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Byron Lofts, Newcastle Upon Tyne
5 Bed Flat - Bedroom
Common Area
Common Area
Common Area
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Byron Lofts, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Byron St, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1XH, United Kingdom
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About the Property

Byron Lofts is a modern and spacious student accommodation in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The property offers comfortable 5-bedroom apartments a few steps away from Tesco Express. Moreover, Newcastle University is a 14-minute walk away and INTO Newcastle University is a 13-minute walk away from the accommodation, making it ideal for students attending these universities.


The apartment is bright and airy, providing a relaxing atmosphere for students. Each room is spacious featuring a comfortable bed, a flat-screen TV for your entertainment, a study desk, and plenty of storage space. The shared kitchen is equipped with all the essentials, including a microwave oven, dishwasher, and dining table, making it easy to cook and enjoy meals with friends. The property provides free high-speed WiFi to enjoy buffer-free content and dryers to make students' lives easier. Byron Lofts also has a communal lounge with a sofa and a big TV to chill and spend time with friends.

Location and What's Hot?

The property is based in one of the popular areas of the city and is surrounded by many restaurants cafes and bars. Moji Restaurant & Karaoke is a short walk away to have a fun time with Karaoke and eat delicious food. Shieldfield Green park is nearby to take a relaxing walk in the evening. Holy Hobo bar is a few steps away to drink and party with friends. Students don’t need to travel far for grocery shopping as Tesco Express is just around the corner.


The accommodation is well-connected to public transport as multiple bus stops are available in the vicinity. Shield Street bus stop is 2 minutes away on foot and Portland Road-Shield Court bus stop is a 5-minute walk away. Furthermore, Manors subway station is a 7-minute walk away from the property, making traveling around the city easier.

What will you get

Your Rent Include

TV Licence

Common Amenities

Flat Screen TV
Dining Table
Fibre WIFI

Cancellation Policies (2)

  • Cooling off period
    Free booking cancellation in stipulated time
  • Replacement tenant found
    Find the replacement tenant and easily cancel your booking

Payment Policies (4)

  • Booking deposit
    Secure booking with this amount
  • Payment instalment plan
    Flexible payment terms
  • Mode of payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a property as a non-student?

You don’t have to be a student to live in a property, but you would be liable for council tax. You can find out the cost through the council. It will then be the landlords discretion for you to live in that property.

Can I end my contract early?

You are committed under your tenancy agreement to pay the full contracted rent, unless you can find someone to take over the remainder of your contract and there are at least 6 months remaining on your tenancy agreement.

Can I move in earlier than my contract start date?

You will not be able to move in before the start date of your tenancy.

Is wifi provided and how fast is it?

WiFi is provided in all of their accommodation, and is accessible in each room of the property. Your WiFi access is included in your monthly rent. Due to the nature of WiFi, speeds may vary depending on proximity to the router, the nature of the usage and the number of devices connected at any one time. If you would like to know specifics about WiFi provision at one of their properties please ask your point of contact in the Lettings Team.

What is a guarantor?

This is someone who is willing to guarantee your rent payments on your behalf. This is standard practice with student rental properties due to your employment status. A guarantor is signing the tenancy agreement confirming that they are guaranteeing your obligations in the contract.

Why must my guarantor be uk based?

Property laws are different outside of the UK. This means that it is not possible for your guarantor to be based elsewhere.

What can I do if I don’t have a guarantor?

If you do not have a UK based guarantor, you can either use housinghand which will act as a guarantor on your behalf or you can pay all of your rent in one annual upfront payment.

Are there any fees and deposits?

No, there are no fees and no deposits to pay. The £200 holding retainer paid to reserve your property will be deducted from your first month’s rent.
For a limited time only, the holding retainer for propertys in Stoke and Keele has been reduced to £10.

How do I pay my rent?

They request that all tenants pay rent via Direct Debit. However, payment can be made over the phone, via their website, bank transfer or standing order. Please note there may be a 72 hour delay from making the payment to the payment showing on your tenant portal. They accept Mastercard and Visa.

What happens if I do not want to live in my property after I signed the contract?

In order to exit your contract you will need to find a replacement tenant to take your room, but only if there is more than 6 months remaining on your contract. The rest of your group will need to agree to this person. Once this is done they can reissue a new contract for everyone to sign. Until the new contract is signed by all parties all Tenants, all Guarantors and the Landlord you are legally contracted and obliged to pay your rent.

I want to view a property, what do I do?

Make an enquiry on the property website and book a viewing using their online booking platform.
All people viewing a property must wear a mask and santisie their hands before entering the property and on departure. All attendants must adhere to social distancing and avoid physical contact with surfaces, furnishings and personal belongings in the property.

How do I know if my group has the house?

