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Poulson House, Stoke-on-Trent
Premier Studio - Bedroom
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Poulson House, Stoke-on-Trent

Spark St, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 1AB, United Kingdom
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common room
study area
laundry room

About the Property

Poulson House is a modern student accommodation in Stoke-on-Trent offering self-contained fully furnished studios near Cauldon Park. Moreover, Staffordshire University is an 11-minute walk away and Stoke on Trent College is just a 3-minute walk away from the accommodation, making it ideal for students attending these colleges and universities.


The accommodation provides nicely decorated and furnished studios with lots of amenities to make students’ stay memorable. The bedroom comes with a comfortable bed next to the window, study area with a study desk, chair and bookshelf, a drawer, and plenty of storage space. Each room comes with a private kitchenette to cook delicious meals. The property provides free high-speed wifi to enjoy buffer-free content, study area, bike storage, and laundry facilities to make students’ lives easier. The property also has some amazing social spaces such as a big communal lounge with sofas and a big-screen Tv to watch movies and indoor games to chill with friends. They also have a fully equipped gym to workout and stay fit.

Location and What's Hot?

The property is based in a peaceful area of the city and it is surrounded by parks, restaurants, and shops. Karahi Master an Indian restaurant is nearby to try some spicy and delicious dishes or you can visit the Uni Chip restaurant for the best fish and chips in the town. Shelton Minimarket is just around the corner so students don’t need to travel far for grocery shopping. The Ember bar is a short walk away to drink and party with friends and unwind on weekends. Café Cadman cafe is a few blocks away to get a cup of coffee on way to the University.


The accommodation is well-connected to public transport with multiple bus stops available in the area Cauldon Road bus stop is just a minute walk away and the Beresford Street bus stop is 3 minutes away on foot. Furthermore, Stoke-on-Trent train station is a 7-minute walk away.

What will you get

Your Rent Include


Common Amenities

Common room
Laundry room
Bike Storage
Air Conditioning
Cinema Room
Games Room

Cancellation Policies (5)

  • Cooling Off Period
    This property offers cooling-off period.
  • No Visa No Pay
    This property allows cancellation due to visa rejection.
  • No Place No Pay
    This property allows cancellation if admission is not secured.

Payment Policies (5)

  • Booking Deposit
    This property requires booking deposit.
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    This property offers flexible instalment plan.
  • Mode Of Payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When am I due to check out?

After your time with them at Property Management I am sure it will be difficult to leave them behind! Your latest check out date is the end date of your tenancy. You are able to leave prior to your tenancy end date, you will just need to sign at Reception to inform the onsite property team that you have left and do not intend on returning.

What do I need to do to check out?

You will need to ensure that your room (and kitchen) is left clean, tidy and free of waste. All of your items need to be removed, with the room left in the same condition that you found it You simply then will need to sign at Reception to say that you have left

What is the latest time for my checkout?

You will need to check with the onsite team in advance of your checkout, usually the check out time is 14:00.

When will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be returned to you within 30 days of the end of your tenancy, if there are any deductions then you will be alerted to this. You will be contacted by the DPS to arrange the return.

What Happens after I have checked out?

Following your departure the onsite team will conduct an inspection of your room and communal areas, they will check this against the check in inspection (and inventory form completed). If there are any issues or damages then they will then contact you with information on damages and charges.

Can I store my luggage for me once I have left?

No. They are not able to store any items following your departure so you will need to take them all with you, or organise for a storage company to assist.

Can I leave my items in my room if I have rebooked for the next year?

If you have rebooked for next year however your current tenancy ends before the beginning of your next tenancy, then you will need to speak to the onsite team to have a summer short stay tenancy to fill in this gap.

I forget to add something onto my inventory form, will I be charged?

Yes most likely you will be, the inventory form is sent out so that you can add any issues when you move in. The onsite team also do a full inspection of the rooms prior to your arrival. Please do speak to your onsite team if you have any questions.

An item in the kitchen has been broken, will be I charged for it?

Property Management does charge for damages in the rooms and communal areas. In the kitchen this is a shared space with shared responsibilities and unless one person takes full responsibility (and therefore the full charge), then this will be split between all people in the cluster.

What happens if I don’t pay my rent?

