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The Print House is a perfect student accommodation located in the heart of Loughborough, providing students with a truly exceptional experience. You can explore many bar and pubs, amazing cafes, cinema, and excellent transport link to the rest of the UNK and airport if at your doorstep. The Print House offers everything you need for you to experience the best student life experience in Loughborough. The Print house student accommodation offers 94 classic en-suite rooms with large beds and five studios. If you don't mind sharing, En-suite is the best option; you will have a comfortable bed, wardrobe, ample storage space to keep your belongings, study desk, and you will share a kitchen with other flatmates. If you want to have your private and independent space, you can choose the self- contained Studio in which you will have the double bed, wardrobe, ample storage space, huge study desk, En-suite bathroom, private kitchen with super-fast internet throughout. The Print House also provides communal space for you to chill with your friends, and communicate with other residents, High-speed WiFi, secure bike storage, on-site laundry to make your stay convenient. Print house student housing provides the best accommodation experience to keep the right balance of study and social life.

The Print House will give you an experience you will never forget and a comfortable and hassle-free stay.

distance to

- The University of Loughborough is approx. 15 minutes walk away.

- Loughborough Design School is 9 minutes drive from the property.

- Loughborough hospital is 7 minutes drive from The Print house student housing.

- If you are not in a mood to have your usual dinner, you can have a fantastic meal at the TARBOUSH, which is a short walk away from the property.

- The high Street bus station is just 3 minutes walk away.

- Loughborough train station is approx. 20 minutes walk from the property.

- After a long tiring day at the University, you can chill with your friends in The Phantom, which is only 2 minutes walk from The Print house student housing.


TV (communal)
Bike Storage
Disabled Access
PhotCommon Roomocopier

Community Facilities

All bills included
En-suite Study Rooms
Close to academic institutes and amenities
On-site Maintenance
Mini safe and fridge in Study Rooms
Large beds in fitted Study Rooms
High speed WiFi


Classic En-Suite£90 - £103/week
Area13 sqm
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

An airy Classic en-suite, 13m2 with a sized bed, wardrobe, storage space, a massive study desk as well as a microwave and mini fridge in every room. Clusters are arranged by floor level with 7 students to one kitchen or 13 to two kitchens. Superfast internet in every room.

Duration:42 week
Move in:31 Oct, 2020
Duration:55 week
Move in:15 Jan, 2021
Duration:48 week
Move in:25 Sep, 2021
Duration:42 week
Move in:31 Oct, 2020
Sold Out£93/week
Classic Studio£130/week
Area28 sqm
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen

A very large 28m2 Classic self-contained studio. With full sized double bed, double wardrobe, lots of storage, huge study desk, en-suite bathroom, a private kitchenette with access to common cluster kitchens and our super-fast internet.

Duration:48 week
Move in:25 Sep, 2021

Booking Details

Cancellation Policy

4.1 Cancellation cooling off period(s) If you choose to cancel your booking with property Management group, you will have 5 calendar days after signing your AST to do so.  

If you made your booking fewer than 5 calendar days before your AST start date, you may cancel your booking until the earlier of (a) 5 calendar days after signing your AST, or (b) the date you actually check in.   

You may request to cancel your booking by sending an email to the property.  

Property Management group will refund your deposit (less a 50.00 fee) within 14 calendar days of accepting your cancellation. International bank transfers can take longer to process funds and incur a transfer fee.  

4.2 Cancellations after the cooling off period(s) You will not be able to cancel your booking after your cooling off period has ended. You and your Guarantor (if applicable) will be required to meet the obligations set out within your AST.   

4.3 Cancellations after you have moved into the accommodation We hope you speak to our local property manager if you are thinking about leaving your accommodation. If you do decide to leave your accommodation during your contracted term, the landlord may agree to release you from your contract, providing the conditions set out below are met: You provide sufficient evidence to support your cancellation request You find a suitable replacement (who must be enrolled as a full-time student at a local university or college) to take a new tenancy agreement for your room for the remaining period of your contract.  The incoming tenant must enter into an AST with property Management group, providing the relevant requested documents, and where relevant also providing a suitable UK Guarantor. Refunds due will not be processed until the incoming tenant taking over the contract has signed the AST, paid and moved into the accommodation. If you fail to find someone to take over your tenancy, you and your guarantor (if applicable) will be responsible for paying the full rent until the end of your contracted time at the accommodation. You will also remain liable for the rent payment until the new tenants AST starts.  