Your group will only have the house once all the tenancy details forms have been completed, a contract has been sent out, all tenant and guarantors have signed, all remaining retainers have been paid and all identification for tenants and guarantors received. Then the landlord will contract the property and you will be notified of this by email.

But what about administration fees?

They have no admin fees They’re unnecessary, dated and stop you from getting the most for your money.

How do I get my tenancy agreement sent to me?

After paying the holding retainer they ask you to fill out a tenant details link that they email over to your whole group. When this is done they send out the tenancy agreement via email.

How do I sign the tenancy agreement?

You will be sent your tenancy agreement via email. There are clear instructions when you open the document, please ensure you sign your first and last name no initials.

What does joint and several liability mean?

Joint and several liability means that both individually and jointly all of the tenants are individually and jointly responsible for paying rent and for all other tenants’ responsibilities during the tenancy.

What do I do if I don’t understand the tenancy agreement?

Do not sign the agreement if you do not understand. On page 3 of the contract there are definitions that should help explain anything that is not clear. You can also give us a call or email. Your university should be able to advise you if there is anything you need clarifying.

Where do I send my tenancy document to?

After signing your agreement online it will automatically send them a copy so there is nothing you need to do apart from sign.

When do I need to return everything by?

Your holding retainer reserves the house for 3 working days. In this time you will need to fill in your tenancy form and upload your documents. You will then be sent the tenancy agreement.

I have viewed a property and want to live there, what do I do?

You call the office to pay one £200 holding Retainer. This reserves the property for you and gets the ball rolling. The holding retainer is non-refundable but is deducted from the first month’s rent of the person who paid it. Each of the other members of the house will also need to pay a £200 holding retainer within 2 days after the tenancy agreement is signed.

How do I prevent pests, rats and insects in my property?

Here are some quick points that can prevent pests:
· Try and make a habit of cleaning up immediately after meals. Wash all dishes, wipe down tables or counters, and store leftovers in airtight containers. Cleaning up quickly prevents pests from making their way onto dirty dishes or uncovered foods.
· When possible, buy food that comes in cans or jars. Pests like insects and rodents can easily chew through plastic, paper and cardboard.
· Keep more food in the refrigerator or freezer. Few insects and rodents can make their way into these appliances some food lasts longer when cool.
· ALWAYS CLEAN! The kitchen needs to be cleaned more often than other areas of the home. Even the tiniest of crumbs can attract pests. Be mindful of brushing away crumbs and sanitising tables and countertops after any type of food prep. Sweep away anything that hits the floor.
· Take out the rubbish as soon as it’s needed. Allowing rubbish to sit in the kitchen only invites pests over for dinner. Keep your cabinets clean. It is important to inspect your cabinets regularly for exposed food, crumbs or signs of a pest invasion.

My tumble dryer is broken, what should I do?

Tumble dryers need to be emptied of fluff on a regular basis, not emptying this will cause the unit to overheat and not work correctly. Here is a general video on how to unblock the filters.

There is mould in my house what do I do?

Condensation mould forms when there is too much moisture in the air and it hits a cold surface.
If the mould reoccurs after you have removed it and you are not drying clothes inside.

The extractor fan is not working in my bathroom?

There will be an isolation switch outside the bathroom – please ensure this is turned on before reporting as maintenance.

Our shower is flooding / not draining when we use it what should we do?

If your shower is blocked do not continue to shower with it running over the top, as this will cause a leak and damage to the house. You need to unblock showers regularly and ensure the plug is free from hair.

My washing machine door won’t open and my clothes are stuck inside – what should I do?

This often happens when the door is attempted to be opened before the door has unlocked after the cycle. Always wait 5 minutes before trying to open the door. If this is the case and it has been forced open this may be something that will require repairs that they may not cover the cost of. Sometimes, the washing machine will have a drain function, so please use this if possible before opening the door using a piece of string. Refer to this video for a tutorial on this temporary fix/ to get your trapped closed.

Our rubbish isn’t being collected – why is this?

Please ensure that you are disposing of your household waste correctly and putting it out on the correct day preferably the night before as this ensures collection, a lot of students aren’t up at 9 am. You can search online when collection days are/what you can and can’t put in each bin. This is important as the council reserve the right to refuse collection if the rubbish is disposed of incorrectly If you think you need more council bins, please let them know and they can put in a request. You can find information on bin collections on your council website.

We have received multiple emails about when a contractor is attending a maintenance issue: which one is correct?

Always listen to the most recent email. Unfortunately, their maintenance team may have to attend to emergency problems which can take priority over your maintenance, hence them rescheduling the visit date.

What is the best way to report maintenance?

For general maintenance, reporting it through the Portal will mean that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible for you.

What is the fair usage policy and what does it mean?

It is important to remember that your energy usage is not unlimited. You will be responsible for any additional costs if you exceed your allowance.

Where can I find the company bank details?

Bank details can be found on their Tenant Portal.