You are required to pay your rent in line with your tenancy agreement, however if your student finance does not align with your 4 instalment option, then please contact your accommodation team directly who will be able to assist you further. If you do not pay your rent, then Property Management follows a 3 stage debt process*, therefore they recommend that you speak to your accommodation team in the first instance if you are having any financial issues before these proceedings begin. Your University does also have financial aid for students experiencing financial difficulty and it would be advisable to speak to them directly. The Property Management 3 stage Debt Process includes (but is not limited to); contact with your guarantor, legal proceedings against you and your guarantor, CCJ’s, adverse credit and finally Section 8 Notice leading to eviction.

When will the onsite team need access to my room/kitchen?

When access is required the onsite property team will give you prior notice. Regular maintenance and health and safety checks are required throughout the building, if regular access is required to your communal areas then you will be informed either in your welcome pack or on the noticeboard in your kitchen

When are the room inspections?

As a part of your tenancy you will have inspections 3 / 4 times a year, these are organised by the onsite team who will give you prior notice. 

My room does not look exactly like the website - can I move?

All of the images on their website show the representation of the rooms and room types in the accommodation, and are for marketing purposes only. Your room will have the same fixtures, fittings and equipment although it may be in a slightly different set up or layout.

Can I have friends stay over with me overnight?

With Property Management you truly are home, therefore your guests are more than welcome to stay over with you. They would ask that you let both the onsite team know, and also take into consideration your flatmates. Guests are able to stay for a maximum of 3 nights, for further information please speak to your accommodation team. You are solely responsible for your guests, and you would be liable if they cause any complaints or damage.

Do I have to be there when my post is delivered?

Their team are more than happy to assist you with this, you will need to agree to them signing for your post when arriving. They will take in your parcels, store them safely and let you know when you have an item to collect – they will be using Parcel Tracker to log and inform you of your parcel arriving – here they are able to ensure your parcel is carbon neutral for the ‘last leg’ of its journey They can only hold your parcels for 14 days before they must return them, as they have very limited space to store items

How do I have my post delivered?

You will need to ensure that your post is labelled correctly; YOUR NAME, YOUR ROOM ACCOMMODATION NAME 1ST LINE OF ADDRESS CITY POSTCODE This information is available from your tenancy agreement, or in your welcome pack.

How do I report a maintenance issue in my room?

Within 7 days of your arrival you will be sent an inventory form to complete, any issues that you may find can be reported on this to the property staff – they can then look into getting these issues rectified for you. If you have any issues during the year, then you can log these via the App, this lets the property team know about any issues – please remember they will need access permission to get this sorted for you! Maintenance issues will be completed; Priority One – Emergency repairs – are completed, and or made safe, within 24 hours of a report of a defect Priority Two – Urgent Repairs – are completed within five working days of report of the defect Priority Three – Non-Urgent Repairs – are completed within 28 days of a report of a defect.

When can I check into my room?

Your room is cleaned, prepared and ready for you from the start of your tenancy with them. You do not have to check in on the start date of your tenancy agreement, but your room and the team will be there to help you! What do I need to do to check in? Once your tenancy has been completed and co-signed you will be looking to move to the next step – moving in! you will need to ensure that your first instalment (or full payment if you are paying upfront), and deposit is paid before you will be able to check in. You will need to bring your ID with you too!

Can someone else check in for me?

No. You have to be able to present your ID and sign for your key yourself, even if you are going to be late you need to be present to check in

What is included in my room?

They provide all the basic furniture that you will need for your stay with them, including bed, desk, wardrobe etc. They do not provide bedding, linen or kitchen items – if this is something that you are wanting them to organise for you for your arrival, you will need to contact them a minimum of 28 days prior to your arrival (additional costs apply).

Do I need to let you know when I am checking in?

You will be sent an email from your property team asking for this information, this is so they can prepare for your arrival and have someone available to check you in faster after your journey – Property do recommend that you let them know.

Can you store my luggage before I arrive?

They are not able to store any items prior to your arrival as they will be in the process of getting your room ready for you! – you can always organise a store service who can store and deliver any items to the property on your behalf.

When do I provide my Council Tax Exemption Certificate?

When you have registered for your course at your chosen University you will need to speak to your ‘Student Services’ team to get your ‘Council Tax Exemption Certificate’. This should be presented to your accommodation team within 7 days of your registration, without this you will be liable for your Council Tax payments.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

If you are an international student and unable to pay via Direct Debit or card then they are able to offer the option of a bank transfer. Please note that many banks charge a ‘transfer fee’, and you will need to ensure that the money sent will need to cover both the fee and the full rental payment. This can be completed via StuRents on request. If you are wishing to pay via bank transfer you will need to contact onsite team

Can I pay in instalments?