4.4 Cancellations by property Management group or the Landlord Our terms and conditions require you to sign your AST within the period specified on your electronic AST. If you and your Guarantor (if applicable) fail to sign your AST within this timescale, your AST will be automatically cancelled.  

Property Management group retains its right to cancel your AST and retain your deposit should you fail to provide a suitable guarantor for your tenancy on more than 2 occasions. If for any reason property Management group is not able to offer you accommodation once your AST is fully signed, we will contact you as soon as possible detailing the reasons why, or offering an alternative solution on terms sufficiently similar than the ones already agreed upon. If we cannot offer a suitable alternative, we will refund all monies paid to property Management group. Should you decline the alternative accommodation, you can find a suitable replacement tenant to take over your tenancy and you and your Guarantor (if applicable) will remain liable for the rent payment until such time.  

4.5 First-year students who do not get a place at university: No Place, No Stay This offer is applicable to undergraduate first-year students only.  

If you are a prospective first-year undergraduate student, and your offer of a place at your preferred university/higher education institution is withdrawn, you may be eligible to receive a refund of your deposit minus a 50 fee.  

You may also be eligible to cancel under No Place, No Stay if you choose to go to a different university in a city that does not have availability in a property. Where you have been accepted in university in a city where property Management group has availability in a property, your booking will be transferred to that property.  

To cancel under No Place, No Stay, you must supply either (a) a copy of a written rejection letter from your chosen university/college; or (b) a copy of the acceptance letter from a new university. This must be received by the property over the mail within 5 calendar days of the date on which you have requested a cancellation. On receipt of the required documentation, provided it is satisfactory, the agreement will be cancelled with a refund of your deposit, minus a 50 fee. 

Payment Details

Rent Info:

Pay 30% in August, rest in 10 - 10% of the remaining rent in the months of September, October, November, December, January, February, March Without any Guarantor.

Payment in Instalments (requires a UK Guarantor) 

9 Instalment Option:

August:          10% of total rent

September:   10% of total rent (or 20% if booked after 14 August)

October:        10% of total rent

November:    10% of total rent

December:    10% of total rent

January:         10% of total rent

February:       10% of total rent

March:           10% of total rent

April:              20% of total rent

4 Instalment Option:

August:          10% of total rent (or before AST start date)

September:   34% of total rent

January:         34% of total rent

April:              22% of total rent 

Payment Info:

Set up a Direct Debit from a UK bank account. A Direct Debit mandate will be sent with your AST and rent payment schedule. There is no charge for this service.

Payments via Credit or Debit Card their payment system charges a flat payment processing fee of 1.50 to all tenants when the tenant pays booking fees, deposits or non-automated rent instalments via their online portal provider (StuRents).

Property Management does not accept cash payments or cheques. Credit/debit card payments cannot be taken over the phone, or at the accommodation reception.

It is the tenants responsibility to ensure funds are available to cover rental amount(s) in line with published payment terms (see 2.1 Instalment Schedules); we strongly recommend that you apply for Student Finance well in advance if you are relying on this to cover rental amount(s). Non-payment will be treated in line with the property debt collection procedure (details of which are available on request).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pets allowed?


Can I choose my room?

Please let us know your room priority and we will try to get you the same room depending on the availability

Can I choose who I live with?

Yes most of the times you will be able to choose with whom you are living with. But again it depends on availability and the room type.

Can I move in early?

We take care of it on case to case basis. Please let our executives know about it and they will check this for you.

Can I pay my rent from overseas?


Can I request to move rooms during my tenancy?

Yes you can for valid reasons but depends on availability.

Do I have to move out in the holidays?

If your tenancy is ending before holidays then yes. otherwise no.

Does the Reservation fee or Deposit Fee guarantee me a room?

You would need to sign the tenancy agreement and get a confirmation from us regarding the booking of the room.

What happens to a bond?

Bond is refundable provided that their are not any damagesWhat is included in my rent? All Bills are included in your rent.

When do I get my deposit back?

Typically it takes 30 days to get deposit back after your tenancy is over.