Can I pay my rent by direct debit?

They request that all tenants pay their rent via Direct Debit. All tenants will receive information regarding the set up process once the tenancy agreement is fully signed.

How is my monthly/quarterly rent calculated?

Your yearly rent is calculated as your weekly rent times 52 weeks, divided by 12 payments monthly or 4 payments quarterly.

Are bills included in my rent?

Some properties may have electricity and gas included, please refer to their viewing booking platform link sent to you after submitting an enquiry or speak to the team for further information.

I’ve paid a retainer; does this amount get deducted from my first rental payment?

If you have paid them a retainer, and your rental payments are set up via Direct Debit, your retainer will automatically be deducted from the first rental instalment. If you are paying your rent via an alternative method, you must deduct the retainer amount from your first rental instalment.

What happens if I stop being a full time student?

You can still live in your property until the end of your contracted period, however you will become liable for council tax during this time.

What happens if I can’t make my payment on time?

Please give them a call and they will work with you to find the best way in which to pay your rent. Alternatively, you can email. All rent is due in advance.
Please note, if your payment is more than 14 days late and they have not heard from you, then as per your contract, late payment charges may be applied to your account.

Can I change my payment plan?

Yes, payment plans can be changed to monthly, quarterly or in line with student loan payments. Please contact them with details of your request and they will get back to you.
Please note the first rental instalment date cannot be altered and 14 days notice minimum is required for any payment plan changes.

What is the best way for me to pay my rent?

They request that all tenants pay rent via Direct Debit. However, payment can be made over the phone, via their website, bank transfer or standing order. Please note there may be a 72 hour delay from making the payment to the payment showing on your tenant portal. They accept Mastercard and Visa.

When do I need to pay my rent?

Your contract will outline the dates on which your rental payments are due. If you believe you will have difficulty paying on these dates or would like to align you rental payments with your student loans. Please note that all tenants will need to pay their first instalment of rent before they can release keys to any tenants on joint contracts.

I’m renewing at my house, with no break in my contract, do I still have to have a right to rent check?

A new Right to Rent check will need to be completed even if you are renewing your tenancy.

I rented with property last year, do I still have to have a right to rent check?

Yes. A new Right to Rent check will need to be carried out even if you are renewing with them.

My passport is expired, is this ok?

Yes, an expired Passport is acceptable for the check.

How do I book a right to rent appointment?

If you have an upcoming tenancy, you will have received at least one email about right to rent check in the email inbox associated with your tenancy. Please search for this email and follow the instructions contained.

What if I don’t have a passport?

If you do not have a Passport, you will need to provide one “Category 1” document or two “Category 2” documents from the Available Documents.

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Student Accomodations in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle Upon Tyne Student Accommodation

Exploring appropriate Newcastle student accommodation or housing can be tiresome, but it's not complicated. Students can find a great deal of inexpensive and comfy Newcastle student accommodation options at a reasonable price with amber. Newcastle student accommodation options are found near many world-famous universities, such as Newcastle University and Newcastle College.

There are many comfortable, luxurious, yet budget-friendly housing options. Students benefit from these Newcastle student accommodation options. So research well to find your desired Newcastle student accommodation.

The city comprises everything from luxurious Newcastle student accommodation options to affordable student accommodation options. This student accommodation is further divided into halls of residence, private halls of residence, and private housing. Housing options are also available for this city's students looking for short-term tenancies. It is easier to book short-term housing in this city than in any other city in the United Kingdom. Some of the best options for Newcastle Upon Tyne student accommodation are City Co-Living Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle City, Newcastle, Mansion Tyne, Newcastle, Vita Student Strawberry Place, and Vita Student Westgate, Newcastle.

About Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle, one of England's most famous cities in the North East, is divided into two parts. One is Newcastle Upon Tyne, and the other is Newcastle Under Lyme. Newcastle Upon Tyne is the most recognisable and cosmopolitan city in the UK and is known as Newcastle. It combines an industrial past with gorgeous Georgian architecture, a thriving cultural scene, and vibrant nightlife.

The city's long history spans from the Roman era to its peak as a central industrial hub for coal mining, engineering, and shipping during the 19th century. It maintains its historical roots while offering a contemporary flair. In reality, it is regarded as the modern hub of the area.

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge, the iconic Tyne Bridge, and the well-known Angel of the North sculpture are just a few examples of the city's award-winning buildings that showcase its mechanical ability even with the integration of contemporary features. A great example of local contemporary construction is the concert venue Sage Gateshead.

Newcastle Upon Tyne is also home to several universities which offer the best quality of education in the UK. Some of these universities include Durham University, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds University Business School, Newcastle University, and Northumbria University Newcastle. Various student accommodation options near these universities offer excellent and affordable amenities. For more information, you can also go through our student city guide for Newcastle in 2023!

