult tickets ranging from £2-£8, depending on your destination.

2. Train: The train station connects the city with London Waterloo in around 40 minutes, making it ideal for day trips or business. An adult one-way ticket costs around £12-15. Additionally, travel cards offer discounts to regular commuters. The average train trip from London to Egham, about 30 km (19 miles) away, takes 50 minutes. From London to Egham, there are typically 77 trains daily, and advance-purchase tickets for this route start at £12.82.

3. Cycling: Cycling is a popular option in Egham for people who prefer eco-friendly options. The city's well-maintained roads allow residents to cycle and enjoy the beautiful scenery easily.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Egham

Egham City offers a unique student lifestyle that combines academics with fun activities. Located in a prime location, this charming town is home to the prestigious Royal Holloway University and attracts diverse student groups worldwide. When it comes to cool places, Egham has it all. Stroll through the beautiful Windsor Great Park for some calm and peace. Head to the bustling city centre filled with trendy cafes and hyped-up bars for a great atmosphere. Whether you're in the mood for a little coffee or a hearty meal, Egham has plenty of cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.

The town conducts several events throughout the year, such as music festivals, art exhibitions, and festivals. Don't miss the Egham Royal Show, an amazing event showcasing local arts and crafts. Egham has many clubs and bars for those looking for nightlife where you can dance the night away and mingle with the students. For international students, Egham, a tiny and traditional town, has much to offer. You will feel at home in the tight-knit neighbourhood, and the picturesque surroundings will let you discover the English countryside and culture.

Egham also offers great opportunities for personal growth and development. Royal Holloway has some knowledgeable courses, professors, and workplaces. One can avail of multiple student houses to rent in Egham near the institute.

Egham Tourist Attractions

Universities in Egham are not the only prominent aspect of the town. There are multiple attractions to explore; one can take a bus or train from their Egham student accommodation to explore the city. Students are open to explore the area and learn more about the place. Here are some of the tourist attractions in Egham:

1. Magna Carta Monument

2. Royal Holloway

3. Egham Museum

4. Truss's Island

5. Achieve Lifestyle

6. Runnymede National Trust

Universities in Egham

Being a small town in England, there are two mainstream universities in Egham. Some of the best universities that students choose to go to are:

1. Royal Holloway

2. School of Management University of London

3. Brunel University

4. Bishopshalt School

5. Kingston University

6. Rosedale University

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