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Kingfisher Halls, Loughborough
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Kingfisher Halls, Loughborough

Kingfisher Way, Loughborough, LE11 3NY, United Kingdom
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About the Property

Located at Kingfisher Way, Loughborough LE11 3NY, UK, Kingfisher Halls Loughborough stands as a favoured choice for student accommodation due to its proximity to top educational institutions and its variety of living options. Kingfisher Halls offers an array of studios, ensuites and student apartments. Key universities within convenient reach include Loughborough College and Loughborough University, ensuring a quick and easy commute for students.

Loughborough, a town nestled in the heart of Leicestershire, England, is a vibrant hub known for its rich history, diverse culture, and academic excellence. The town has a youthful energy and a thriving student population. Its picturesque streets are lined with charming shops, cafes, and historic buildings, including the beautiful All Saints' Church and the striking Carillon Tower. With its bustling markets, annual festivals, and a strong sense of community, Loughborough captivates visitors with its unique blend of tradition and innovation. The bustling town of Loughborough is a prime location for students due to its academic excellence and cultural richness. Kingfisher Halls is perfectly placed for students to immerse themselves in the town's vibrant student life, with a substantial student population that contributes to the town's lively atmosphere. Known for its prestigious universities, such as Loughborough University, which consistently rank high in educational excellence, the town offers a blend of historical heritage and modern amenities.

Loughborough is also well-known for its beautiful parks and green spaces, providing a tranquil environment for students to relax and study. The strategic location of Kingfisher Halls Loughborough gives students easy access to local attractions, social hotspots, and cultural sites, making it an attractive option for those looking to balance academic demands with an enriching social life. Provided by Student Beehive, this property is designed to cater to the diverse needs of students seeking quality living spaces during their academic journey.


Kingfisher Halls Loughborough is a prime choice for student accommodation in Loughborough, offering a range of room types suitable for every student's preferences. From the comfortable standard ensuite rooms to the sprawling 1 bedroom Flats, Kingfisher halls caters to diverse student needs. Each room at Kingfisher Halls Loughborough student accommodation is furnished, ensuring that students feel right at home from the moment they arrive. Modern conveniences such as high-speed wifi keep residents connected. Additionally, the rooms also feature a double bed, wardrobe, bedside table and a desk & chair.

Meeting practical needs, the property also has laundry facilities like free washing and drying facilities, spacious gym, hot tub and BBQ area and bike storage facilities. The students can interact and unwind with other roommates in the fully loaded common room with a pool table. The rent of Kingfisher Halls also includes bills for wifi, electricity, water and heating.

Location and What's Hot?

Located at the heart of Loughborough, Kingfisher Halls Loughborough sits amidst a buzzing student community brimming with amenities tailored to fit an animated student lifestyle.

With vibrant student life pulsing through the veins of this location, those studying at Loughborough University or Loughborough College have the incredible convenience of being just a short distance away.

Just outside your door, you'll find a bevy of popular eateries such as Tree House Cakes, known for its delectable slices, and Toby Carvery Loughborough for a relaxed brunch atmosphere. If you're in for a caffeine fix or a study session, Costa Coffee and Hubble Bubble Cafe/bar are perfect spots. In need of a study break? The scenic views at Queen's Park present the ideal backdrop for some downtime. For those daily necessities and gourmet cravings, stores such as Oriental Food Shop, Sainsbury's and the Tesco Superstore are treasure troves filled with fresh produce and essentials. Your well-being is catered to with top medical facilities like the Loughborough Hospital, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family. Weekends can be spruced up with visits to local attractions like the Loughborough Town Hall and Charnwood Museum or partake in the vivacious nightlife at spots such as Revolution Loughborough.

Kingfisher Halls Loughborough student accommodation is truly a gateway to a perfect balance of study, leisure, and convenience. The Kingfisher Halls Loughborough extends beyond just comfort; it's your own slice of the city, blended seamlessly into the dynamic student life. Kingfisher Halls Loughborough sits in an exciting, student-friendly environment that's brimming with life and convenience. Everything from eating out, shopping, and socialising to relaxing in the serenity of a park is well within your reach when you choose this as your student accommodation in Loughborough.