Best Student Accommodation In Newcastle Upon Tyne

The daily necessities and expenses are enough to distress any student. However, one of the significant prerequisites essential for students is student accommodation. And since every student's requirements vary, most often settle upon a student-oriented locality to spend their college life. Students can find a wide range of housing via the amber website. These accommodation options come fully equipped with a number of amenities that a student may require. Amber also provides students with all the necessary information they need before making a decision, including room types and configurations, localities, nearby universities, amenities offered, policies, and rent structures. You can also go through our blog, which provides the ultimate move-in checklist for students studying abroad, for more information!

Some of the best options for student accommodation in Newcastle Upon Tyne are mentioned below:

1. Newcastle 1

2. St. James' Point

3. St. James' House

4. Oxford House

5. Manor Bank

6. Leazes Parade

7. Quay Point

8. INTO Newcastle University

9. Verde, Newcastle Upon Tyne

10. Bryon Centra

Cost of Living in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle student accommodation is excellent for students. The cost of living in Newcastle is 50% more economical than in any other city in the UK, so good planning and budgeting can help students avoid going over budget. It is advised to have a fixed budget when moving overseas to not only monitor your expenses but also be prepared for any emergencies that may occur! The following are the estimated costs associated with living in Newcastle Upon Tyne:

1. Food: £100-£180/month

2. Gas and electricity: £50-£100/month

3. Internet & mobile phone: £30-£50/month

4. Dinner at a restaurant: £30-£90/week

5. Laundry: £25-£40/week

6. Stationery and Textbooks: £20-£30/week

7. Clothing: £50-£75/month

8. Travel (buses, trams, and trains): £90-£150/month

Student Travel in Newcastle Upon Tyne

As a part of the well-known UK transportation network, this city has fulfilled its obligation to offer an affordable transportation system. These systems are well-equipped and connect to all necessary local and regional parts of the city.

1. Buses: Newcastle only has one service provider for bus services: Stagecoach Bus Services. It is possible to see a bus on every corner of the city because more than 150 buses operate continuously on the roads and highways.

2. Metro: The Tyne and Wear Metro, Britain's first light rail system in Britain, was built in Newcastle in 1980. The City Centre is connected to every neighbouring metropolitan borough by the city's extensive suburban and underground rail network.

3. Water Travel System: Since the city is built around the lovely River Tyne, anyone could have inferred the origin of Newcastle's water transportation system. A fantastic water transportation infrastructure connects this city's International Ferry Terminal and an unusual port called IJmuiden.

4. Taxi: The Newcastle government has also made available to its residents a local taxi system that allows users to order cabs using mobile apps rapidly. The best thing about Newcastle's taxi system is that average fare prices are far lower than in nearby areas of the UK.

5. Walking: Walking is considered one of the best ways to travel in any city. Not only can you keep your health in check, but walking around the city can also help you explore undiscovered places around your university.

6. Cycling: Another preferred mode of transport for students is cycling. Cycling is much more cost-effective than other forms of transportation available in Newcastle Upon Tyne. It is also one of the fastest ways to get to your destination.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle is a central hub for arts, science, and business, which is why it attracts an exciting number of students yearly. It is an energetic city for high-spirited students, which can be seen throughout the year. The city keeps bustling around with its people, spectacular events, and concerts.

The Tyne Bridge is an iconic landmark in Newcastle Upon Tyne. There are nightclubs in the city near the university to chill out and relax with friends. The nightclub Rise and Poly V Posh Bar Crawl have enormous yearly crowds. There are various art galleries and museums to visit. Students can visit the Grainger Market, a hub for local brands from foods to clothes to personal grooming items.

Newcastle Upon Tyne's list of places to visit is always a new addition. The city offers more every day to students and its people. About the food, students can set their date to Stotties, Singin' Hinnies, Craster Kippers, and Tyneside Floddies as they serve the most famous delicacies of Newcastle. They are just the next-door paradise inhabiting the world.

Newcastle Upon Tyne Tourist Attractions

Newcastle has multiple beautiful tourist attractions; it's no wonder it is among the most famous cities in the world. This city has various places, and millions of tourists visit every year. The mesmerising views, historical monuments, green lands, and cultural diversity make it intriguing and draw a large group of people. The student-friendly hubs, pubs, delightful cafes, leisure places, parks and student-efficient clubs attract students to this city. Some popular Newcastle attractions are:

1. Tyneside Cinema

2. King Edward's Bay beach and Cullercoats Bay coastline

3. The Grainger Market

4. The Grey Monument

5. Alnwick Castle

6. St. James' Park

Universities in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Universities in Newcastle Upon Tyne offer the best quality of education. There are a number of courses available in various fields for students to choose from, which are practical and comprehensive. These are some of the best universities in Newcastle Upon Tyne:

1. INTO Newcastle University

2. Newcastle University

3. Newcastle College

4. Northumbria University

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