If you have a UK guarantor then you are able to choose between 4 or 9 instalments, if you do not have a guarantor then you will need to pay in full and prior to your arrival

How do I sign my tenancy?

The tenancy agreements are sent out to you via their tenancy portal StuRents. You will be emailed with a link to your agreement where you will be asked to upload your ID (passport) and student ID (this can be your offer letter), pay your deposit, and then simply sign!

Do Property Provides Arrival Packs?

Property do not provide additional items for rooms or kitchens, however if you are wanting to organise for items to be delivered and ready for you at your accommodation then UniKitOut would be able to assist you.

What Utilities are included in my AST?

Please see your AST for full details – a reasonable usage of gas, water, electricity and internet are included in your rental payments. Please note that unreasonable or excessive usage of such services can and will be recharged to the tenant. A TV license is also required to be provided by the tenant for any personal use, PMG provides the communal area license.

What if happen if I left something in my room after I have checkout?

Once you have left your room and checked out you should have taken all of your items with you, therefore all the items left behind are disposed of without liability. You must ensure that all of your items are taken with you.

to pay Council Tax?

My contract does not include itAs a full time student, you are considered as exempt by the local Councils – however as with all residential properties this must be proven once you have registered at your chosen University. When you have registered your course you will need to liaise with your ‘Student Services’ team to get your ‘Council Tax Exemption Certificate’ which must be presented to your accommodation team. Without proof of Council Tax exemption you will be liable to pay in full.

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Student Accomodations in Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke-on-Trent Student Accommodation

Finding suitable student housing in Stoke on Trent can be a hassle, but choosing suitable student accommodation is not at all problematic. Amber offers many affordable options for comfortable student housing that are priced reasonably. Numerous prestigious universities, including Staffordshire University, Keele University, University of Birmingham, and Manchester Metropolitan University, may be found close to student housing in Central Stoke on Trent. The city of Stoke on Trent offers a variety of student housing options, from expensive to affordable. The utmost comfort of the students is the primary design goal of all Stoke on Trent student housing. Everyone can find something to do in the city.

Stoke on Trent's student housing is divided into private halls of residence, private housing, and dorms. Stoke on Trent's student housing comprises cosy, opulent, yet affordable student accommodations. Private student housing options in Stoke on Trent include studios, communal apartments, and comfortable, opulent yet cost-effective en suites that include all utilities. Students in Stoke on Trent who are seeking short-term rentals have housing alternatives as well. Lomax Halls is a good option for you if you want accommodation near Staffordshire University.

About Stoke-on-Trent

One of the most significant cities in Staffordshire county is Stoke-on-Trent, one of the oldest English county areas in the UK. Stoke-on-Trent, a lovely hilly, mountainous, and water-covered territory established following England's early warring and mediaeval history, has been a significant economic sector of the UK. The town's economy historically relied on manufacturing and the ceramics sector. With over 55% of all jobs in the service sector, it is currently the dominant component of the local economy. The Old English word "stoc," which means outlying farmstead or hamlet, is whence the name Stoke originates. Its name was Stoche in the 1086 Domesday Book.

Stoke-on-Trent is a well-linked rural area of England because it borders popular adjacent cities like Manchester, Coventry, and Leicester. Stoke-on-Trent’s architecture combines early 19th and 20th-century elements, drawing inspiration from historical and contemporary conflicts. Numerous unique tourist destinations, including Stoke on Trent Trentham Estate and Middleport Pottery, draw thousands of visitors annually. Additionally, the City is home to a sizable number of foreign students. Stoke-on-Trent will develop your taste from a peaceful nightlife to a friendly culture in your university that has a versatile of students from various countries.