A myriad of public transport options lay close at hand, ensuring that your daily travel is hassle-free. Swiftly reach Loughborough's vibrant city centre via the nearby Wallace Road bus stop, offering frequent services that connect you to every corner of the city. For those looking to venture further, the Loughborough Railway Station stands ready to whisk you away on regional and national journeys. The strategic location of Kingfisher Halls Loughborough ensures that you are woven into the fabric of the city's transport network, making getting around not just easy but a seamless part of your daily life.

What will you get

Your Rent Include


Common Amenities

Spacious new gym - latest free weight equipment and CV machines.
Bike storage facilities
Fully loaded common room with a pool table
Free Washing and Drying Facilities
Newly installed high speed WiFi network
Hot tub and BBQ area

Cancellation Policies (3)

  • Cooling Off Period
    This property does not offer cooling-off period.
  • Replacement Tenant Found
    This property allows cancellation upon finding replacement tenant.
  • Deferring Studies
    This property allows cancellation due to deferring studies.

Payment Policies (4)

  • Booking Deposit
    This property requires booking deposit.
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    This property offers flexible instalment plan.
  • Mode Of Payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

In order to book a room , you are to sign a Tenancy Agreement and pay £300 Advance Payment to secure the room booking. The £300 Advanced payment includes: 1. £200 room deposit, will be refunded to you at the end of your tenancy. 2. 100£ advanced rent, will be deducted from the total rent amount. This £300 is non-refundable if you cancel your booking. No room will be confirmed booked until the £300 advance payment is paid.

How do I pay rent?

You can pay your rent via online banking.

How long will it take for my maintenance issue to be fixed?

They have a dedicated team of maintenance staff who are always on help to fix any problems you may have. They work to a set of Service Level Targets (SLA's), you can view our Maintenance Service Level Targets to see the SLA targets in full. Their targets are created in line with Loughborough Universities SLA targets. Time begins when you report a problem to your manager.

Where can I do my laundry?

There is a launderette service on site. The cost is £2.50 per wash and £1.50 to dry items. Please ask your Accommodation Manager for full details. 

How do I report maintenance?

All maintenance issues can be directly emailed to the property.

What can I do if my neighbours are being too noisy after hours?

If you feel like you can approach your neighbours then you do have the authority to do so. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, please call the warden.

What do I do if the fire alarm goes off?

If you hear the fire alarm go off you must leave your room straight away and go to the fire assembly point. (You will be notified of fire assembly points when you move in).

Where can I store a bike?

There is a bike storage shed, where keys are available from the office.

Where can I park my car?

The property has its own car park, with many parking spaces available. 

Who is in charge of the cleaning?

Across all the sites there are communal cleaners for shared kitchens and living areas. However it is down to you to keep your room clean and tidy. It is not the cleaners job to remove bin bags, please ensure you keep your room and kitchen area free from rubbish at all times.

How fast will the Wifi be?

WiFi is always free. The Fibre speed is up to  350mps. Speeds will vary at each individual property, check your contract or speak with your manager to find out your speeds for your room.

Can I have friends/family to stay overnight?

You are responsible for any guests that you have staying with you and are liable if they cause any problems. But of course, friends and family are always welcome at Property.

Can I smoke in my room?

All our properties are non-smoking throughout. There are usually outside areas for you to smoke with ashtrays provided.

My room is not like the website – I want to move. Can I do this?

All our rooms are individual and one room is never the same as the next. If you are unhappy with your room, please speak to the reception team. Where there are other rooms available they will offer these as an alternative.

I am locked out of my room/my key doesn't work. Who do I call to get back in?

Call the warden on the emergency contact form by the main door in your property.

Why are my windows restricted?

Your window may have a restricting device that limits how far it opens. It's there for your safety so it's important that you don't disconnect or damage it, or let anyone else do so. If the window fittings do become damaged, you need to tell a member of the property team straight away. 

What are the reception hours of the property?

Reception hours vary from property to property; most properties will advertise their opening hours at reception. Generally it's 9am-5pm Mon- Friday.