Best student accommodation in Stoke on Trent

Stoke on Trent is a safe place for students to live and offers a variety of recreational opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. Student housing in Stoke-on Trent provided by amber is located in prime locations. All the student accommodations in Stoke in Trent come fully furnished with modern and student-friendly interiors and are located close to the top universities in the locality. These student accommodations are also surrounded by things to do and have cafes, restaurants, grocery stores and much more nearby. There is a varied range of studios and ensuites for the students to choose from. Here are a few of Stoke on Trent’s top student accommodations to call home:

1. Stoke Student Village, Stoke on Trent

2. Poulson House, Stoke on Trent

3. Lomax Halls, Stoke On Trent

4. One London Road, Newcastle, Under Lyme

5. Keele House, Newcastle, Under Lyme

6. The Metropolis, Newcastle, Under Lyme

Cost of Living

The student housing in Stoke on Trent is perfect for students. Good planning and budgeting can help students avoid going over budget. These are just the average costs; your cost will depend on your own lifestyle choices. It is advised to have a budget of £1,000–£1,300 per month, which covers all living and other personal expenses for student housing in Stoke on Trent.

1. Food and beverages: £90 - £130 per month

2. Travel: £80 - £140 per month

3. Gas and electricity: £40 - £60 per week

4. Laundry: £20 - £40 per week

5. Gas and electricity: £40 - £65 per week

6. Mobile bills: £25 - £45 per week

7. Course books and Stationery: £20 - £30 per week

Student Travel Stoke-on-Trent

Travelling in Stoke on Trent is hassle-free because there is a good transport network. You can travel by bus, or train, or book a taxi. Cycling and walking are also healthy and affordable modes of travel for students. The following are the most economical and preferred mediums of transport for students while living in Stoke on Trent.

1. Bus: Within the plan's framework, you can travel with any of the bus companies listed below at any time on any bus route throughout Stoke on Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, and North Staffordshire. You get Smart tickets for hassle-free travel. Smart ticket bus operators are First, D and G, Scraggs and Arriva Midland. If you are 16 years of age or older, enrolled in school, and have a valid student ID, you may purchase a Student Smart ticket.

2. Train: EMR and Avanti West Coast trains are the primary train types that stop at Stoke on Trent. While Avanti West Coast trains travel from London Euston to Stoke on Trent in 2 hours and eight minutes and from Manchester Piccadilly to Stoke on Trent in 49 minutes, EMR services connect Crewe to Stoke on Trent in 24 minutes and Derby to Stoke on Trent in 52 minutes.

3. Cycling: Cycling in Stoke on Trent allows students to explore the city and its surroundings on two wheels. Stoke on Trent, located in Staffordshire, England, has several cycling routes and amenities for cyclists to enjoy. There are many places where students can buy or rent bikes.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, with its reputation for friendliness, offers accessible and affordable attractions that make it an excellent area to live and study. Traditional market towns and bustling city centres with stores and nightlife to suit all likes and budgets are available to consumers in the region. Sports enthusiasts will find a range of activities to participate in or spectate, as Stoke-on-Trent is home to various sports facilities and teams. Football, rugby, and cricket are particularly popular Two of Europe's largest and best amusement parks, Alton Towers Resort and Drayton Manor, the UK's top indoor water park, WaterWorld, and the SnowDome in Tamworth, with year-round skiing on real snow, are just a few of the genuinely world-class leisure facilities available here.

It is home to several renowned universities and colleges and has a thriving academic community that contributes to its youthful and energetic atmosphere. There are cinema halls, gyms and sports clubs to enjoy and stay active. The city offers many options to enjoy nightlife and hang out with your buddies. There are a number of clubs, bars and restaurants where you can have a fun night out. Some nightlife options here in Stoke on Trent are Millionaires Bar, Bar360, Gossip Stoke, Fiction Hanley and The Underground. The cost of living in Stoke-on-Trent is relatively affordable compared to larger cities, making it an attractive choice for students. Overall, it will be a fun and chill experience for the students here in Stoke on Trent.

Stoke-on-Trent Tourist Attractions

Tourists, students and visitors have a lot to explore in the city. The place is vibrant and safe for everyone. There are a lot of Student Accommodations in Stoke on Trent as well so that the students do not have to worry about housing and bills and can enjoy the place thoroughly. The most popular Stoke-on-Trent tourist attractions are:

1. Mow Cop Castle

2. World of Wedgwood

3. Biddulph Grange Garden

4. Cultural Quarter

5. Trentham Estate

6. Potteries Shopping Centre

7. Potteries Museum and Art and Gallery

Universities in Stoke-on-Trent

There are a number of top-notch universities in Stoke on Trent with a high standard of education and amazing faculty. There is a range of subjects taught at these universities, and there is something for everyone. Some of the top universities in Stoke on Trent are:

1. Staffordshire University

2. Keele University

3. Stoke on Trent College

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