Why didn't you tell me about the building site next door to the property?

As our properties are situated in city centre locations, they sometimes have developments happening nearby.

Who's the accommodation manager?

Each site has a dedicated manager; you should be able to find out your manager's name by speaking to the staff at reception. The manager may not always be in your building as they may manage several properties.

Can I bring my pet to live with me?

They do not allow any pets at Property. They are not built to take animals and its not fair on them. Please leave your pets at home, they will look forward to seeing you when your back!

Reviews (8)

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(8 ratings)
11 students viewed this property in the last 24 hours
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Student Accomodations in Loughborough

Loughborough Student Accommodation

Loughborough is a pleasant market town in Leicestershire, close to Derby, Nottingham, and the East Midlands Airport. It is well-known for its educational universities as well as its extensive collection of antique artifacts and architecture. Loughborough University and Loughborough College are both located here, with approximately 18,000 students enrolled in these universities' undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, making it easier to find accommodation in

Loughborough. Students look for student accommodation in Loughborough, which is not very far from the universities and also provides easy access to the rest of the city. Amber provides several student accommodation in Loughborough, which ensures a comfortable student stay. The city comprises everything from excellent accommodation to pocket-friendly Loughborough student accommodation. Loughborough student accommodation options consist of comfortable yet budget-friendly ensuites, studios, and shared apartments, including all the bills. Loughborough student accommodation options are also available for short-term tenancies. These student accommodation options offer several amenities and services which take care of students' needs, which one might require while settling in the city. Waterways, The Holt, Foundry 1, and  William Morris Hall are a few recommended Loughborough student accommodation options.

About Loughborough

Loughborough, a quaint town in Leicestershire's Charnwood Borough, has all the makings of a quiet and peaceful lifestyle. It is located just outside the Nottinghamshire border and a short distance from the East Midlands Airport, providing easy access to the surrounding cities. Charnwood Museum, one of the largest museums in town, houses various exhibits dating back centuries that reflect the area's natural history. The Carillon War Memorial is one of the famous landmarks in Queens Park. The Pedestrianised Market Place and Market Street are the center of the city's shopping area, which maintains several original Art Deco buildings, and one of the buildings is home to the town's Odeon Cinema. The city experiences cool summers and mild winters as Loughborough experiences a maritime climate similar to most of the British Isles. A few universities one would want to be a part of are Loughborough University and Loughborough College. Where amber can also help with Loughborough University and off-campus Loughborough accommodation. Loughborough is a lively market town with a vibrant student population and plenty going on in and around the beautiful campus and town. Leicester is only ten minutes away by train, and with its fantastic live sports action, arts, culture, and restaurant scene, giving the best of both worlds. Nottingham and Derby are also nearby, as are some fantastic outdoor activities in the Peak District, Beacon Hill, and Bradgate Park.

Best Student Accommodation in Loughborough

One usually looks for comfortable and budget-friendly student accommodation in Loughborough. All of these student apartments in Loughborough come with attractive interiors and modern facilities that make the stay of students more comfortable and convenient from their respective universities. Students usually prefer accommodations that are centrally located, which can save travel time. Amber offers various student accommodations in Loughborough that take care of student needs by offering several amenities and services. Still, the welcoming and comfortable ambience of this new place can facilitate a smooth and enjoyable transition. Here are some of the best student accommodation in Loughborough.

1. Waterways

2. The Holt

3. Foundry 1

4. William Morris Halls

5. Study Inn Lemyngton Street

6. Kingfisher Halls

7. Foundry 2

8. Asha House

9. Forest Court

10. Luxurio

Cost of Living in Loughborough

Living in Loughborough as a student is equal to saving money, as the cost of living in Loughborough is not very expensive. Students are recommended to have a budget of £700-£1000 per month, including all living and other personal expenses. Here is a rough estimate for the cost of living expenses one might face in Loughborough:

1. Food: £30 - £70 per week

2. Gas and Electricity: £25 - £50 per week

3. Internet & Mobile Phone: £15 - £30 per week

4. Dinner at a Restaurant: £70 -  £150 per week

5. Laundry: £15 - £25 per week

6. Stationery and Textbooks: £10 - £30 per week

7. Clothing: £40 - £75 per month

8. Travel (Buses, Trains, Trams): £40 - £150 per month

Student Travel Loughborough

Navigating Loughborough as a student relies heavily on understanding the available transit to access classes, events, and sights. The routes in Loughborough are well-connected and offer a high coverage of the rest of the city. Students can explore the rest of the city via public transport. The frequency of the buses/trains is quite high. The bus stops and train stations are easily accessible from the accommodations in Loughborough.

1. Bus

Arriva Midlands and Kinchbus operate local buses in Loughborough, while Centrebus and Nottingham City Transport provide long-distance services to Melton Mowbray and Nottingham.. Kinchbus is a handy way to book tickets where one can buy a single trip from the driver, but the best way to save money is to get a Kinchkard. You can buy a 10-trip Kinchkard or a 28-day unlimited Kinchkard from your Kinchbus driver or online. The top-up amount will be up to £30

2. Train

East Midlands Railway operates routes south to Leicester, Bedford, Luton, and London St Pancras stations and north to Lincoln, Derby, Sheffield, Leeds, and York stations on the Midland Main Line. EMR services have your back, you can easily get to Loughborough from London St Pancras from Sheffield, Nottingham, and Leicester within a few hours.

3. Cycling

Cycling is enjoyable, inexpensive, healthy, and environmentally friendly. Many students choose to ride their bikes to and from universities. In the United Kingdom, cyclists must ride on the left side of the road and cannot use footpaths unless there is a clearly marked cycle lane.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Loughborough

Loughborough is considered one of the most beautiful of all, with amazing architecture and academic universities; Loughborough makes one feel at home and loved. Not just the educational hub, but Loughborough has some exciting things for international students. With its wide selection of eateries, cafes, and pubs, Loughborough has a lot to offer students who choose to stay in the town.

Weekends are great times to visit Queens Park and stroll through the lovely garden. There are several places to have fun in the town, but the most well-known is the Town Hall, which regularly organizes comedy shows, dancing performances, and theatrical productions, to name a few. Loughborough is very famous for its heritage buildings and museums. The city has a total of five museums, out of which Charnwood Museum is a centrally located and largest museum in the city. The Bell Foundry Museum is a two-floored museum that tells the tale of bell-making over the centuries. One can catch a glimpse of the city's history and culture by visiting art galleries like the Fine Art Gallery, Sock Gallery and Artspace. Students can visit some famous restaurants like La Favorita and Caravelli to try some amazing delicacies served by these restaurants. Students can visit Break Escape, an escape room where groups of students can solve mysteries and compete with other groups as well. Additionally, individuals can also hang out at the Climbing station and Laser Quest with their peers. From affordable costs of living to climate perks enabling year-round fun, Loughborough blends academic advancement and lifestyle enjoyment through diverse accommodation, hospitality, employment, and recreation, befitting student life milestones.

Loughborough Tourist Attractions

Loughborough is a university town in the Charnwood Forest, north of Leicester. This place will help students relax and spend some time away from their studies as well and will serve as a great rejuvenation for them. Some of the Loughborough tourist attractions are mentioned below:

1. Great Central Railway (GCR)

2. Loughborough Town Hall

3. Queen's Park

4. Charnwood Museum

5. Loughborough Carillon

6. John Taylor & Co Bell Foundry Museum

7. Art Deco Architecture

8. Whatton House and Gardens

Universities in Loughborough

Every year, several students travel to this city to pursue their education. The universities in Loughborough offer high-quality education and encourage students to take part in academic as well as extracurricular activities. The social clubs and societies give the students an opportunity to interact with students outside their respective courses. Some of the most famous universities in and near Loughborough include:

1. Loughborough University

2. Loughborough College

3. Leicester College

4. University Park Campus

5. Nottingham Trent University

6. University of Derby

7. Coventry University

8. The University of Nottingham (Sutton Bonington Campus)

9. De Montfort University

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